Dremel Moto-Saw Review (A Scroll Saw Killer?)

In this video I test and review the Dremel moto-saw. It claims to be both a scroll saw and a fretsaw. I give my honest independent opinion. Lets see how it performs!

I don’t have too much use for a fret saw – especially a difficult to control electric one because when I need to I can use a jigsaw. So I focus most on the scroll saw element of the tool.

The moto-saw for cheap on ebay – https://goo.gl/egJMHo

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Kevin Wiebe says:

I have owned one of these saws for almost 3 years now and outside it being portable it is a POS in my opinion and since bought a 16″ Ryobi scroll saw which is a much better saw.The dremel has been sitting collecting dust for just as long(3 years,made approx. 2 hours worth of cuts)…never again dremel.And the clamps can also go in from the front onto your bench that way you can sit and do your cuts…

ruth quick says:

i think you may have put the blade in upside down – the little tbar pin should go in the bottom section and the plain end up the top. i dont think it is locked in properly which is also why you are getting a lot of vibration, it not cutting properly – quite risky running it like that

Mick S says:

Hard to take a review serious when presented by a person that can’t be bothered to read the instructions.

Flexo says:

5:05, you put the clamps in the little slots you had them in before but from the front side not the back.

ian m says:

I’ve had this saw for 2 years now and its never let me down ..cut many a jigsaw with it. You can get replacement blades at B&Q,Homebase ,and online ..secure it tight to the worktop and very little vibration ..cuts through pallet wood ,mdf,plywood with ease if you take your time ,changing blades is a bit niggly but thats about the worst part of the saw

Human Tales says:

Thanks for this review! You reckon this can cut a 1mm copper sheet ?

eddie julian says:

Cool review but dremel should stick to dremels, this thing is a waist of money, I don’t put it to your failures more to the inadequacies of the poorly designed machine.

Lemzati says:

Hi, you did not put the saw on a table, you put it in a very thin pice of wood! This is why it trembles! I use mine and I Love it! With different woods and raven ironwood !

Nitsan Simantov says:

looks nice. I considered one for a while but I reckon I’ll just get some slimmer blades for my jigsaw and a hand coping saw for really delicate work. That noise and vibration would annoy me.

Kento Wakai says:

Rebrand it Fischer Price and it might be more appropriate. Oh yeah, I did really well at not screaming with the set-up mistakes. Are you proud of me? The clamps go under in front not from behind.

Dawn Larson says:

I believe this is a CRAFT saw. Therefore it is not meant for heavy work. I have one and I like it. Very easy for me to use.

FloweringElbow says:

Friends, thanks for watching, I really appreciate it! As I said at the beginning of this video this is a “FIRST LOOk”, at the motosaw -a review based on my initial impressions. Some of you guys are burning me for not having loads of experience with the saw. Please be patient, I’ll try and do another review in a year or two when I have tested it more thoroughly.
If you have the Motosaw yourself I’d love to hear what you think of it, compared to a traditional scroll saw ?? I’d particularly love to hear from you if you use it in the hand held mode. Thanks again, Bongo.

Geoff says:

Bloody hell.

Stephen welham says:

If you don’t understand what you are talking about ?? Then ask an expert I.e. A cabinet maker and an electrician both which know what they are talking about so don’t be a wally and get advice remember up for thinking down to the feet for dancing I afraid you were dancing all the way through this film

Dan Harold says:

When a saw cuts the chips collect in the gullets between the teeth. When trying to cut thick stock with a scroll saw only a few teeth on the top and bottom of the stock get a chance to empty their gullets. The rest fill up and keep the teeth away from the stock.

I have an old low end delta scroll saw from the 80’s. It has a heavy cast iron table but unless it is firmly bolted down its vibrates too much to work on too. But yeah just say no to plastic saws.

Ganesh Jangid says:


Lynn Godden says:

You had decided you didn’t like it before it before you even used it.

Kelley says:

This machine is meant to cut up to 3/4″ woods.

jeanne griffin says:

I cheered when you finally picked up the user manual. : )

Blondie SL says:

So I’m in the market for a small form-factor scroll saw and I noticed the Dremel. Probably like many people, I figured, it’s Dremel, so it must be good.

But I read some reviews on line that were not so good.

Then I found this video which not only seemed to backup some of those bad reviews, but brought to light more issues.

That table shaking that much is really a deal breaker.

Also, I’m not sure where to buy those particular blades. From some reviews I’ve seen, apparently Home Depot nor Lowes carry replacement blades up here (Canada).

So thanks for this review. I do think I’ll research other options.

MADsighNtist says:

I gave your review a Thumbs down, virtually after watching only 30 seconds of your video.
By 1::54 You Had Proven yourself INEPT at doing an Honest Review of anything.

I have been building things since I owned my First Hammer, 1957, Which is Still in regular use with the same Handle, I might add. My Work throughout my lifetime Taught Me FIRST: Read the Manual, before Attempting to Construct or Assemble Most Anything. (I have worked on 3 phase 440VAC equipment, “Live”) & lived to see another day, or maybe 14000Plus Days to give a real “truth to tell”.

The Dremel moto-saw is, within its own category, AWESOME. Not so a video showing IMPROPER use of tools, And Safety.
Thumbs Down on Presentation, Lack of Educating yourself to the Equipment to be Shown And generally not Demonstrating the Equipment CORRECTLY.

SpatialGuy says:

Fucking idiot, clamped on backward
No wonder it vibrated – dumbass!!!!!

Sam Saville says:

Wow, I didn’t realise just how much like a sewing machine this would seem like – how does it compare to the scroll-saw sewing machine from way back when? I love you too, good job I don’t go by the full name 😉

gary gullikson says:

This product is obviously intended for thin sheet plywood, basswood, or other hobby and craft materials. It is not a precision and durable power tool intended for heavy continuous usage like table scroll saws costing much over $200.  Expert woodworkers would know not to buy  inexpensive light duty products like  this for their own continuous use.

Mac Strange says:

Thanks i will build my version

r5cpt says:

I don’t get why this video got so many downvotes, when it shows some realistic and some interesting use cases. I specifically wanted to see how it copes with the occasional thick wooden board, and got that question answered (it copes – just about).

Thank you for your review.

Guitarooster52 says:

Thanks for the review. Looks like something that would quickly earn its place in a trash bin

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