Review: new Craftsman brushless impact driver from Lowe’s

I bought this new cordless Craftsman brushless impact driver from Lowe’s. Is it worth the hefty price tag? I put it through a couple tests to find out.

Here’s the link to my teardown review of this impact:

Here’s a link to the FTC explaining the Made in the USA labeling rules:


Kevin Metzger says:

Looks like a porter cable impact

Scotty Haines says:

I just got this with the drill for $99

mattorama says:

….was the Craftsman brand really worth reviving, here? It’s old guys like my dad who have faith in that brand, and he’s retired and not buying any more tools!

FenstermäkerWJ says:

This isn’t like there XR impact driver, this is comparable to their brushless non xr DCF787 but slightly updated at 200+ more in/lbs. This will probably go on sale at times for $99 like that DCF787 has or at least $120 since it has two 2ah vs 1.5ah battery

MadJack GamingandFitness says:

Craftsman trying to make a come back with that pricetag. Dewalt says made in usa. But at least it’s cheaper

Dan H says:

Assembled in the USA and people still complain

Jordan Sutche says:

Don’t even have to watch the video. Wouldn’t pay 50 bucks for it.

cmetube says:

Sales are ridiculously good. Bought every tool by Craftsman

cealy76 says:

why spend $170 on a craftsman?! when you can go buy a combo set, same class impact driver and drill driver from dewalt, rigid, makita, and milwaukee for practically the same price or a few dollars more. and that’s at home depot

V.Vega says:

Ripoff. Go grab a makita or Milwaukee around the holidays at home depot for $100. Bigger batteries, faster chargers, more power. Who in their right mind would buy this thing?

ChemicalSpore says:

Bag can hold my lunch.

Bob White says:

WTH?…………you compared a impact driver, with a quick connect 1/4″ chuck, to a drill, with a keyless drill chuck. If they had the same type of chuck, they’d be just about the same length. DUH

Pierce H says:

Just go buy a dewilt drill + driver combo set for 150 bucks and be done with it

A Bar says:

Craftsman? You mean “Crapsman’ They do not stand behind their battery powered products . I used to buy all Craftsman tools back in the day when they were made in the good old U.S.A.
Then they started being made in China and some in France. Save your money look into the M12 fuel system by Milwaukee. I bet it will kick the crap out of any of your Crapsman tools. The M12 – 1/2 drive stubby impact gun. and its only 12 volts. Sorry thats why craftsman tools went down the Johnny flusher.

stimproid says:

That’s some NASCAR pit stop speed right there.

Tim Harwell says:

Looks almost exactly like my MAC Tools brushless impact I have, which is just a rebranded DEWALT. I’m betting this is also just rebranded DEWALT. Not that that’s a bad thing, I love mine.

Jeremy Pyott Jr says:

Reason being that it’s hot. Is you overworked it!

Hot Pockets says:

Impact driver is not a drill.

Kipp LaBrie says:

Dude you had me sold till I saw your “crocs” come on man! Joking aside thanks for the video and remember your Craftsman is showing.

Chris Dorfmueller says:

ONE HOUR charge time for a 2.0 AH battery? That is laughable!

Denver Page says:

It’s shorter cuz it’s a hammer drill and the blue one is just a regular drill

louis smith says:

I got a makita for 130 and it wasn’t even by a holiday

General Lee says:

Screw sears they deserve to go bankrupt more than any company ive ever seen, wouldn’t honor their warranty on my fridge, broke 5 different appointments for repair, ive been waiting for a decade to celebrate their demise!!! Good riddance!!!

Jmon 90 says:

You give the best presentation about tool review/tear down/head to heads on Youtube. Keep up the great work.

bradbenjdm says:

How are you going to compare the length of a regular drill to an impact drill?

Stanlley Pajdak says:


M F says:

It’s junk

Questchaun says:

No Craftsman is now a junk company.

Thomas Carroll says:

Look at. The IPA on this it’s not all. About the rpm or torque

Kevin jones says:

Is anything made in America?!

302VetteLife says:

I just bought this exact driver with a drill and two batteries at Lowes for $99.00 . I’m very happy.

Tool Teardowns says:

Want to see the insides of this impact? Check out my teardown review here:

QuikSeps says:

Most people are better off with a cheap electric impact driver. They’re more than twice as powerful, less than half the cost and work on getting off seized parts. I’been using a $48 HF model for years for car repairs.

Joel Talbot says:

Thanks for letting me know DeWalt is a Stanley tool. I really glad to know that my decision on Milwaukee was the right one. For the price, warranty, and return/repair policy Milwaukee is the only way to go. My Milwaukee charger will recharge a 5.0 aH battery in well less than two hrs.

Jeremy Pyott Jr says:

Lowes has just the impact driver for 89 at my local Lowes

Jared Osterman says:

Why the hell are you using an impact driver on the wheels? Use an impact wrench!

Kirk Lane says:

Homeowner impact.

Albert Hodge says:


Andy's Shop says:

It’s the Dewalt XR impact just skinned craftsman. But that’s a good thing, because DeWalts are good. I have used DeWalt tools everywhere, they never fail to amaze me at the quality!

Va HOSS says:

Definitely the same battery as a porter cable

Andy O. says:

It’s the same as dewalt and porter cable

A Cut Above Custom Woodworking says:

It’s total junk. All Craftsman cordless tools are

Anthony Smith says:

Its well worth it! Great job craftsman

James C says:

No. Get a makita and be happier

Samuel T says:


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