Review: Kobalt 24V Brushless 1/4 Impact driver & compact drill kit

Review of the 24V Brushless tool kit. Also a head to head comparison with other impact drivers. I also tried the impact on my car to see if it can be able to remove lug nuts from my wheels. Stay tuned.


Visually StunningArts says:

I just bought the kit and a circular saw will do a review soon

PittsburghJMG says:

use black sockets. If you have a harbor freight close by  they are good & not so expensive. & I’d  use the big impact wrench on car lugs do it till just snug & use a torque wrench.  I personally use  Milwaukee M18 Fuel one-key drill, impact & impact wrench all day at work. I use the Milwaukee attachment on my smaller impact  the 30 X’s one, very good dependable products. Good video


did u buy these tools or were they sponsored to you ?

Wanda Myers says:

much rather havd porter cable 20v

Remnant50 says:

The battery for the 24 volt looks like all plastic vs the rubber that is on the previous model, are these batteries compatible with the older charges?
Nice review showing different brands, there are two brands ( Ridgid & Greenworks ) that claim more power in their impact drivers compared to this new Kobalt.

mark vietti says:

were are they made? china?

Kyong Song says:

I just want to ask a question…
Since Kobalt 24V 3/8 impact wrench is basically the same as impact driver other than the connector, which one would you buy if they are the same price and you can buy only one?

gogu gogu says:

Hi  how muke  dei  cost  ?

Nick Xatzh says:

what if compare with thr dewalt dcf887!?!?they have almost similar specs!!?

Visually StunningArts says:

I just bought the kit and a circular saw will do a review soon

George Knowles says:

Always good to see an insight of any product before a purchase, if possible.

Gary Jeffers II says:

100 ft. lbs. on those lug nuts?

mark vietti says:

what worries me is longevity ,,all my cheap ass china made Milwaukee drills failed in just 4 month .. all 4 of them..and there warranty is BS. they don’t cover normal wear and tear..BSI wish the would test the drill by using it super hard for a month. this isn’t a real test. just a review

Zeh Zahl says:

Thanks for the review. Very helpful and informative.

kevin eustice says:

kobalt took the cpu board from the batteries and built it into the tool so that could explain the extra weight on the tools

charlesme2 says:

thanks for the good review

Unam469 says:

I wonder this vs the Ridgid

Ben Kempa says:

Can you take apart the battery charger? It sounds like there’s a fan inside and I don’t want to destroy mine to take a look.

greenskiis says:

Just a quick fyi: the finish mode works on all speeds, not just the third. Same goes for the impact wrench. Great review, I love my drill/impact and got it for $149. Also, I’m glad they included that handle even if it isn’t a hammer drill. When making big hole saw cuts it comes in really handy.

X Vimbi says:

I just got the drill/driver combo. A couple of questions that I hope someone could answer for me before I drive back to Lowes: 1. there is a rattling noise when I shake the drill, as if something was loose inside the top portion. I don’t think it’s normal, but I wanted to ask if it in fact is. 2. The break is very loud in one gear ( a lot less loud in the other). Is that normal? I was very surprised at how loud it is. 3. The driver has three speeds for driving screws in, but only one speed for removing screws; is that correct, or should the three speeds also work for removing screws? Thanks so much in advance! Cheers, MM

Mark Johnson II says:

I am trying to compare the DeWalt 20v DCD996 brushless hammer drill and the new Kobalt 24v brushless hammer drill. Can you give me your thoughts on one vs the other?


stirfried sushi says:

You are awesome great work

Max N. says:

Thank you vuaeco for reviewing the new Kobalt impact driver from Lowe’s. There is only so much information that buyers can get from reading customer reviews, but I thought your video review was great. Thanks for taking the time to make it and doing the lug nut test comparison. It will make my buying decision much easier and I agree with the versatility of the impact driver vs. the impact wrench. Keep up the great work.

einsteindrieu says:

Thank you vuaeco just bought the new 24 v kit and one extra battery !–Got a 38 pc mechanic’s tool set for free with turning in my old drill and 24 percent off price.Came to 184 dollar was about 300 with tax.

Trevin Pressley says:

if you going to talk about the drill why did you buy it

Guy Koopa says:

Please buy black impact sockets if you’re going to use an impact wrench.
Using chrome sockets with impact wrenches can make chunks of chrome or bits of broken socket into your eye. I’ve seen several chrome sockets break on impact wrenches.

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