Ryobi vs. Porter Cable cordless drill drivers

Some of the differences between Porter Cable and Ryobi cordless drills and impact drivers. If you are interested in what the major differences are between these tools watch the video, if you have any questions please put them in the comments below I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.


Nathan Pape says:

Ryobi also do a brushless range that is much lighter. Youve compared brushless models against a brushed model obviously brushless is better

fire vape says:

The new Ryobi new brussless tool work light stay on just like the Porter cable,so there is know reason to buy Porter Cable and the charger on the Porter Cable is crap

Stan Webb says:

The Porter Cable is own by Stanley Black and Decker and is teamed up with DeWalt as the the basic tools company for them… both companies are the entry level tools….as expected they will be better For the occasional DIY then the pro’s….. Now the Ryobi is the entry level company for the (Milwaukee company) Techtronic Industries…. Thank You for the comparison…….Since I prefer corded tools because I work from home and do not want to wait for charging ………..

rnr sprstr says:

Hard to beat the porter cable for the price. Ryobi is a toy im not sure why milwaukee even bothers and i use there name brand stuff.

Robert Casey says:

Maybe a newspaper delivery man?

Conrad Bianchi says:

The power is not because of the 20V or 18V.

The Loobis says:

I haven’t used Porter Cable but you summed up Ryobi perfectly. I’m a Milwaukee guy and my power drills are Milwaukee. But everything else I have is Ryobi. Angle Grinder, Circular Saw, Sander, Miter Saw, Sawzall, Jig Saw, etc. All of them hand me downs that were beat up and abused. Brand new batteries and Charger, and everything works. It’s hard for me to say Ryobi is Cheap. It’s inexpensive, but not cheap. Good video.

Robert Casey says:

20v is the same as 18v. No difference

Pete Aguilar says:

Actually Lowe’s tools will be the Kobalt bran which is pretty cool. I bought a porter cable impact drill for 30 bucks on clearance a couple years back and it sure is a better then I expect it very please .

MrJarvisdawg says:

My partner uses Ryobi and I use Porter Cable as Maintenance techs. We both like our tools, but Ryobi definitely has the edge on the variety of cordless tools available.

Doug Butler says:

I don’t think there’s a difference from 18v to 20v, not the brushless part adds a Lot of power

المنشار المرعب says:

Hello my friend, the porter cable kit you have it’s an old model the one I have doesn’t have lights stays on for 5 second, it shuts off as soon as u remove your finger from the trigger and porter it’s lil bit faster than ryobi I think that’s why porter lil bit pricey, thanks

Thomas Carroll says:

Porter Cable is all on the same and blow umbrella Stanley Black & Decker they make DeWalt they also make Craftsman now Bostitch of course Black & Decker a Stanley hand tools Stanley power tools are sold overseas not here

Jeffrey Wilder says:

20v and 18v lithium drill batteries are exactly the same. They both use groups of five 4v peak 3.6v nominal voltage cells. So in reality, they can be advertised at either voltage and there is no difference in those batteries from a voltage standpoint. However, the porter cable batteries might have a larger current rating and/or capacity, and that might explain the power difference you are seeing.

D Foot says:

I’m a maintenance technician and I use porter cable tools. good price and works great in my opinion it’s a entry-level DeWalt

Kyong Song says:

One thing I hate about Ryobi is the battery style.

Not just it’s old style that used when NiCad was used, the battery contact is too weak.
Unlike tightly clamping the pins, Ryobi’s battery is contacted by the tension of small metal plates, which will lose tension over time.
Once that happens, it might not contact well and cause overheat at that point. I have seen quite a few Ryobi batteries with battery contact area melt.

Also, battery locking mechanism lose tension over time as well, and sometimes the battery just fall out while working.

On the other hand… PC lacks tool variety. Ryobi really has tons of tools including outdoor tools.

TurboDV8 says:

Four tools, sitting on the table. Lots of talking. No Drilling. This was completely pointless waste of 10 minutes.

Derek says:

Porter cable is shit

Dustin Pomeroy says:

My god what happened to Porter Cable?they used to be my favorite brand of tool ,now if someone gave me one as a present I would take it back

0hypnotoad0 says:

Porter Cable gets a thumbs down, do not buy.

The new Porter Cable (ie: Porter Cable “linked 20v”) is a resurrected zombie tool brand that has very few things in their lineup, is not really getting any more. They sell cheap junk kits with shitty batteries and then they price replacement batteries for like $120 for a single battery (here in canada, at least) that’s how they make their money basically. Get you on hook with a cheap loss-leader kit and then you need to fork out a huge amount of money for batteries that should cost half of what they do.

Porter Cable 18v, circa about 4 years ago, used to make some pretty solid Nicd and Lithium tools, but those days are over, the grey and black porter cable brand was scrapped, and rehashed as complete junk. Stanley Black and Decker has been executing some sort of marketing ploy to saturate the market with piece of shit tool brands. Porter Cable 20v, Fatmax 20v, Bostich 20v, Craftsman 20v and B&D 20v are all essentially the same tools, they all use the same parts and same batteries (with tiny modifications to make sure you cant use the batteries between brands)

TTI on the other hand, has committed to turning Ryobi into a solid and respectable consumer-grade brand, with a wide range of tools and very affordable good quality batteries. You don’t see TTI churning out new tools brands every 6 months trying to inundate the market with endless trash. Do not buy into it the SB&D ploy, if you want a cheap cordless lineup, definitely buy and stick to Ryobi.

I mean don’t get me wrong, both brands are trying to get your money. But TTI/Ryobi is doing it by trying to keep you IN a working brand of tools, keep you buying and replacing batteries over the years, and keep you buying new tools as they add them into the 18v lineup. SB&D is doing the opposite, they want you to buy once and then get you OUT of the brands. They cast a wide net with 5 different shitty tool brands to flood Lowes with parasitic garbage, trying to coax every costumer into buying into one of the 5 identical brands. Seems a heck of a lot more dishonest.

GREG McCarter says:

I have a,porter cable set that works well repairing mowers, and disasimbleing stuff,, I just bought a Bauer 1/4″ impact,, for 59bucks on sale,harbour freight..it seems to have good power..

mateollios 67 says:

The ryobi impact drives screws much smoother and with better control than the portercable. I own both.

Lok Tom says:

Have not heard from Porter Cable for awhile. Welcome back to the arena.

darchon5 says:

Nice review. The PC 20V brushless has been great for me as a relatively new DIYer, but one clarification: You said PC is “a little bit more expensive” than Ryobi, but that’s only in comparing your PC brushless vs Ryobi brushed.

When comparable models are either both brushed or both brushless, Ryobi is more expensive. It’s a reasonably significant difference to me that’s not worth it. I think the PC brushless is the best bang for the buck – for its feature set and level of performance, you can’t beat the price.

I will say that I haven’t had mine for long, so as to how durable PC products are over time, maybe you can update us on how they’ve been for your and your workers?

Peter V says:

Excellent info – thank you!

Bige4u says:

While im sure oppinion varies, i did my own research, mostly YT and found MILWAUKEE was best for me… they appeared to perform very nicely for my needs, and what sold me, was the battery status indicator on the battery(18v) or on the drill(12v), and i’ve been happy ever since. Speaking of home depot, that where i bought my 12v drill/hammer driver kit, the M12 Fuel model(2404-22), its brushless, hard carry case, two batteries(2.0AH/4.0AH) with charger on sale for $126 before tax out the door, shelf price was $182 before tax.

Robert Casey says:

No.They are both 18v. 20v is marketing strategy. All 20v are essentially 18v. Just like 12v tools are essentially 10.8v.

Robert Casey says:

You don’t seem to be very knowledgeable of how cordless tools work.

Eric says:

Porter Cable’s parent company is Black and Decker.
Ive had a set of Ryobi blue and yellow 18 volt tools for 10 years now. Only issue has been the drill’s chuck. Other than that, they have been through some stuff. The recipocating saw has been submerged and frozen. Still it works fine. The drill has been beaten up and smoked. It still works just fine. I finally broke down and went with a newer drill and driver set from DeWalt. I still like Ryobi for the odd tools that offer.

Derek says:

I bought a porter cable hammer drill and it gave out with in 4 days and they feel so freaking cheap

Richard Vacanti says:

Ryobi now makes brushless

Thomas Carroll says:

I. Got. Ridgid gen 4 r86008. (18v) drill it’s brushed works good for me I got. The brushless gen 5 Ridgid impact driver r86037 (18v) got a. DeWalt dw990 xrp 14.4 v Ni-cd two more DeWalt dw991 and dc935 both 14.4 v Ni-cd. Got a Bosch IDH182 brushes 18v impact driver/1/2 impct wrench with a core 6.3 ah get what. Works for you

Jared B says:

if your needing some more back up porter cables, The kits are selling for 115 right now on amazon for the brushless drill/impact combo with 2 batteries

Tom Langley says:

Nothing against the Ryobi tools, I used my buddies set helping him build a shed-Wasn’t bad…..But to be honest, I prefer my Porter Cables.

The Loobis says:

1:30 Ohhh, that’s good.

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