WORX Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver Combo WX176L Video Review

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2bh5hAn So go and create the coolest drill ever made….already done for you! In this video I test and review this awesomely cool tool. Bottom line, all my other drills are history!

Convenient fast bit switching in drilling and driving modes
Precise electronic clutch prevents stripping screws and damage to work surface
Compact and lightweight; very easy to control
Variable 2-speed design covers a wide range of drilling, fastening applications
PowerShare 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools


Jeff W says:

Why dont you just drill in screws?

Ferramentas Em Ação - Assis Pires says:

OI DA UMA OLHADINHA AI E C INSCREVE NO CANAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFlm3-pQ8wk

guardduck25 says:

why not just buy a flip bit like the Ryobi pilot hole bit on the other side has a screw tip just slide the collar back and switch between drilling and driving much cheaper than the switch driver 11,oo for the Ryobi vs. 100.00 for the switch driver plus you are limited to quick change drill bits hex shank will not hold round bits ,but the concept is nice

WORX Tools says:

Thanks for the review–especially loved your head to head test!

dan mcgrath says:

how does the light being above the drill bit affect your visibility in this machine in contrast to be light being beneath the drill bit in others?

Flavia I says:

Drill your holes first, then screw…

B Am says:

I use this mainly for my Kreg joinery. It is super fast to use and not having to change from drill bit to screwdriver bit is super convenient.

Romando Javonitalla says:

how about holster?

Miss Christy says:

how about comparing the real pain and cost in discovering that the 2 in one switch driver, (maybe others of theirs, not sure) will NOT take YOUR standard DRILL BITS! Most have an investment in our bits! Not going to go and buy all new bits. REALLY WORX? that is a big deal to me. I am sure others did not realize this also. Lets say it does take a converter, that seems to TAKES AWAY COMPLETELY from fast and easy! the main reasons i got it. very disappointed over this. there are some out there that does take the standard. Seems like you would have included some easy fix or converter part within it BEFORE you put it out in market place. the drill it self is great. love it. However, NOT when i figured out that you exspect me to go out and just pull money out my butt to go buy all new drill bits. no way. People invest in that too. Just not going to just toss mine out or sell them for pennies on dime to buy yours or all new ones. The whole purpose i got this was for the easy and fast…. knowing this SADLY takes away for that whole concept doesn’t it. disappointed. i noticed the other “switichdriver” video took the COMMENTS OFF. Might be why.

Ferramentas Em Ação - Assis Pires says:



Eric Bernal says:

are they sold at lowes or Home Depot

Ivan Mazur says:

you could just drill all your pilots first, and then screw in >.<

Eseng Natividad says:

how to order?

Владислав Семерников says:

Лошара Пиндос, я бы вначале просверлил все отверстия затем поменял на биту и закрутил саморезы

Ron Hobyak says:

I drill and tap sheet metal. Does this drill reverse ? And can it hold a 1/4-20 tap bit ?

Brianna Rothert says:

Try out the 18v Milwaukee, not the 12v. Show us that test

john mcalister says:

mine stopped working after the first month don’t buy it

Peter Chang says:

I am working on extending my deck and I am installing the my decking boards using the Kreg Decking system. It requires a pre-drill hole and then a driver for the screw. I purchased this Worx drill and it is a huge time saver. I love it.

cassiya100 says:

Worx messed it all up by changing the battery platform. you can’t use this battery with all other Worx 20V cordless stuff. big let down

Ross Jones says:

why not just use an impact and a drill

Zhang Tiger says:

drill all hole the frist= same speed

knockmyfeeling says:

use milwaukee 18 fuel impact driver..

TheSmokeyBaker says:

Fucking novelty drill. Only for light DYI use nothing heavy or day to day work use. Pretty sure I can use my drill driver to drill and then use my impact driver to set screw just as fast with clipping them to my belt. Might have to carry around two tools sometimes but atleast they’ll perform to the standard you would expect. Go Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Hell Ryobi anyone of those will work better than this frankendrill monstrosity.

jpntjp1 says:

Excuse me sir would it have been easier to drill all the holes at once and just change the bit one time thank you

SDFcommander says:

Very effective test. Well done! I just picked one of these guys up. I was worried the drill bit assembly would easily move out of place when force is applied but it looks like they have a good locking mechanism. I also love how the battery can be easily used with other Worx tools. Keep up the great work!

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