My Makita Cordless LXT Tools Review

A video about all my Makita Cordless LXT tools and my opinions of them. Also why I chose Makita, why I prefer cordless tools to corded and what I’d like to own and what I wish existed in the range!

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Makita tools in this video:
Makita Cordless LXT Impact Driver (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Drill (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Circular Saw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Router (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Oscillating Tool (Amazon UK) (US)
Makita Cordless LXT Jigsaw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Random Orbit Sander (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Hand Planer (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Angle Grinder (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Twin Rapid Battery Charger (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita 5.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita 4.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK)
Makita 3.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK)
Makita 2.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)

Other tools mentioned in the video that I think highly of:
Bosch PSB1800 Drill (UK)
Bosch PST700E Jigsaw (UK)
Silverstorm Power Belt File (UK) WEN Power Belt File appears to be the same tool (US)


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MY OTHER TOOLS (affiliate links for those available to buy)

My opinions on these tools can be found on my website

Large Machines:

DeWalt DW745 Tablesaw (UK) (US)
Charnwood B350 Bandsaw (UK) (US)
Record Power Benchtop Sander (UK)

Corded hand power tools:

Bosch PBS75A Belt Sander (UK)
Silverline Silverstorm Electric File (UK) (US)
Draper Biscuit Jointer (UK)

Air Tools:

Makita Brad Nailer (UK) (US)
Clarke Stapler (UK)


Nebzz says:

I started collecting ryobi until I got sick of replacing the tools and batteries. Makita was my next step, very happy. Even got me a Makita heated jacket which uses the 18v batteries and also charges my cell phone in my pocket.

Phil English says:

Never thought to check and ship. Thumbs up and a subscription just for that. Thanks.

Qua Phan says:

Must be spewwing….should have gone brushless

Philip Kramer says:

Speaking from my own experience as a furniture maker – I’m about half and half between Makita and Bosch Pro (Blue), and while for some reason I always find myself leaning Makita, the Bosch tools are truly excellent and have never let me down, even after significant abuse!

שמעון שלו says:

Makita is premiun !

They are the best

Reliable and strongest

On paper other brands promise a lot on realty makita kill all

Only the battreis dont last like in Milwaukee and de walt

But they finish work faster so who cares

SBBUK says:

Nice video! You just need the cordless coffee machine, wheelbarrow, bicycle and heated jacket now 🙂

GamerBrian81 says:

How come that you dont use the multicutter for the sanding?

Master Dmitry says:

I have a video on the repair of the instrument on my channel. Please rate.

Mychell Karoll says:


WardenMashups says:

If you get a chance and you think it would be of any use to you. Have a look at the 4 Mode impact driver. Best investment I ever made.

Stevey Irwin says:

everyones been sh*tting on makita lately and it’s annoying because I’m getting into the lineup. I think they are just sponsored by dewalt/milwaukee

John Bailey says:

I prefer milwaukee but I do have a few Mikita tools. I have the 18 volt orbit sander and the router and the top handle chain saw. Why do I have them because milwaukee does not make them. Maybe someday milwaukee will catch up. I hope to see a framing nailer soon.

Justin Phillips says:

Wont ask about the Vaseline at the end 🙂 But I have a Makita cordless drill and angle grinder and glad I bought both. I am not a heavy user of them but I wanted tools that would hopefully last the rest of my life. I am especially pleased with the grinder, and it has enough power to cut through concrete and thick rebar no problem, but you do need to use the 5amp battery to get any useable time out of it. I will be getting an impact driver next as I am going to start a shed/workshop build soon.

James says:

There some tools you want cordless and others corded. I wouldn’t buy a cordless sander, and only a cordless circular saw if I already had a corded one (and had money burning a hole in my pocket). A cordless jigsaw is really nice as I find the cord a massive hassle for some reason, maybe because of the nature of the cuts. Nice vid, thanks.

hinokikuaimu says:

Very nicely presented. I use Makita too but I am beginning to have second thoughts as they manufacture more and more tools in China: almost everything brushless is now made in China: drills, impact driver (except the top of the line), chainsaws, vacuums… Quality may still be good, but I’d prefer to support Europe, the UK, the USA or Japan.

Tool Craze says:

I’ve always had good luck with Makita except there cordless grinders burnt out 2 brushed grinders and the brushless one is not really powerful dewalt definitely has grinders in the bag

Adam N says:

Nice upload. My brother is a carpenter and started out on Makita. Now I believe he is on DeWalt. DeWalt are meant to be good and all, but man they are ugly.

Philip Versfeld says:

Fantastic video – thank you! I came across it while shopping for Makita combo kits, and it’s been incredibly informative.

PS – 11:27 “It’s quite a long tool this, but despite that, it’s still really comfortable to use” —- That’s what she said! 😉

Paul Spooner says:

Thanks for the advice. I’m also at the stage of moving from mediocre power tools to canny power tools!

Steven Odom says:

Price has little to do with quality when comparing to festool, they cost x3 more than any tool. I think this is a terrible review. Makita doesn’t make mid grade tools, they’re top notch, dewalt makes homeowner grade tools.

Chris Levo says:

After the first minute and a half had to subscribe. I’ve been a Makita fan boy since I was…. 12-13 yrs old. As far back as I remember Makita has been consistent and what I use without any issues or features I need. They have consistently been a solid product.

MAC VENA says:

After hearing your rationale, I’d say, your point of view was quite reasonable. I’ve used Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee. Makita is a good brand, but they tend to break easily in my experience. Possibly just my bad luck. 😉 The DeWalt line is good, and seem to me more durable, but are more expensive than Makita. Milwaukee is rather pricey, even in the US. It’s a very good brand, but that price point is hard to overlook.
BTW, after I got my first impact, a Makita, the hammer drill just sits around until I need to auger a hole.
The Makita sanders are very nice.

Greg Herman Greg says:

I love my makita tools , however the brush range is what you don`t want ( i had the impact driver catch on fire while screwing a deck ) also running a 6 amp hour battery does not help . For a few dollars more get the brush less version and you`ll get more power / lower power consumption and less overheating

Kel GS says:

Great review of you’re collection. The worst thing I personally found about Makita was not really the performance of there tools as they are all way above standard but there radio is useless because it does not charge batteries, come on Makita get with the times.

Mark Walsh says:

Rack and pinion. Not ratchet. Picky, I know. Maybe you just misspoke.

Tripnotyst says:

Not sure if that’s the same angle grinder I have, but mine only works with 3.0AH batteries since it doesn’t have the “star” overload protection on it. The rest of the kit I bought works with my newer 4.0AH and 5.0 AH batteries since they have the star on them. it works ok if you don’t use it alot but for cutting through thicker materials it’s kind of weak compared to other cordless angle grinders. I’ll definitely upgrade to the newer brushless one at some point.

Taite Lennox says:

on the bright side of your makita sander going so slow, It won’t clog sandpaper as fast because it makes friction, meaning less heat buildup, and less melting of the resins in the wood, meaning less clogging.

Bisch Basch Bosch says:

Nowt wrong with Makita. All the platforms at this price point are good tbh. Had a sneak peak at Makitas new 18V (x2 batteries 36v) 10″ sliding mitre saw at an expo recently. That’s going to be a big hit I’m sure. It really is a triumph of design in just about every way. I’m on the Bosch blue platform. Down to batteries mainly. Bosch batteries just go on and on and are properly robust. They’ve got a new 18v tool line coming this year so I’m told.

BM Woodwork's says:

I used to have like 6 old DeWalt drills but they all broke in a week so I call it default

Taite Lennox says:

Man I love makita…

No Name Found says:

I usually find dewalt cheaper than makita because dewalt always has some kind of sale going on unlike makita. I used makita for years. Their batteries lasted me forever. I had the old green lxt with 3 amp batts.

Gareth Bray says:

Makita not a premium tool? They are one of the top brands about and I don’t even like them. Always been a dewalt man out preform everything I’ve ever had.

Heckee Pagan says:

If you think Makita is just an average power tool. You are so wrong! Makita is a top quality power tool company. It fights with the very best and it wins in a lot of cases. I think fest tools are average. My team up to now is Dewalt & Makita, Milwaukee is also hardcore.

AussieGuy says:

If Makita is reading, I would also like them to make a cordless air compressor, same deal as the belt sander, if Ryobi can do it, surely Makita can!

Zed Man says:

Love Makita. I have that same power file, was very surprised how well it performs. I use it mainly for metal. The top bearing shattered on it but still works pretty well!

Power tools fix says:

Nice range of tools

corey fisher says:

I use Makita cordless tools all day every day. Best line, all things considered.

Mychell Karoll says:

I has got MAKITA, DTD170Z, DHP481RTE, DGA504Z, 4350FCT AND WST05.

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