Impact Driver Showdown! Review of 8 Top Drivers

So this is it, our updated impact driver comparison test of the big players in the arena. We first published this video on 9th February 2018 but decided to extend the testing after your feedback so here is the original video with a few extra bits.

Watch Roger Bisby take drivers from Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Hilti, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and Panasonic to see which one has the power and features of a champion. We also measure the sound level of these noisy machines.

Impact driver vs impact wrench review – Does the Metabo impact wrench with 400Nm of torque have more grunt than the less powerful 205Nm Dewalt DCF887?

The full reviews of each impact driver are listed below.

Bosch GDX 18 V-EC –
Dewalt DCF887 –
Hitachi WH18DBDL –
Hilti SID 4-A22 –
Makita DTS141 & DTD170 –
Metabo SSW 18 LTX 400 Impact wrench –
Milwaukee M18 FQID –
Panasonic EY75A7 –

Owners of the Dewalt impact driver will be happy to watch this video. If you’ve invested in a Panasonic EY75A7 or Bosch impact driver you might want to watch another video!

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“Showdown”? You’re a real fucking piece of shit.

Lary Durano says:

Very nice product of #1 dewalt I will tell to my friend in Michigan to buy me that cordless drill thanks for the performance of the different kinds of cordless handrill 🙂

WildChickenNutz says:

Been using dewalts for years dropping off 12foot ladders picking them up expecting to be broken but still works like a champ tried Milwaukee and went threw 2 drills in three months dewalt has there shit together

SilentDiablo says:

I love my Dewalt impact driver. For some reason I think it’s a blast to use.

NY ZEN says:

great video really helped me make a honest consumer decision. thanks.

Michael Page says:

All Roger is doing is giving a reasonably good comparison test for cordless drills. I’ve owned 4 of these brands and all work well for the purposes I used them for. As they say, “Horses for courses.” What ever brand you like and choose that’s up to the individual so give it a rest on the rude comments.

K&m Dj says:

I love the dewalt impact driver dcf887 in a matter of fact I just bought a kit with 2x 5ah batteries

Jacob Sebastien says:

is it normal for a brushless impact driver to be a little faster in reverse than forward?

ashley sefton says:

Dewalt all the way

Garrett scaplen says:

Great review

Renee Lenaerts says:

I have used bosch professional al my life and have had better performance than shown in anny of these video’s

joelfraseratwater says:

Here’s a chart comparing impact drivers – torque vs cost vs batteries, etc. I found it super helpful in deciding what tool to get…

Florin Valentin says:

Make a review on ryobi impact fluid

Mods & Tweaks says:

Drive the rest in with Dewalt !

Alex Puls says:

Its simple, DeWalt makes damn good power tools

James J Torgerson says:

So whats the top Dime Mega with all the tricks knocking shyt down flawless everytime. Forget the labels. Whats the Di me Mega Megadon Tooth round here for 100 year durability breakdown. What fucking drill lasts as the lasts of hims impact….

Owen Brockman says:

Dewalt taking the dub

josh edwards says:

Why didn’t the Hilti have the full sized battery? It makes a difference .

・ ・ says:


surfitlive says:

People are missing a point that every tool has a place and time where it excels. The fluid drives are quiet and reduce noise fatigue or used on job sites where noise is an issue.
Some are smaller in size and will fit where others don’t.
The fasteners used and in what material will dictate how much power is needed. Also how many you are driving and if working all day.
The more powerful units typically cost more, 50% or more!
So it becomes economics vs need.
You can get a lower performing unit that works fine for your use and get a spare battery, bits, case for less or equal to a higher performer that you will never need the power it puts out.

So one tool does not fit all.
But Pros swear by Dewalt and the tests prove it.
So if your a pro you know where to look.
Everyone else need to justify cost to use ratios.

I have a B&D Matrix system and have drill, impact, router, circular saw (<2" cut), saws all, jig saw, sander, tire inflator and case for the price of 1 high end Dewalt or combo (All around $300).
It works for me doing projects and jobs sporadically.
Otherwise I would need a lot more space for full sized tools, hoards of batteries(6-8) with their chargers (unless they are all interchangeable), and spend 1.5-3 times more money.

TheGooch595 says:

You can see your not applying the same pressure with each drill blah blah blah

Brian Pinney says:

That Dewalt straight up crushed it.

Zachary McCullough says:

A test is a test .
Its not real world or work .

And on sites you see dewalt, hilty, Milwaukee and bosch.

And for the most part Hilty and bosch are the ones the company will buy due to cost . and they take most abuse are far more dependable with an easy to use worrie free warranty just incase .

Nice video and test/review.

plague doctor says:

I like the Bosch and miketa

Joshua Draper says:

the power reading for the bosch is on the back of the battery

Mk.Ultra says:

Milwaukee all day!

546 cowboy says:

By looking on-line I was leaning toward the Lowes brand Kobalt as they have a 24v model.

2smoker go carts says:

Use Milwaukee adaptors trust me you will be so surprised I was I can nock lug nuts of

Kyler says:

Hey! Where is the Ridgid hydraulic impact driver? Or the brushless Ridgid?

steven7653 says:

Throw them all off the building and see which one works. Thats my pick

Wendell Greenidge says:

Why not use a normal Milwaukee impact driver along with the fluid drive impact???

angela prestwood says:

my husband said the Hitachi is a piece of garbage and will break down in no time plus it doesnt have a very good warranty either do your self a favor and never buy one my thought

Ricky Lewis says:

The milwaukee is nothing but 500inch pounds he should of used the regular one which is 1500 gen 3 is 2000 inch pounds

Demonwicked says:

why are some of these so crappy ? Cant even drive 1 screw in while they are designed for this specific job ?

john smith says:

thanks for doing this a big help

to om says:

I think the GDX was defect. I had 3 and all had an design error on the trigger. You need to pull it on the very bottom and try to push it up. The Bosch should than be in the range of the Makita

Renee Lenaerts says:

And bosch machines are way more durabel than anny other brand

Ben Clinger says:

I started out with Sears/Craftsman years ago, their 18V line. From there to Ryobi, which I really liked. The price point and performance were good for me. I had 3 impact drives and each one sustained a burnt out switch. From there to Milwaukee and other a drill driver with a stuck open chuck, no problems at all. I now have have 3 Ryobi 18V toools (LED light, orbital sander, the compressor and everything else Milwaukee, mainly in the fuel line. Never have used the Dewalt line, though for bits, I use Dewalt, Makita and Milwaukee. I walked away from the Ryobi bits long, long ago.

Mark Bartlett says:

I’m glad i’ve ordered the DCF887. +1 for Dewalt and Makita

buff Tone says:

Why didn’t you put the black & Decker to the test with the rest of them I wonder who would win

Have_At_IT says:

Dewalt ran that shit.

albert Einstein says:

Dewalt is the only professional impact driver , rest of is just toys

rotaryenginepete says:

um that is not the latest milwaukee, nor is it the 5.0 ah battery that comes with it

The Ingram&Ellison Family says:

On our crew we’ve run five brushless impacts of the eight brands in this test!
Reliability & Longevity winner goes to : Makita! We’ve killed at least one or more of the rest. While torq is great to have reliability means more to me at the end of the day imo. Charge time was fast to for the Makita

bluewolfe96 says:

I’ve just bought an impact driver from *Lidl*
£19.99 + £17.99 for battery and charger. Their brand is named *Parkside*
I’d like to see you review some of the cheaper brands to see how they stack up against the big boys.

John Collinsgrove says:

You could try some solid plastic. Maybe some very thick composite decking may give more consistantly test.

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