Dremel 7700 cordless tool review


tony dane says:

thanx much

mickeymouseandus says:

thank you for such a thorough review and showing us how to use it.

ColtCommander45 says:

thanks man. I needed to know how to change the bit!

almc2242 says:

Great review all my questions were answered, thanks man.

Dean Bainbridge says:

A few reviews on Youtube, but this is far & away the best. Concise, accurate, well filmed, well presented, paced and really useful.

And your red toolboxes look epic!

whisperingsage says:

My chuck hole is too small to take the bits that came with it. Am I doing something wrong?

GCraigmile says:


Julia Freeman says:

Thank you! I just bought this and had no clue how to change the accessories out. Big help!

Afrovinhemian Tarot says:

Just got mine, thank youu

GCraigmile says:

Dutch,, You really like your tools and know how to use them.. Thanks for showing how this little tool works and how to change the bits.

Dave Thomas says:

best review of this tool

E Muggs says:

Thanks man! Got one today.

Crystal Lee says:

my bits are not fitting. i removed the entire black part with the wrench

Gabrielle Taconet says:

Awesome review! By far the best I’ve seen! Thank you!

Dave hee says:

hey man i wanted to know if this was strong enough (with the circle blade that is included with it) to cut into the head of stripped metal screw enough so i can use a flathead on the screw?
not looking for it to cut a screw in half, just need it strong enough to cut into the top of a stripped screw.
thanks for the video!

pekchops says:

Great Job! Best Review on this tool I have seen. Thank you

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