Kobalt 1/2″ 24 volt MAX Drill Driver Review

Perfect for Heavy-Duty Tasks
If you are a contractor, installer, or someone that has to take on heavy-duty tasks on a frequent basis, the 24 volt max drill driver from Kobalt is a great solution. The heavy duty unit packs plenty of power to drill those large holes or drive the beefy fasteners that are frequently needed on the job site. This power is delivered to the brushless drill driver through a 24 volt platform with various amp hour batteries. Large holes and fasteners take a lot of torque to complete, and this unit has plenty of torque to get the job done.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this unit still has the finesse to drive the smaller fasteners using the 23 clutch settings. Whether those delicate tasks are smaller screws or holes, the Kobalt 24 volt max drill driver can absolutely handle them.

Heavy duty tasks:

Drilling with:
Spade bits
Forstner bits
Lag bolts
Deck hardware
Fence hardware
Use the auxiliary handle!

If you are doing any hole or operation that needs high torque, this drill driver is up to the tasks. The Kobalt 1/2″ 24 volt max drill driver can deliver the high power and torque needed utilizing brushless technology. Brushless technology is highly efficient and delivers 650 in-lbs of torque with long lasting life and runtime. This high torque allows the heavy duty tasks to be easily accomplished but as the opportunity to cause kickback to the user.

Kickback on a drill driver is something that can easily happen. It is when the drill driver’s torque takes over after the bit or screw binds up but the drill driver has the power to continue. Trying to accomplish the high torque operations without the auxiliary handle may result in injury! Kobalt includes an auxiliary handle to help the user maintain control of the operation.

Specifications and features:

24 volt MAX battery platform
23 clutch settings
1/2″ keyless chuck with all metal construction
Reversible belt clip
Reversible bit storage
Auxiliary handle
2 speed gear box: 0-550 and 0-2,000 RPM
4 lbs
L.E.D. worklight
5 year limited warranty on tool
3 year limited warranty on battery

Kobalt 24 volt max drill driver

Clutch setting

1/2″ all metal clutch

LED Worklight

Bit Storage

Belt Clip

Forward and Reverse Switch

Auxiliary handle
Our workshop setting

In our workshop, we don’t often get heavy duty operations but when we do, it is important to have the right equipment for the tasks. The Kobalt 24 volt max drill driver will be utilized on operations like hole saws for cord access holes, auger bits for mortising work, and driving large structural fasteners larger projects. Other units can handle these task but with our shop time valuable and our quality our number one focus, we want to use the right tool for the job.


The bottom line is if you are ANYONE that has the need for any drilling or driving operation with an emphasis on heavy duty applications, we encourage you to check out the Kobalt brushless 24 volt max drill driver.

It can handle typical drilling and driving operations but it really stands out with the heavy duty applications. Using the 23 setting clutch to drive fasteners or put it on the drill settings and plow through your drilling tasks with ease.

This unit is heavy and with that being said, we wouldn’t recommend to use this unit on small tasks on a daily basis. The 24 volt drill driver from Kobalt will shine with tasks that need power and torque.


greenskiis says:

The drill isn’t THAT heavy. It’s about 3lbs. as a bare tool which is about average for one with such high quality components (brushless motor, metal chuck, thick plastic, etc) and I can’t help but wonder why you would specify the weight with a higher capacity (4.0) battery instead of, say, a 2.0 one. It’s small enough to serve as a quality all-purpose drill, not strictly for heavy duty applications.

john vonburg says:

Can you drive ^” lag bolts so we can see what kind of torque it has. Or compare it to another tool u have, Is this a hammer drill, Please use in that mode as well.

Mark Johnson II says:

I am trying to compare the DeWalt 20v DCD996 brushless hammer drill and the new Kobalt 24v brushless hammer drill. Can you give me your thoughts on one vs the other?


Hilbert Faust says:

It looks great until you get to the bottom


Kobalt is may be a step above Black & Decker but that’s it…. end for anyone saying Ryobi is garbage do your research…. there are even contractors that use Ryobi tools on a daily basis….Ryobi by far is the better homeowner/DIYer brand Hands down

Chris Parker says:

Great review. How much was that kit? I can’t find the one that has the circular saw included in it. It looks pretty nice though. Something to look into for sure.

Arturo Sosa says:

Not strong as the Milwaukee and Dewalts

Rickesh Lal says:

Smurf blue or neon green are the two dyi tools choices what where they thinking.

doug barabe says:

how long does the battery last while drillling and in storage , ??? best drill I had, have”, ” is ” and old Cummings cordless drill, holds a charge way better than that rabbit with sunglasses beating on that drum ,,, by a long shot ,

HiLbILly DaN says:

At 3:18 your shirt is on backwards lol

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