Dremel 3D45 review

Dremel were cool enough to send me one of their latest printers to test and review the Dremel 3D45. This is the Review of this printer and how to get started.

Dremel 3D45 Unboxing

Dremel 3D45

There was no money exchanged for this review.

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frank says:

Nice that will do real good for making a casting. XD Alexa is going awal that and my Amazon is why i will not have Alexa. Look out your parrot will take over your house with Alexa.

xander VdHeide says:

YES youre are back with your video’s go one with making them love youre content

Cat 3D says:

Nice printer. I’ve already read about it. I‘d be happy to test it too! The print quality seems to be really good.

Mark Whalley says:

Good review mate

Print 3D Channel says:

Thumbs up for the shirt alone! Excellent review of the Dremel 3D45, sir, thanks for sharing your experience. Quite a nice printer and prints look amazing!

Where Nerdy is Cool! says:

The website doesn’t show much for details…but does it have a part cooling fan in there? I’m really curious what that auto leveling device is too…probe? Sensor?

Sue3DDesigns says:

Nice review. Thanks Kirby. Never been a fan of early Dremel printers (the FlashForge Dreamer re-badge) before because of the slicer lock-in it had.
Thanks for the rigid.ink ‘Up’. A big fan of yours for quite a while now too. 🙂
Question: How easy is it to use with an external reel?
All the best, Susi
(yes – THAT Susi! 😉 )

John 100 says:

I wonder if it could print polycarbonate? Good stuff to use for projects.

LordShadow HD99 says:

Please make an Oryx action figure with articulation.

chad tarbutton says:

Still not using 3rd party filament? Looking at PLA being nearly 6x the cost of my zyltech that i use on my cr10, seems ridiculous.

Ellen Masters says:

Josh-Your review is amazing it makes me want to buy it.

Ellen Masters says:

This is Josh, Your printer is really good, go for a million views and get 100,000 subscribers. Good work keep it up you are awesome!!

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