Dremel 3D45 Review // Dremel’s Latest 3D Printer

This is the Dremel IdeaBuilder 3D45 3D printer. It has a relatively small 6.7″ x 10″ x 6″ build volume, but it can do a lot in that space! Watch to hear my thoughts and experience from unboxing to today.

You can find the 3D45 on Amazon here : http://bit.ly/dremel3D45

Filaments used :
MatterHackers PLA : http://bit.ly/MatterhackersPLA
MadeSolid PET+ : http://bit.ly/mhPET
MatterHackers PRO Flex : http://bit.ly/flexPRO
NinjaTek NinjaFlex : http://bit.ly/ninjaFLEX
Dremel Nylon : http://bit.ly/DremelNylon
Dremel Eco-Abs : http://bit.ly/eco-abs


BManx2000 says:

$1800 gets you a glass build plate and gluestick? Are you kidding me?

SugarBooty says:

Try going even slower, 7mm/s. I need to print very slowly on my printer for flexible filament.

TBT & Ryan Productions says:



Do a review on the 3disimo mini 2

KingKongsBalls says:

RFID Chip…. That’s a no-no.

Andrys Daniel Benitez Herrera says:

Use the 3d printer 101 hero

Jackson Rankin says:

Could you make an ambiguous cylinder illusion twist vase?

Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

has it got the silly warranty on it that you cant even change the nozzle without killing the warranty. hate my dremel everything has locktight on it. and have to send the printer away to get the nozzle changed. basic maintenance should not have that kind of warranty on it. i just hope its changed. was so not happy.

Thanos The Titan says:

How much does it cost to keep and own solid works

Vincent Groenewold says:

Cutting into a 1800 Dollar printer to be able to fit a standard(!) spool. Although they allow it, I wouldn’t call that “supported”. To me it signals more that they actually do want to limit that in the future. Also, almost no innovative features which I would expect for that price and the quality doesn’t seem that much better to me than a well tuned Prusa.

Manny Quan says:

How do you get sponsors because I want to get sponsors


Devin, this is a Flashforge! RIGHT? Crazy $1800 for a Flashforge Dreamer is nuts

International Space Station says:

One of these days I’m gonna get a Fusion 3 F410. It’s a $5000 printer that probably has the same functionality as a $1000 printer. But damn them babes caught my eye at my college and it’s a medium term goal to get my hands on one eventually.

angelorf says:

The slicer is just an in-browser frontend to Cura. (I recognize the json file.)

Professional Ruskie says:

I just got mine before watching any reviews, dangerous, I know. Gotta say mechanically I love it, but I have had so many problems with both the digilab and print cloud software. Managed to get it working rather smooth with Hatchbox White ABS. ANyone got this thing working with regular cura yet?

Ander says:

Since i only use the Prusa MK3 for quite i while now, i have forgotten the annoyance of bed levelling as well as handling with glue sticks on glass plates and worrying the print will either come loose during print or having a hard time removing it afterwards.

Rachel Brown says:

I believe using 3rd party filaments voids the warranty. Wanted this printer but decided that using their filament alone wasn’t for me.

Larry198s says:

god the green and red very cool IL never buy white its very hard too see details

Charlotte Berry says:

You should try making a Nerf gun

Sarkazmo Loafy says:

Is it worth 9 times the price of hobby printers?

Shadowedmecha says:

*good sir why are you in the printer*
But seriously, awesome video as always, Devin! Keep up your amazing work!

Bibliothekaresse says:

That thumbnail is a piece of art

Asger Vestbjerg says:

Interesting Printer
Thanks for sharing 🙂

LordGarth6 says:

damn the thumbnail got me, i thought dremel had made a massive printer haha

Michael Crumpton says:

So you could get 9 Ender 3’s for that price. Or get 5 Ender 3’s and use the rest of the cash to upgrade the heck out of them with better boards and webcams and bed leveling.

zhexy _30 says:

I need help i put on my cr 10 the micro swiss hot end and now i have retraction problem i use cura can someone help me please??

brandon wittwer says:

had the previous dremel 3d20 wouldnt recommend their printers save 1k and buy a prusa i3 mk3 you wont be disapointed

riffraff60 says:

RFID chip so they can force users to only buy their (more expensive) filament.

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