Dremel 300 Moto-Tool Rotary Tool Review

Here we are reviewing and comparing a Dremel Model 300 to a knockoff rotary tool unit and doing a quick cut off demonstration as well as comparing to a more powerful RotoZip just to give you an idea of what a truly powerful rotary tool is like


baggins1 says:

Now that you’ve pointed out the ergonomics I dislike my new one even more.

shawn keller says:

Damn thank you, no one has a decent review of this model

PointLineBox says:

Thanks again for your thorough reviews. I always learn something. That tip about the drywall cutters is great. Looks like just what I need for a cheap spindle on a small CNC router.

Are you sure the Chinese one doesn’t fit Dremel accessories? I have an identical-looking one in blue (“Wen” brand I think, not that it matters since they’re all copying or reusing the same moulds) and it works fine with my Dremel drill press and other screw-on accessories.

I also picked up one of the cheap Harbor Freight ones a little while back. Somehow I thought anything would better than nothing and it turns out it to be only slightly better than nothing. Mine came with a cheap “12v” (actually outputs 20v!) wall wart instead of bare wires. The chuck centering isn’t as completely hopeless as your unit and it eventually gets through small steel rod OK.

One use I did find is to keep it around my 3D printer. If you put a bit of filament in the chuck and touch it to printed parts there is just enough friction to melt the plastic and friction weld with a consistent 1/16″ bead. This really opens up rework, repair and assembly possibilities, especially working without support material. It’s cheaper and much more precise than even the cheapest “3D Pen” and dedicating it to the printing station means the proper rotary tools can stay handy in the toolbox. Not great for significant welding though because you have to stop and manually advance it as it melts.

Willy Queen says:

Thanks great video

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