Milwaukee M18 Brushless Drill Review

In this video we review the Milwaukee M18 Drill with brushless technology.
Brushless motor technology for power tools is beginning to show up in many workshops in the form of drills, hammer drills, jig saws and impact wrenches. This newer technology has many advantages of older power tools and when combined with lithium batteries it makes for some very efficient electric tools combinations.

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mark vietti says:

These Milwaukee drills are made in china and they are complete junk.. I can show you 4 dead ones    only 4 month old.. what a crock of shit this video is.there warranty is BS too.. they don’t cover normal wear and tear = they don’t cover shit… get another brand ..unless you want to waist your money…………test this drill in long run see what happens

Bud Prine says:

Another great video, thank you. I liked your explanation of the differences between “brushless” and conventional tools. I’d love to get into brushless tools but your comments about who needs this type of technology makes me fall into the DIY camp and not really a good candidate. Thanks again.

E Galindo says:

Your videos are great !!! I just got a 1/2 inch hammer drill from my brother and to tell you the truth I “kind off” know how to use it. It would be nice if you could explain how to use the different settings on the drill. That would be nice. I bet you could do a lot of us a big favor. Now I am going to visit your page. Thank you

Charlie Wood says:

Great overview makes me want one but I cant seem to  get away from the electric tools

Sumo's Projects says:

Good review Col, hey what brand is the dowel jig that you use, seems very effective

John Davidson says:

get the better batteries. you got the cheap junky ones

StoneysWorkshop says:

Thanks for the info

Jason Hull says:

That was nice of you to donate your Milwaukee to a local wood worker guild. Good video and thanks.

Jim Sherbundy says:

several years ago, I bought an 18V Milwaukee and recently the brushes failed. They cannot be replaced, so I bought a Dewalt brushless on sale, a Father’s day deal at the big box. It is physically smaller, more powerful and battery life is great. It is the nature for a brushless motor to be more powerful for a given physical size, hence, better battery life. Nice Review.

Mar Par says:

thank you your a great prensenter easy to undrrstand and great energy awesome

Tanner J says:

Pretty sure they can’t “detect” the material they’re going through.

The smart technology has to do with the electronics that monitor heat in the motor. Once the drill reaches a threshold it will shut down to protect itself. They do however have manual torque settings that you can choose based upon your application.

The brushless motor is more efficient because there is no physical contact from the brushes. Contact = Friction = Power loss/inefficiency = more battery used to complete a given task.

blackemmons says:

Been using brushless Festool drills for years and you are right about the up time. A nice plus.

Recently purchased the Milwaukee M18 Fuel circular saw for the same reason. The downside was I paid dearly for the saw and it only has one battery. Hard to believe the local big box store wants >$100 for another one. JimE

Ramiro Lopez says:

Just wondering if you can make a video on how to build an American Girl Doll Armoire. I have built a doll bed for our friends Daughter and was thinking an Armoire would go nicely wit is but I’m not sure where to begin thanks. Oh I have basis tools small band saw, drill, palm sander, circular saw etc. nothing fancy. thank you.

rschandran says:

Good “dumbed down” version of why a brushless is better. The crux of the “better” than brushed is the “Efficiency” of the motor due to both the electronics that monitors the current draw and seamlessly delivers optimal power for the job. You are absolutely right about the “heat” being the enemy which in engineering terms is the Entropic waste that robs of doing useful work other than when you need to cook something; lol. Really enjoy your videos bu the engineer in me want to add my two bit to your good DIY and tool videos. Rama

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Congratulations! on the new drill Colin, looks like a nice drill that’s awesome milwaukee sent it to you. >:)…JP

cobydrei says:

i need an advice, if i use drill not much, should i get corded version. coz i’m afraid the cordless version battery will broke if you don’t use it a long time.

Anthony Tufaro says:

The new Milwaukee brushless don’t buy defective battery loose fit to much play

Summers Woodworking says:

excellent overview

WigWagWorkshop says:

Very cool of you and Milwaukee! I am a @DeWalt guy, but I love the Milwaukee Rotary Tool.

Thom spillane says:

I’ve never had any luck with Milwaukee products. Past 20 + years my Makita drills and saws etc. are awesome they have never let me down. Just my 2 cents

opticalriot says:


Chris P says:

I bought the Milwaukee Brushless Impact Driver and love it. It’s a great tool. It’s definitely convinced me to pick up their drill here in a month or two as well. I’m in the hobbyist camp, but I specifically got it to put together a shed and work on a small deck, which it did admirably. I’ve been really happy with the battery life and power on it.

Autotech1 says:

I bought my first Milwaukee cordless drill when I found I needed one
once I started working at an automotive dealership in 1993 and was doing
trim and other work that I had never done at the previous shop. I
bought the Milwaukee because ALL of the techs that were using Makita
drills had to tape the batteries in so the batteries wouldn’t fall out!
They had a lousy battery latch design, and if that latch contacted
something, (and it inevitably did), out came the battery in a free fall
to the ground. I liked my Milwaukee so much that I purchased a second
one for use at home and they are both still working. Of course Milwaukee
doesn’t make batteries for them any longer so I had to buy aftermarket.
I also bought a Milwaukee 2603-20 brushless drill/driver kit and like
it even more than my other two. It’s an awesome drill with lots of

Milan says:

Mine lasts 1/4 of the work done. It takes 3 hours to charge 🙁

It is really frustrating

Hans de Groot says:

Very informative video. Thanks for sharing. I suppose that the difference between brush- and brushless is the same for all brands and also not only for drills but also for other electric tools.
In my opinion one or more spare batteries are a must for a professional user. Time is money and there is not always a possibility for charging on a site job. In my own small shop I hardly use my cordless, till now brush. In spite of the cord I prefer a 220V one because it has more power, more than any cordless drill ever can give.
Heat is indeed a big enemy for powertools. But nearly as big is dust. A colleague had to drill a lot of holes in wall for electrics.
And after a few weeks of using his professional cordless and brushless drill could not switch anymore from forwards to backwards. Problably because of dust and not cleaning that regularly.

David Hughes says:

Milwaukee are bloody awful Chinese junk. Don’t waste you money.

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