Dremel Micro Cordless 8050 FULL Demo, Review & how to in HD

Check out the Corded Dremel 3000 here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIgFjGdl-iU
Jeweller Dave Wilson of Celtic Dreams reviews the Dremel Micro 8050 cordless rotary tool, along with tips and advice on its use and the pros and cons of cordless tools. Dave also shows you how to attach and use the 35 accessories that come with it.



robalan57 says:

Great video! There are several versions with removable batteries that are nice too.

jaime hernandez cerdan says:

Buena máquina.
un saludo, amigo.

anab0lic says:

whats the difference between this and the 8200 model?

Shakey Perspective says:

Great video and very thorough. Best Dremel demo on Youtube! Thank you.

CATS and DOGS have FUN says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Can you tell me what i would use to sand inbetween the groves of the panneling of a 100 year old 6 panel wooden door and also i have the original wooden shutters too :-)) hope you can help me :-)) Tania (I have the Dremel 3000)

Debra Rock says:

Hi, you don’t mention drilling – are there drill bits (is that what they’re called or are they just drills!?!) which fit the Dremel Micro 8050?

SuperGreetings says:

Don’t waste your money! I’ve bought two and they DO NOT CHARGE. The ONE time the first one charged, it got SO hot that I literally couldn’t hold it in my hand. These things are GARBAGE. Period..

Hilary Thorogood says:

What a fantastically clear and comprehensive review, so useful. Thank you.I am just about to start anew hobby with metal clay and am thinking this is probably a must have tool?!Thanks again x

Remy Nowka says:

Thank you for the review! It was pretty comprehensive. I’m wanting to start a bit of woodcarving, and this was one of the Dremel tools we checked out at Lowe’s. My hands are pretty small, so it fit nicely, but I don’t/didn’t know a thing about how they work or what the different attachments were for.

monk mixz says:

good review. some question please. how long u can use on one fully charge in max speed, medium speed and lower speed and how long when low battery to fully charge

H2Dwoat says:

Do you leave the tool in the charger station when not in use or should you only put it in the charger when it needs charging?

Tomas Jefferson Hernandez says:

Thank you so much for this, i am actually thinking of getting it to replace my 3000, just a question, is flex shaft still need on this? and how long the battery will last? thank you!

LastVisionZ rDeep says:

hey what’s the purpose of the fake bird sounds In the background

slyoldfox11 says:

One of the best reviews I’ve seen on anything….thanks

Debbie Minter says:

Thank you Dave. I must say that you give the most incredible reviews complete with wonderful knowledge of the tool and good instructions. 🙂

Debra Rock says:

Thank you. I have a very old Dremel which my dad gave to me but I keep that fixed up with my Koil Kutter blade and attachment. Looking at your other replies I think it might be time for me to invest in a pendant motor with a foot pedal to leave my hands free. That’s my next research product. Do you know of one in the region of £100? Look forward to any help and advice – your post on the Dremel is fantastic. Thank you.

muleboy495 says:

An excellent review.  As a yank in the USA, I love your accent and it doesn’t get in the way of understanding you !  I have some Scottish friends and their accent is so heavy I can barely talk with them.  You didn’t miss a thing about the 8050 !  I just bought one and your review helped me greatly !

Simply Plant Food says:

wow thanks for this awesome review!

Sel. s. says:

Thanks, helped really allot

Adam Leal says:

Great review!

Layla Ashtar says:

thank you so much for your useful review, it’s the best one that I found online regarding the dremel micro.
Do you think that this tool would be appropriate to use for a beginner metalsmith or should I need to buy something more powerful?
I was also wondering if the dremel micro is able to nicely replace a pendant motor…

Deb Jones says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial!  Very helpful.

Sheryl Dewitt says:

I’m a beginner with a drimel tool. I’m glad I came across this video. I couldn’t imagine the use for all the bits. This video was a huge help. Thank you for putting it on YouTube.

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