Makita XPH06 / LXPH06 Brushless LXT 18V 1/2″ Hammer Drill Review

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Quick review of the Makita XPH06 brushless 1/2 inch hammer drill for the 18 volt LXT cordless line features and performance
Baretool XPH06Z


Martin Godinez says: the music.

Александр Периков says:

Привет! Хорошее видео, хороший инструмент! У нас он называется BHP 459. Хочу себе такой.
Hi! Good video, nice tool! We called it BHP 459. I want to imagine that.

Jorge A Benítez says:

Hola¡ quiero comprar un Makita es mi primer drill y no se cual elegir, cual tu me recomiendas, te agradezco tu ayuda…..gracias…saludos desde kansas city…

Brien says:

You had me at waterproof (resistance). Great performer all around. Fantastic review!

Tino Suteu says:

Would anyone happen to know if the XPH012 is any good? I think its the little sister of this drill since it is a brushed motor. I fell in love with a friend’s XLT Makita and I see the XPH012 for $99 on amazon. 🙂

justaviewer111 says:

Nice review.  I’m considering this model and the 07 model.  I’m not a pro so the 07 model might be overkill for me.  Some questions since you are familiar with both:  1.  Would you regularly and routinely use the 07 model without the handle on average, everyday tasks (because I doubt I would use it unless I was doing serious auger work)?  2.  The 07 has more than TWICE the torque rating of the 06 but I have doubts that it’s really double.  What say you?  3.  There is about a 600 rpm top end speed difference between these two drills.  How important is that for homeowner tasks (some deck work and remodeling will be done with these)?

Streeters Garage says:

Another great review. Well detailed and awesome examples of the tool being used.

Geauxherd says:

Nice review. makita makes good stuff. By chance, what is the name of the song you used in the intro?


nice hammer drill Javier!!!! Like and share!!! saludos 🙂

Edison says:

This better or Ryobi Hammer drill better?

Chris K says:

Great job Javier. Looks like a really good compact hammer. Really goes through brick well too. I had the old BHP452 and it was a decent drill but the chuck would never stay locked. This looks like a really good improvement not to mention power boost.

Mario Duckett says:

Good job#)! I bought one of these 2 weeks ago and was wondering why it stopped all the time. Thanks for the specs

dominic van lievenoogen says:

This one is hands down the most sold Makita tool in Belgium in the last 1.5 years since it came out here 🙂    Here it is sold with 3x  4.0 Amp batteries tho.  Superb tool 🙂


Quick to the point good job

Mike L. says:

Nice drill, but the plastic chuck has to go.  It may have been used to help reduce weight, but in my opinion it lessens the quality of the unit.  Just my .02.

Hamza Lateef says:

can you test this and the comapact milwaukee

Crurvid says:

Hey, I just bought one and the bit has a clear wobble, wondering if i should return it or if it’s normal to have a slight wobble>?

TheBearuk1 says:

very in depth review as always Javier, I don’t own any Makita power tools but I’m really liking their latest stuff so that might just change in the near future! The brushless certainly gives this compact some grunt and the overload protection is always a good feature!

Jorge A Benítez says:

Gracias, te agradezco tu ayuda, buscare el set…saludos¡,,,

Miguel Ortega says:

how many hours do we have?

Ruben Rivera says:

u rock ese these tools r good stuff

Toro Seduto says:

los de Makita deberian buscar una manera diferente de poner nombre a sus aparatos. Cada modelo tiene varios nombre dependiendo de la pila que trae o el mango etc. eso crea confusion,ademas en cada pais ponen nombres diferentes. bonito tu reloj es un TAG Monaco?

Hamza Lateef says:

Javier nice review but i was wondering if you could do a tool fight where the xph06 vs the milwaukee 2702-20 thanks

Jorge A Benítez says:
Strife72 says:

I know it’s been stated many times before but I’m not a big fan of the plastic chucks these drills have. I have an 18v rigid set and the chuck takes a lot of abuse it is made of metal but it takes a beating drilling holes. I can see they are going for less weight but overall durability comes into question with plastic chucks I feel.

blue03r6 says:

do not waste your money on makita.  the brushed drill it is the biggest piece of garbage you’ll spend a fortune for.  mine quit working 18 months of lite duty use.  and all the lithium batteries are dead.    the entire assembly moves and cuts out while in use.  warranty is void without the receipt even though sent in the warranty card.

DarkRaptor99 says:

Looks like a nice Drill Mr. Toolcrazy. If I wasn’t Mr. Milwaukee I would probably have one 🙂

Dwain OTT says:

nice review Javier! Did you find any chuck wobble with it? We’ve found Makita’s compact drills to be light and powerful enough, but been very annoyed by their chucks…

Matthew Fant says:

What’s up Javier? As always, another outstanding presentation, and great review bro!

Zhen Lin CHN says:

4:33 Is that SDS-plus BIT?

TripleM says:

the footage was sped up correct?

Mike Z says:

Great job Javier always a joy to watch ur reviews bro man that’s a nice compact drill from makita nice to c them makeing there mark on the tool world again I almost started my entry of tools with them but went with Dewalt and am pretty happy but makita has been coming out with some cool new tools! Thanks for the review Javier!!

Danny F says:

Looks a good tool except the hammer. Hammer performance is very poor.

Cody Robertson says:

Another great review Javier! Can’t wait to see you’re next makita review.

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