Dremel 3000 “FULL Review” Unpack & Demo in HD

Check out the cordless Dremel Micro here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Or0fQqUmFY
Jeweller Dave Wilson of http://www.celticdreams.co.uk/ Reviews the Dermel 3000 with case and 15 piece accessory kit. Including all the accessories, hints and tips. Please give me a “like” and subscribe to my channel. Call back soon for lots more great tool videos, reviews and tutorials. Thanks for watching. Dave Wilson.
The Dremel was Supplied by Eternal Tools. http://www.eternaltools.com/dremel-3000-rotary-drill-tool-kit-with-15-accessories?query=dremel


PlayDeadFran says:

awesome review, thanks!!

King Gilga says:

What’s the chance of the cutoff disc at 8:08 being able to cut a slit into a stripped screwhead?

The Professional Decoy says:

I’ve just purchased exactly this model and this video was incredibly helpful for a first timer like me. Thank you

Wendy Abdo says:

Wow! I just bought this and after reading the included instructions, I still couldn’t figure out how to get the pieces into the mouth of the tool. Your video helped me a lot! Thanks for showing me how to insert the pieces, hold the tool, and what all the little accessories are about. Much appreciated!!!

Xavi Lanuite says:

Hey big thanks!
Love your vid

Andy Stafford says:

Excellent Vid – better than manual. Great Job Thanks.

Karanbir Singh Bhullar says:

this might read a little stupid but how do you switch it on

Alistair Walker says:

Super video as an introduction to Dremel. I’m using it to refurbish some old golf clubs, regrinding grooves, removing chip marks, blurring and polishing. Looks like the perfect tool. Thanks for the advice Dave.

funmanlane says:

Awesome review, seeing that plug brought back memories of visiting other countries.

Sandy Moran says:

Thanks Dave! Tremendous help in starting me on the way to building my Dremel toolkit!

Chad Gord says:

Very helpful vid, thanks m8!

Billkwando says:

You’re a charming, nice sounding fellow who makes great video, but maybe considering trimming your nails before you make a video? *shudders*

martin staniforth says:

my wife got me one for christmas, would love to see it being used on wood and stone carving.

fedos says:

I can’t get the screw out of the 402 mandrel.

Harry M says:

Thanks! This really helps!

Mrs Hewitt says:

Clear video. Thank you xx

Bernadette Tibazi says:

I would like to second the previous comment. Absolutely they should hire you. thank you – Plus it was nice to hear a northern accent -I like in LA but come from Liverpool.

Cheryl Nordblom says:

Best info on the Drexel 3000. Thank you.

Niii says:

I can’t fit any of the accessories into the end thing that were provided with this tool?

Gerrie Wittekoek says:

Really loved the way you explaned everything.The manual is not usefull.

Martin Mckendrick says:

cheers dave , very informative

Kyle Crotty says:

I almost gave up until I found your video… I thought I needed one of those ez lock attachments for the cutting wheel. Many thanks for the solid review!

TheAlbinoskunk says:

going to go out and buy mine now 😀

dheaddy says:

Very useful! Thanks.

gammaplayer says:

thanks for the real good video. lots better than the instructions.

Scott Tobkes says:

AGREE…best review on the internet!

Ashley Bark says:

Can someone help? My very common attachments aren’t fitting into my mandrel. It isn’t wide enough no matter what I do. I even removed it but it just will not fit no matter what. It came with my Dremel, so I don’t think I would need fancy collets?! I followed the directions just like he shows. His brush slips right in but the hole is too small in mine for any attachments. I’m new at this so I don’t want to say it’s defective. But it doesn’t seem right?

thabiso mnisi says:

beautiful review, thoroughly detailed

Keith Wallace says:

Excellent introduction to the Dremel 3000. As other reviewers have implied, the manual is inadequate but this video shows you just how it all works.

Joyce Buchanan says:

I watched several videos about the Dremel, but yours was the only one that showed me exactly what I was looking for.  How to attach the cutting tool. I almost threw it in the trash.  Good thing I found you. Thanks for making it so easy to understand.
Joyce B.

MiddleAgedGamer says:

Brilliant. Thank you

TuxKey says:

i was going to buy the “Parkside PFBS 160 B2” from lidl that does 10.000-40.000 rpm but i think getting the dremel 3000 that does 10.000-3300 rpm is a better choice.
i only need it to repair my dishwasher rack remove rust en so on. Considering the Lidl tool costs €30 and the dremel €38,18 from amazon i guess the extra €8 is worth for piece of mind and compatibility with all Dremel accessory. i think everything wil fit the Parkside multitool but why risk it.

Robert Kerr says:

Thanks for making this. I learned the purpose of a few more parts. There are still others in the box for which I have no idea. You seem to know your stuff — could you cover more parts, and for each discuss possible uses? Much appreciated regardless!

Linda Foley says:

Fantastic review!

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