Top 5 BEST 2016 Cordless Power Tools

The end of 2016 is finally here & we are wrapping it up by picking out the top 5 cordless tools released this year!

We have tested, reviewed, previewed, and used MANY new tools throughout 2016 & these are 5 that really stood out. Specifically with great features, performance, and price — all of them are great tools & are highly recommended.

What was your favorite tool this year? (Cordless released in 2016)

Here is our list :

#5 – Kobalt 1/2″ 24v Brushless Drill/Driver

Video –

Get it @ Lowes here –

#4 – Ingersoll Rand 20v Brushless 1/2″ Impact Wrench

Get it @ Amazon here –

#3 – RIDGID Gen5X 18v Brushless 7-1/4″ Miter Saw

Video –

Get it @ Home Depot here –

#2 – Bosch 36v Bulldog SDS Rotary Hammer

Video –

Get it @ Amazon here –

#1 – Hitachi 18v Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver

Video –

Get it @ Amazon here –


Opie Leslie - WPMABB says:

Do price man, The F 150 An 350 might have a cost equation before you get it to tow something down the road.

Monte Barnes says:

I personally like the makita rattle gun and drills I have been using them on and off for about 5 years been really good tools no problems with them I have been wanting to get the Milwaukee just cost to much to justify buying them

John Hamilton says:

what about ridgid drills?

Austin Walker says:

alot of lithium battery have poor preformance in cold conditions would you please do a video on the best preforming lithium battery under cold conditions on a sawzall or drill

ryan villa says:

I don’t know how you could compare the fuel to the kobalt…. other than that nice review

Vlads Shyle says:

I don’t, where is Milwaukee

Harvey Magsambol says:

Hitachi lifetime tool warranty!!! Cheap too!!!

Review ZonIV says:

“Makita Cordless Hammer Driver Drill” i think this is the best one in market 🙂

Rocky fish says:

ALSO milwaukee and ryobi are the same company techtronic industry’s

Kyle Ryan says:

i use all Milwaukee because matching batteries

william rullman says:

Festool Festool And ummm Festool the rest don’t even compare

Jack Pork lawn care says:

Milwaukee for sure

Richard Hewitt says:

when you told us to leave a comment you pointed at your junk, does that mean you think are comments are junk?

Dhir Am says:

I bought the RIDGID brushless hammer drill & impact kit ($279) a while back and just recently used the drill to drill some 3/4″ holes through (older) studs for water lines. I used a self-feeding auger bit, new. To my surprise and disappointment, the overload/protection feature came on around 10 times for each stud, forcing me to wait and press the switch again and again to get through the studs. I bought this set precisely for its power, and now the electronic limiter is what makes it useless. I bought this also to drill through double top plates of walls and that certainly won’t work with this drill..

Can you recommend any 18v drill or kit that doesn’t stall the drill under stress? If it can’t drill through older studs and double plates I have no use for it. Been looking around and even considered the 24v Kobalt but it says it also has overload protection so I’m afraid it will do the same thing… Sigh. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jeremiah Roark says:

No Bosch! I love there products

Will says:

your voice sounds like the one off Motor trend on cable tv

eloy chairez says:


Fruit Punch Samurai says:

i love milwaukee so much

Frank Coughlin says:

You do an excellent job at this. Well done.

Larson Fam says:

Can you please stop shilling the kobalt crap? it’s cringey, and they aren’t worth anything more then any other low price Chinese made homeowner tool, the only difference is they are more expensive, slung to the wingtip Lowes crowd. Everything else was alright, but you really need to get off of Lowes tit.

Alex Sabic says:

Bosch can be dad of all those tools

Gary Scoville says:

What happen to a review of Dewalt cordless tools? That’s the only cordless tools I have used for the last 30+ years.

A D A M M A J O R says:

Hey there! I use a lot of hand tools. Almost on a daily basis. I own currently a Kobalt 1/2 air impact wrench and a harbor freight 3/8s air ratchet. Would power tools be better? I only have a 2 gallon tank too.

Otto Schless says:

This preference comes down to the individual. I am sure their is a wide range of preferences by users for different reasons. You are basically telling us your preference with maybe some incentive. I am a tradesman and i will only use AEG tools for my trade.

Ethan Audette says:


Joe Riemer says:

You sound exactly like John Davis from Motor Week. Like the reviews, but your voice and cadence drive me crazy!

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