Dremel 225 Flexible Shaft Extension

http://www.tooled-up.com/product/dremel-225-flexibile-shaft-extension-for-dremel-multi-tools/178941/?referrer=youtube – click to order or for pricing & more information

Ideal attachment for precise, detailed work or hard to reach places. Comfort grip handpiece allows fingertip control to cut, grind, sand, polish and more. Integrated shaft lock button for quick and easy accessory changes. 127 mm bend radius provides more comfort and flexibility during use. Quick connect attaches your Dremel tool in seconds.


Meridian Herschel says:

That’s why I hate Dremmel. You unpack some thing you haven’t used in 10 years and you lost a small little part.

İsmail Tok says:

does happen any torque loss with this extension ?

GTI KR says:

does fit to 8220 battery model?

African Cichlids says:

does it fit other brand rotary tools

mjsoup says:

Looking to find out how to use the dremel attachment – this video was simple and well done – thank you!

cnith2 says:

OK what the heck, I did exactly that and the dang thing won’t turn! I can turn it with my hand but not with the dremel! 🙁 The motor got super hot so I’m letting it cool down.

Mary Quite - Contrary says:

i never would have gotten it together without this video

David Doty says:

I purchased this shaft a couple of months ago to use while working on my model RR. Worked OK until the cable inside the shaft kinked up. I ordered a replacement and installed it. Much to my disappointment I found the spring and flex cable came apart. Its now useless. Will not by another. I will invest in a real shaft motor setup. The dremel motor is fine but this shaft is junk,

VampireCat Productions says:

Thank you. I was planning to use my attachment tomorrow for building a ring box for my girlfriend

P.E. Zaccardo says:

I have the older model, 225 T2.  Does anyone know what the piece between the actual dremel and the  silver shaft with threaded inside looks like? 

Robert says:

Thaaaaaank you for this. I have all the same equipment but lost the instructions. The little bits and gromets were confusing and you made it perfectly clear how to set it up. Great tip on hanging it by the way; I realized how dangerous it is to have the heavy motor on the table should it fall and sling the flex shaft while it’s running. Great video, instant thumbs up and subscribed.

MrCarter'sRods says:

Looking for some advice on hooking up a n electric motor system to a device that can work on a fishing reel. Im not 100% positive, but I think a dremmel might be wayyyy too fast to work, but I’ll try anyways.

***I just copy pasted this next part of my comment after typing it out on another video so I dont have to retype my situation and explain my self again.

I’m trying to figure out how to build, or see if I can build a device with a motor to attach to a system to use a spinning reel in saltwater. My story is this….

    I lost use of my left arm and leg to an unknown neurological illness and I would really like to fish again… it was my life as I’m sure many feel the same way. I have limited movement in my right elbow shoulder but wrist is not too bad. I have an advantage of sorts being a giant guy (6’7″ 320 lbs) though in the strength my wrist still has. But my right thigh s also not working as well as my whole left leg.
    I have been wanting to try to design a motor system durable for saltwater fishing with artificial baits for inshore fish (Snook trout redfish tarpon cobia etc) here in the Tampa Bay area. I have been looking into reel systems for a while now and it appears my only real option is to figure out a way to build one.
Have you, or anyone you know ever attempted something like this? (That is actually durable and not a $00 system that will not last long in saltwater environment.)

    I have been looking into motor systems like say from a battery operated drill or dremmel type device connected to a flexible drill bit extension or dremmel extension then have it attached to something I can kind of adapt to multiple reels.
    I think the best method would be to use a foot pedal system like from a rod lathe or sewing machine to regulate power flow with the use of my right foot. (Im comfortable with them and I have one laying around from my rod lathe that I obviously cannot use anymore since one hand makes it so impossible to do.)
    Perhaps there may be a better system for regulating power to the mottor in order to turn the flexible shaft and then turn the reel. Like some sort of trigger I can mount to the rod? I really dont know.
    Any ideas, or knowledge of any experts with these types of things would be great. Ive been in bed for almost 4 years now. I cant get outdoors to a lot of places since my electric cart is too big and only works on flat paved ground (It was the only kind I could get for a man of my size) and the outdoor track chairs are just far too expensive (My wife set me up with a go fund me acct, but that was a huge flop.) and I want to live again. Im only 38 years old, and I want to get a few more times on the water in case my condition worsens. Im not the type to ask anyone for help. I went from an extremely active person that was always the one helping others so much (Being my size and owning a truck made me a good friend come moving time lol.) Ive been in the worst rutt since this all happened. The thoughts of suicide grow stronger with the pain and mentality associated with my situation. I have been in this bed for four years now. I often put on a great front but I am dying since I cannot live a life worth anything. This is really not easy to talk about, but I am desperate, and I want so much to live. I have pushed away almost everyone that I knew except my wife (believe me I tried.. but in the case of a soulmate, I am still the luckiest guy in the world.) I am so desperate to get back outside and fish again. I have no idea how to do it really Im just guessing at things that are affordable on a budget (Im sure almost everyone knows how super expensive medical bills can be, even with good insurance.) My mind is getting fuzzy right now so Im trying to stay on topic, I apologize.

Basically I just want to fish. Im not looking for a handout at all.Just knowledge, guidance, or some great advice would be plenty for me. Im not even sure if I can get near the water in order to fish, but as they say in Disney… where there is a will, there is a way. And I am scared that if I cannot at least get out to fish soon, that my existence will matter even less for me as time passes in this bed.

Thank you in advance.

cnl1213 says:

great for DIY dentistry!

Brian Tunzi says:

0:43 starting off with no one needs this unless you get your 4486 , see changing collets , The 4486 is a part where you don’t need this it’s a 1 size fits all ? or most like for making jewelry ! , If you are using the part you see at 0:43 NO need !

Justin Moore says:

Where did you get the stencil paper? 

idntshagsheep says:

I have to see a cross section of this extender cable. I’m finding it really hard to imagine what the inside is and how it spins so easily without causing friction and insane heat inside the cable/tube.

Sabin Iliescu says:

the small graving head what it’s called ? thanks

Noh Mercy says:

what is the music called?

Brian Tunzi says:

0:38 Look One does not need to mess with all that , There’s a part you can use that will fit most of the work you are doing 1 size fits all so use it you can find the Ferrule anywhere you get your Dremel tools at , ? Don’t see it just ask !

ManicheanWarrior says:

Super video. Very clear and to the point. The warnings ,in red, were especially useful to the beginner. Thank you.

Semore Truth says:

Nice Art !

Raf Loolx says:

Shitty 80’s music

Κάπνισμα Πίπας Pipe & Tobaccos says:

Very nice video, thank you!

Manolo Ramirez says:

Is compatible with dremel 400

Manolo Ramirez says:

Thank you for the information good video men

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