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In this video I share my experience with using Dremel Micro 8050 rotary tool as a nail drill for my acrylic nails. I was in the market for a high quality affordable electric nail file for some time now. I needed a nail drill with a great quality motor and great torque. For those qualities, traditional nail drills are very expensive. My husband suggested a rotary tool. I had no idea what that was at the time. He told me about rotary tools and suggested using the Dremel for acrylic nails. I did my own research and decided to give it a try.

Dremel Micro 8050: http://amzn.to/2j6Qzx4
Dremel Collet Nut Kit: http://amzn.to/2jwVhY4

Previous Nail Design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg6f8OQhi88

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How I File and Shape Acrylic Nails: http://bit.ly/2eivYTl

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April Luvs All things Beauty says:

well as an ex groomer yes we used dremmels in the dogs nails but we we- definitely don’t want to use a power tool like a demmel on your nails. also it’s really bad for your hands by it being so wide that’s when things like carpel tunnel come into play. you want that hand piece to be small and light weight. you can always return that and I can try and contact my drill guy. he own nail shops here in Dallas I paid 125.00 – it’s portable 30,000rpms, which means it won’t stop spinning holds a 6 hr charge. I will see if he has any left OK?

Tomeycha Shivers says:

where you get your nail drill at

Nickki' Tobago says:

Kupa has the mani pro for 99.00

quaysha1 says:

hi could I suggest something for you?… you can use the dremel as your motor then get a attachment called a super flex shaft nail drill (about $35). You can get it in 3/32 so it can fit your drill bits. You will basically attach the end of the flex shaft to the dremel. You will also need a foot pedal ($12-$15 last I checked) . but that dremel will kill your wrist holding it like that in the long run. the setup i described is exactly what some nail techs use. they hang the dremel and use it as the motor and use the flex shaft to file nails. hth

Vanessa Graydon says:

have you tried the Dremel 7300 mini drill.. someone recommend it to me

Naomi Willys says:

I’ve used a dremel for years on nails and I love it. I’ve used the same one too for as long as I’ve done nails, my daughter uses one too for nails.

ClassyGirl Creations says:

if and when this one goes out check out the micro motor marathon drill on eBay. amazing drill. nothingbutnails has a full review on it. that’s why I purchased mine. It just came yesterday.

Miss B says:

Kupa has efiles for 100 and it’s great. It’s against the law to use Dremals in salons here. Be careful hun.

MsKoko162 says:

Girl you could of gotten the medicool naildrill for that price please be careful using that Dremel

Karen Langridge says:

Such a great video thank you! I have this for my dogs nails and will now use it for a nail drill 🙂

Nails By Ms Lee says:

try mani-pro and they are like $99

Karen Beltran says:

If you go on Amazon there’s some cheap nail drills I got mine for 45 and it works very good

Johanna Pacheco says:

I’m sure is went over $100 with that other piece you had to get. I have the kupa Mani pro, it was only $100, hand piece is lightweight, very quiet, front & reverse… but hope what you got works for you.

Jean'sNailsandStuff says:

I hope this works for you but if you want a drill with low cost and lots of power check out my channel

Maceo Gaines says:

Hello beautiful lady. Stay blessed and beautiful

Laura McWilliams says:

I got my nail drill on Amazon for $60. Its a professional one. its made by vouge amd it’s not the handheld one its the big drill n i love it. Yours may be too powerful.


great idea, hope it works for you hun!

MzSassy Griggs says:

They are great and I love mines.  they also have the cordless one I get mines from walmart minimite cordless tool

Yenifer Perdomo says:

Un canal en español

Kiaajcontour says:

omg love your nails

llowwdowwnn87 says:

Profesional nail techs it is illegal to use Drexel drills on clients,you can get sued or loose your license! Personal use is ok if you use the flex attachments that are only 35 dollars!

DamarisMakeup says:

my husband said the same last week I Was like okkk. I will try so happy to see this video hun. blessings from Ar.

Erika Medina says:

Hi! I have recently started doing my own acrylics at home for a few months now. My question to you is, do you have a few reasons as to why my long nails are always breaking. I am thinking maybe bc i do not apply enough acrylic but I’m not exactly sure why my tips are so weak. My fake nails start to crack where my real nails begin. please please please help me. I am tired of my nails not lasting. please help

glamglam2011 says:

I also use it on my feet for those stubborn areas

Nadiea Ellison says:

they have a hand piece that you can plug into the Dremel drill. it’s a regular hand drill. it looks more appealing, less noise, and more comfortable. I searched nail tech flex shaft for dremel drill. I can’t post a picture but they have it in pink and turquoise if you decide to Google it.

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