Hyper Tough 20 Volt Drill Review | The Walmart Drill!

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CJ & Sword says:

I have this drill for light weight mdf and particle board assemblies at a low torque setting. It’s light so it’s easy to sink stuff in compared to a five pound dewalt I keep this one and a Ryobi impact on my belt at all time for light work for homeowners. I love them. I usually use this drill for lightweight stuff though. Works great for drywall anchors and mounting TVs. Best 25 bucks I ever spent

Lee Johnson says:

If I add some baking soda to the battery juice… Can I drink it?

Kanga Roogod says:

In 10yrs the 20v good drills now would be considered junk.. great vid

Jose Gascon says:

I have a Black and Decker 12v Firestorm drill for the home. I’ve had it since 1997-8. Has never let me down. Built greenhouse, home extensions, etc. Never in the trade. Still going strong today.

Albert Mattar says:

I’d like to see a reclaim race between appion and another machine

Kanga Roogod says:

For the cost most homeowners wouldn’t know any better

Chuckaluck Too says:

I have a hyper tough drill. I’m not a contractor, but so far it does everything I’ve asked of it. My battery charges in 15 minutes. You have a dud. I don’t know how a fully charged battery lasts, because I’m not using it all day. I don’t know if I would attempt to build a deck with it. If I do, I’ll make sure I have extra batteries and a back up drill just in case. lol

booboo699254 says:

For $25 bucks is a heck of a deal… good enough for most home jobs. Not contractor but honestly, who thinks that Walmart is marketing this to the trade?

Superior Comfort Heating & Air LLC says:

Zack this episode is a great & hilarious, I am going to look forward for the upcoming videos

Gerardo Flores says:

I’m wondering if the battery is interchangeable with Black & Decker’s….if so. I’m buying the reciprocating saw and circular saw.

Kannon Casey says:

Look don’t tell me where I can and can’t use my paper weight I will use it where ever I please at home or the job site I don’t care

Eric Hughes says:

Excellent. I want it now. Send any stickers that fall off to Colton.

RJParker says:

Not bad for $25 with a lithum battery. Your two speed drill with gears provides almost twice the torque at 350 rpm versus the one speed at 600 rpm. Usually running a single speed at lower rpm with the trigger will marginally add torque. A homeowner would have to drill pilot holes for those lags or go with some of the smaller diameter torx screws made for framing.

No Thankyou says:

Never did find out if it was any good. I bailed about half way through

Anthany Lee says:

I’m liking these bench test thank you for taking the time to do them

Addison says:

Hercules , Hercules , Hercules!

wilhelmtm says:

Let me tell you, I disagree. As a DIYer, since January I own one of this baby drill, and I can assure you, I’ve made several kitchen cabinets, some coffee tables for me and friends, night tables, a bathroom vanity, and this bad boy as you call it, never let me down.

Second thing, I don’t know what do you expect the manual says, I own another battery tools and says exactly the same nonsense warnings, so…. I like the sarcarsm, but I’m not sure you’re being fair.

G. Martinez says:

They named it that because it has a “hyper tough” time driving screws. I wouldn’t waste my money. But on the bright side i loved to see the drill crying lol

Emaginative says:

Milwaukee all the way.

William Walkup says:

Back up drill to my 3rd backup. Got it. Thanks now I know what I know….lol

Ness Nesu says:

Sounds like me in bed, can’t get it all to fit.

Anthany Lee says:

Being an apprentice and on a budget maybe testing say harbor freight or Stanley tools so us on a lower pay scale can know which tools will get us through till we can buy the name brand stuff.

Chuckaluck Too says:

I use a drill about twice a year. That’s why this drill is perfect for me. It’s just as good as the low end Black & Decker. I’m a fan. Thank You.

Logan Lives says:

I have both the 20v drill and impact driver by Hyper Tough. I have no problems with either, but I know their limits. I do projects around the house with pallet wood, I sink 2” screws all day with the drill, and larger than 2” with the impact. I also have the Ryobi drill and impact set on hand when I need additional torque. I use a drill holster when I’m working to keep my drills by my side and these drills are lite weight and easy to carry. You just have to realize that these HT drills/impacts ARE NOT professional construction grade, and when to use higher torque drills, if you do that then these drills work fine for what they’re made for:)

gene tucker says:

what a waste of time, it’s a $25 drill for around the home you moron, it wasn’t meant to be a contractors drill.

Brandon Gouge says:

Props for the good laugh man! Keep the videos coming.

Nicholas Korner says:

Funny video….would probably be a good comparison with the new warrior drill at harbor freight…

Bryan Accettella says:

Indieeeeeee where’s the Makitaaaaa

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