Dremel 3D Idea Builder Unboxing and Review

We unbox and review the 3D Ideal Builder from Dremel!

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Willem Janse van Vuuren says:

I’m honestly a bit confused at the tone of the review. You looked like you didn’t want to do the review but more like “did it just to get it over with”.. What I took away from watching it is Dremel made a solid printer, it works with their filament and their models. Comparing this to recent reviews I’ve watched you do, the tone here was so flat it seemed like you didn’t like the printer, or the model environment or something.. if it printed everything kinda well, and just worked, what was wrong with it? I kept waiting for the Aha!, or whatever moment that finally explains the almost sarcastic tone of the review and the reason for the drink featuring every few minutes?

Rodrigo Colindres says:

Although I’d like more technical or relevant information about the printer, comparison with other printers, price – functionality relation, etc. I did got a brief idea of the product, but I’m not yet convinced if I had enough info.

Gotta go with the amount of subscribers you have now! This is a bit old so I’m sure you’ve improved a lot!

Thank you for the video!

sparkshot says:

Yo, I just subscribed to you. Very much enjoy your video’s, your content and style. Your cool. Would have a drink with you but there is a giant pond in the way.

What is your thoughts on the Robox / RBX02 with Dual head? Thinking of buying one.

Must admit this Dremel did great. You really sold it. I like the idea to do supports from dissolvables and go lower micron though. I design locomotive kits n stuff so buying my first printer is a hard choice. Currently relying on Shapeways.

If you could answer my questions I’d appreciate it.

Again, thanks for your vids. Looking forward to more.

Romanator X says:

24:00 – I am so close to 5000 subscribers. You have made.. few times over – well done!!!

CoboCuber says:

ive been looking around and every ware says 3d printing is a lot of maintenance, how much maintenance does this 3d printer need?

Ed Rios says:

good review but don’t need to know about your drink.

tigerstorms says:

not even two minutes in and laughed. good job 😀

Fernando Silva says:

Mr. Printing Nerd, My school just recently purchased a Dremel 3D printer and we have been trying to print thru the printer USB connection with no luck. Actually, our PC does not detect a USB connection. We print our files by connecting a flash drive. Is this normal? or can this be a school network issue? Thanks! love your youtube channel!

Alex Leslie says:

do you still recommend this printer? do you even still use it? and you say its very reliable, how reliable is it have you ever had any major problems?

Holy Jonson says:

Please tell me what meters we can use with this machine?

Sensei Dekkers says:

Seems like this is just a re branded flashforge dreamer?

johnny matrix says:

yep drinking att the same time …….. and i,m now to drunk to ………z.zzzzzz….thumbs…….u…u……p….zzzzz….got it….zzz 😉

TiagoTiago says:

In this video you look a bit like you haven’t slept, or like you’re sick (like a strong cold or something), or like you’ve been crying…

Simon Potra says:


ZachAttackRandom says:

I’m sorry I had to click the dislike button it was at 199 dislikes I couldn’t resist sorry lol love your vids

Josh Daoust says:

Its sad how my anet a8 prints better than this

Paul Smith says:

My college has one of these printers and they can’t get anything with a wide base to stick. But they seem like good machines

caio rib says:

Hey, cool t-shirt btw (space!!!!)!

ejr6573 says:

I like your approach to unboxing the best. I didn’t realize unboxing was ever important. But, it is certainly crucial when you unbox a $1k anything. Removes the guilt associated when returning something you broke or lost due to angry unboxing.

Nick Henno says:

can you print custom designs from CAD ?

Sporadicifre says:

That’s how a man pours cpt morgans….

Ken Bailey says:

Your thumbs down more than likely came from the drink issue that seems to be the review not the printer. Glad to see that in 2017 you seemed to have stopped this habit and are producing quality video’s that focus on the printer not what your drinking as no one cares about that. Hi Five !

Tech The Trucker says:

i know you say that all your reactions are true, but i can’t help but think it’s forced a little. i don’t know if it’s the speed of how you talk, where you come from, or what, but that’s mho.

Jacob Markow says:

are you on drugs?

Alex leslie says:

what resolution can this printer can do? can it do better than 0.1mm?

Werner Hiemer says:

So childs work (well at a mild form) consuming alcohol and drinking junk sugar loaden soft drink, working under alcoholic influence and by mixing container images makes for a bad father in sense of template. And there is brand placement.

Firespyer says:

dremel or prusa mk2? they’re the same cost assembled

William Todd says:

What if you want to “Print” something with multiple colors? Is this possible, or how would you go about doing so?

Tj Martins says:

im just curious you talked briefly about upgrading using 3rd party hardware anyway this printer could print ABS?

TheJinGonzu says:

Hi, does anyone know the serial number or the right name of the heat sensor (i need a replacement), which is build into the Dremel 3D20, i cannot find the right name and even the support team does not know anything about this. They really have no clue about their product.

Ian Ide says:

I have to ask, are you drinking alcohol on purpose? I’m thinking that you might be thumbing your nose at dremel a bit heh…

Kimchi Koalaa says:

Dremel makes everything

Ollie Baxter says:

Ah, the video helped a lot! I learned how to make a captain and coke, perfect!

Thomas Jaszewski says:

Red scarf matches your eyes…good vid, mediocre rum. Love the “glass”. Looking through vids for e perfect beginner printer…

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