Dremel 4000 Review Part 1

Intro to my new tool. The Dremel 4000. A lot of tool in a little package.


Tiago Matos says:

Attaches here somehow I don’t know!!! wow

Tim wimmers says:

I can relate: “and that’s just a buddy at work telling’ me that so I don’t really know if that’s really true or not. “

1stfloorguy says:

You sound like Kenny powers. subscribed

djSpinege says:

@DentonRCdriver ya, same…
mine also came with no quick start guide or any instructions what so ever.

Niko D. says:

I have one. It’s shit.

EliteFurret says:

the handle is screw exactly where you hold it at 8:00

airatak says:

@loboismael21 more like danny mcbride and dremels are awesome!

Ego Sum Nemo says:

Yes!.. Accept Jesus Christ today and get your free Dremel 4000 in heaven!

Sanyogita Chauhan says:

It is too use full machine. For everyone

Miguel Angel says:

Hi where is the tool made?? Can you look at the sticker and tell me. Thanks

glen soto says:

dremel is awsome but now im hook on buying parts for it..lol….gr8 video

colby johnston says:

dude can u sharpen a 1095 steel knife with that??? or any knifes?

Lavar's Balls says:

is it better than 300?

Toxicnos says:

Also the support bar is is called the dear aloes grip

Jeff Poleet says:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. My god dude enough with the paper work, box, and bag; that took 10 minutes.

Toxicnos says:

The order form and price Guide is for the bits and weeks you may need

J Love says:

um it don’t solder

Maurice Fazekas says:

here is the grip for it.. Dremel A577 Detailers Grip Attachment Kit, SGS3-A577-N

Texas RC Cars and Trucks says:

mine came with a case to store it in

electricalsocket says:

Let’s see here…this paper says “WARNING: Serious Injury…” Blah…trash. This paper says “Death may…” Blah! boring…trash. OH! product warranty info. Cool. I’ll save this. LOL Love it!

Yellow Synth says:

does it cut good

Travis Hoeta says:

fuck get the fucking thing out of the box

James F says:

Appreciate the video’s for sure, my Dremel just died on me a few weeks ago and I haven’t had the cash to get a new one so I picked up one at Harbor Freight for 10 bucks. Well, let’s just say that Harbor Freights dremel is just fine, for doing scale models….but the accesories it comes with are worth the 10 bucks for sure.

sciencegey says:

If you were going to do engraving, you would probably use the flexible shaft.

komodomoe says:

he sounds more like kenny powers. He owns a dremmel 4000, you shut up.

Blake Quinn says:

Which is better a dremel 4000 or a dremel 300?

hpylori7 says:

good introduction. Especially since the instructions that come with the kit are not that comprehensive. Thanks.

MrRampro says:

@csgforme so did your dad

jangid4 says:

7 minutes before we see the actual tool lol

Gary Gavina says:

i use this to finish my ar15 80% lowers,works great if you dont have a drill press.

bryancmcguire says:

if you really like the rotary tool you should also check out the foredom flex shaft which is a step above this but will last you longer and has even more attachments to add to it and you can use your dremel tool attachments cause flex shaft has chuck like a drill so your not loosing use of what you already have.

EliteFurret says:

yes you can set a handle
nice feeling comfortable with precision
i have, i use it and it’s a good thing to buy.
mine come with a complete set of accessory in a hard case with handle

Edwin Acevedo says:

Very, very, and very informative and useful. Thank you VERY much.

RalphNader says:

Great Value!

mwhich50 says:

Thanks for the video. My son just got me one Xmas.

GlobalGamingSociety says:

I bought mine Dremel 300 for 104$. Totally worth it!

Jesus Ernesto Valdez Almaral says:

I want this tool!! does it work with drills of 1/32 and 1/64? or I need to buy an accesory to do that?

csgforme says:


I don’t think he watched the video. I can ask and get back to you.

Jacob Hunt says:

I got a super nice case with mine that holds the tool and all the accessories.

Greg Petra says:

Mine came with the wrong size fucking cullet. Like none of the drill bits fit.

Stargazer131000 says:

All I need is a dremel with a cutting disk to cut a stainless steel sink stopper to make a mini backpacking stove for sterno and to cut tin cans to make a Hobo stove. Does anyone have a recomendation?

Jose J says:

i love his whole “safety” thing, i thought that was funny. lol, if youre told to be safe than it shows that you have no common sense. im actually 16 years old and im begging my dad to buy me one.

Stargazer131000 says:

Where can I find one of these? Brand? Does it have a cutting blade that will cut thin stainless steel like from a sink drain? I want to make a stove for my sterno. I need to cut the bottom out of the sink drain (stopper) and enlarge the holes around the side.

Streaming TV says:

funny and informative. Thanks for the info!

henbone11 says:

He sounds more like Kenny Powers (Danny McBride)

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