Testing The Toughest Cordless Drills On AMAZON

Testing The Toughest Cordless Drill On AMAZON

All tools featured in this video were purchased by me on Amazon. This video is not a paid product endorsement.

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Milos Stamenkovic says:

Thomas is stupe

Wooden Tool Man says:

I will still buy dewalt

A E says:

Hey Wrangler, Why don’t you do a fair comparison, Dewalt makes a drill in the $150 range…

Patrick Scholz says:

20 years of roofing with Dewalt without a damage, 2 years Milwaukee all tools are totaly damaged

Confused Loner says:

The same company makes both drills.

Cave says:

All industrial Job sites I’ve been on where the company supplies the electric tools have always used Milwaukee. Over the years of supplying something cost efficient that doesn’t go in the garbage quickly, they came up with the brushless Milwaukee to be the standard. Just food for thought for those who abuse their tools or use them extensively.

J Circ says:

How do you get excited about screw drivers..

Guillermo Bua says:

la milwaukee cuando cambia la velocidad dejo de prender la luz

Duner D says:

So he tested a cheaper entry level, lower power, drill from Dewalt and a higher end more powerful, higher wattage Milwaukee that is priced 50% higher, and makes out like it’s a fair test!!!! What the eff, is he a democrat!!! If he had used a Dewalt of the same power and wattage, he would have had totally different results.

Elliott Dean says:

I don’t think this was a fair test. You’re testing a newer Milwaukee Fuel series drill that’s $50 more, against an older model Dewalt drill that’s $50 less… Comparing apples to oranges

Analise & critica says:

que dór ver isso

Cosmin Badiu says:

Very great

ShadowDemized says:

putting 414 Milwaukee on the map

mikemar44 says:

You put these tools through a glorified demo derby for tools …. like a demo derby it doesn’t at all show how a tool would work or perform in a real environment, it just shows it a ridiculous test that one did slightly better. A 79 Monte Carlo would win a demo derby … would it have better fuel economy safety ratings compared to A car today….

Please stop doing tool demo derby’s … if you wish to continue these farce comparisons then please use some level of scientific method and procedures natural to a drill….. run time, holes per minute , etc

Mike De Leon says:

Was hoping the DeWalt would’ve stood up the challenge. I really enjoyed watching though.

scott cote says:

Hahaha love when u twisted ur hand up…. Good stuff.

Nick Hall says:

Wow an 18v Milwaukee beat a 20v dewalt? Lol everyone on the jobsites swears by a 20v dewalt….

Milos Stamenkovic says:

This is stupid like my Phone

Doran Amatto says:

While the Milwaukee may have slightly better made parts. I’ve used the same DeWalt drill used in this test for 5 years now with constant/ almost daily use in housing construction and it has yet to fail me. The batteries ysually pooch before the drill utself does.

Cody M says:

Great test! My only comment is to keep it short and simple.

End me says:

What am I doing watching a video of a man torturing tools?

William Jones says:

Milwaukee all day baby! its the best

ayush patel says:

If anyone doesn’t know, Dewalt is more famous for speed whereas Milwaukee is known for torque (as shown/proven).

Richard Korthuis says:

This is not a very honnest comparison. The Milwaukee specs are way better and is in a different league.

BTTI Pilani says:


Rob Johnson says:

Kids in Africa could have assembled Ikea furniture with that DeWalt.

Grisha Avdeev says:

Тебе не чем заняться в детстве ломал игрушки и сейчас ломаешь

NOS Huffer says:

Well you did spend 50 more dollars so it should have won

Daniel says:

I will buy a Milwaukee! Disappointing with DeWalt.

Winter Snowflake says:

The extra slot on the battery charger for Milwaukee is for the older style battery’s

haWK Siux says:

Top 10 anime battles.

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