Porter Cable Brushless Drill and Impact Driver Review

Price the PORTER-CABLE PCCK607LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Drill Driver, 1/2″ on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2c7XGCH
Price the PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Impact Driver on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2bCbDaP

There are a ton of factors that should be weighed when buying a new tool. Drills and impact drivers are no different. A quality tool will last you many years and lesser quality tools will leave you frustrated and upset at your purchase. A few simple factors can get you in the right direction…

What type of work will you be doing? – There is a big difference from the professional contractor to the weekend warrior. The more intense the work, the more durable the tool will need to be.

How often will you be using the tool(s)? – Using a tool many times a day compared to once a month plays a big roll in the tool you will purchase.

What is your expected lifespan of the tool? – The more quality the longer the life.

Weight these factors when looking at purchasing a new drill. The Porter Cable 20 volt Drill Driver and Impact Driver are a great middle of the road set that can easily be put in the hands of the weekend warrior to the moderate contractor or cabinet shop.


Nick Xatzh says:

they seems very solid tools and very appealing too!!!!the identical with the new fatmax brushless drill and impact driver!!

Flores 828 says:

trust me those chargers suck the cables will eventually tear I had one exactly on a black and decker drill.

Daniel Avila says:

I do drywall repairs and drywall finishing everyday. I’ve been using Porter cable 20 v for 2 years without any issues. These are great tools. Very reliable, lightweight, and no other competitor has came close to matching the prices.

Eđ Straub says:

please forgive me, I take back all the nasty things I said about Porter Cable, I finally got in touch with them and they nicely solved my problem, and they said the phones were having problems and were out of oder.

J Apple says:


TEXAS says:

is this set better than craftsman??

Rick Canute says:

that’s not the brushless model

The_Burchfield says:

i wonder if they are build by the same people that make dewalt and black and decker

Trevor Keller says:

What are considering the higher end tools?

letoburito23 says:

Ive used porter cable 18 volt drill and impact for over 2 years on commercial jobs. I bought the pair used for 80 bucks and theyve lasted longer than some of my coworkers new dewalts and makitas. I would recommend them and I plan on buying these brushless drills in the future!

RocketMode says:

this is, by and large, better than the rigid brand impact. a drill is a drill is a drill until you get into pneumatics, but this impact bangs.

dick bailey says:

no chuck slippage? dick bailey

Big Papi says:

I have this kit as well and the price was great! It would have been nice if they included two chargers but that said I like both tools.

BMack37 says:

I swear, this was the last time I heard anything about these. I completely forgot they existed, I wonder how well or poorly they have been selling. #workshopaddict

keith v says:

i want to hear some noise from these cordless tools in real time, not just the your voice. thanks a lot

Eđ Straub says:

porter cable, black-decker, dewalt, are all the same company, try getting service from them or try calling them, ha ha ha, they answer the phone after about 20 to 30 minutes, say hello and then hang up.  They are really rude and only want to sell you a tool and not service the customer.  I have some of their tools that are less than 3 months old and they are only good for paper weights.  I can’t contact them and the service centers are over 40 miles from my house.  I no longer trust them an will not buy from them or the rest of the company.  ed

Nick Rutter says:

The picture that covers the video is the wrong drill and driver set. The one on the cover is a brushed set

alan j Hornung says:

Great Vid ! Good for DIY homeowner , looked at them but no one review them thanks . My list is getting short  Ryobi , Black + Decker , Porter Cable I have shelves to build in 12 / 28 outbuilding.

GambleFabrications says:

Did you receive these from Porter Cable for review? I have the full lineup of the porter cable 20v tools and purchased new brush less impact from them. It seems to me that later on they may offer an “expensive” brush less line of tools, do you have any indication of that? I would hate to buy these two tools just to have better brush less come out later.

Michael Maresca says:

i went to my tool store and picked up the impact…. and i noticed when i shook it the engine bounced around inside. does yours do that?

Patrick Gallagher says:

Brushless vs non-brushless? Does a weekend warrior need brushless?

Craig Cundiff says:

I just bought these today… I took my 4-5 year-old brushed Porter-Cable impact and drill/driver and gave them to my brother and they’re still going… they still work and I think there’s still a few more years left in them…the only thing I wish with the brushless kit is they would have put the bit holder magnet on top like they used to…other than that I think I’m still going to get a few years of service out of these just like every other Porter-Cable tool I have ever owned… when I unboxed them the batteries only had one bar on the light so I charge them I used a rapid charger that I have and put one battery on it and I used the charger that came with this kit and started them at the same time and the rapid charger charged the battery fully and 40 minutes and the charger with this kit charge the battery in 43 minutes so it’s actually a pretty decent charger

Nick Rutter says:

When I tried these out for awhile I kept on breaking bits because there is to much percussion in the tool

Brad N says:

DeWalt, Porter Cable and Black and Decker are owned by the same company since 2012. The internals and ergonomic design are essentially the same. The 20v Max products for all three brands are very similar and in some cases the exact same. I did my research back in 2013 when I bought my Porter Cable drill and impact and found this out. Porter Cable was an easy sell for me. So far, they have exceeded all expectations and I still continue to buy additional 20v Max porter cable tools with full confidence

Earl Bubba says:

I have the older model for about 5 years and with the original 2 batteries and they have held up perfectly

Ruben Rivera says:

i have the black battery 1’s and used them contractor and they held up on job site

Mike Zeke says:

20v max dewalt at a discount?

Eđ Straub says:

I have the 18 volt model, both tools and have no problems with the tool, but have problems with the nicad battery. I wish they still made the 18 volt in Lithium.

LoneSpartan says:

I have the 20v max version of the drill/driver and impact and bought them about 3 years ago. I use the drill almost everyday in a work environment and it has held up great. The internals are the same as the dewalt, it just looks different and is less money, but it is a great tool and have been very impressed with it.

Joe Framer says:

POS ….cmon stop letting PC pay for this crap review….the drill sucks and the line of tools sucks….much better options for the same price

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