Hercules 20v Harbor Freight vs. Dewalt drill and impact driver

After a few days of use and a price comparison, should you buy the DeWalt 20v Max drill and impact driver or the Harbor Freight Hercules 20v drill and impact driver?


tlt40s&w 70 says:

Well as far as performance for a everyday Joe blow it’s a great deal. Now what you didn’t mention is the fancy dwalts your so fricken fond of came without battery packs and charger and you basically bought to driver’s for 200.00 dollars. If you didn’t have the batteries or the charger prior to purchasing the dewalt’s you’d be up s*** creek and you spent$200 that includes tax and no charger or no batteries so I guess you can plug those into your ass for electricity right. Come on man don’t be bias tell the people the truth that the Harbor Freight for what it is and just for the average Joe is a great deal and in the performance test looks like to me was pretty close run.

Felix Su says:

Check the voltage output of the batteries first. The order of the +V and ground might be different and you’ll fry something if you just stick them in.

patrick holcomb says:

i heard dewalt is made by the same company as blackndecker… we are selling our soul to china.

Nathan Walkner says:

ave did the test, the batteries on the hercules are 1.5ah

JL says:

Dewalt is cheap too buddy.

Rap Sure says:

The fact that it comes with one battery and the dewalt has 2 makes it an obvious choice

JoeCnNd says:

buy dewalt and use Hercules batteries when dewalt goes bad.

Taylor Brooks says:

Sept 1st at Lowe’s you can get that same drill kit with another dewalt tool for free right now at certain lowes i would imagine most of then

Jason felton says:

The big question I have is are the batteries interchangable


Hercules 20v batterys are actuly 1.3ah.
cant beat the marketing wank

Allen Rhodes says:

Ever think if you took care of your tools you wouldn’t have a table with 7 impacts and a drill? We use Bosch and makita in manufacturing and we use those guns hard and we use them constantly in a manufacturing setting . Other than that good video

Carlos Martinez says:

I have own dewalt for many years I had try ryobi and other cheap impact drivers they work almost similar but the trick is the battery they don’t last long and die quickly and I stick to dewalt even against milwuakee. battery too heavy and gets loosen from adaptor. I do install wooden playground s for over 10 years dewalt xr puts 3/8 lags like a champ. cheap namebrands work fine for house or small jobs

Bruce Warner says:

I purchase from Harbor Freight all the time. I’m not a pro. I’ve never had a problem with the warranty or the length of time the tools have worked even for building a deck or working on my personal automobiles and wood projects. I do have DeWalt tools because my wife’ uncle was a VP with Black & Decker and engineered their buy out of DeWalt. I’ve never had a problem with either, but have found it easier and less expensive to purchase the Harbor Freight tools for MY NEEDS! Again, I’m not a pro.

Para Jay says:

Lol that brushless won by a small margin . THAT HF KICKED DEWALTS ASS. it has battery indicators and you get warranty. You made a video telling people it to buy it and I’d buy it over the desalt if I didn’t have dewalts already

Matthew DeSantis says:

Harbor freight is a scam.

J S says:

thats not even an accurate test the more pressure on drill the quicker it would drive into wood. but yes dewalt is more versatile as well as all the other assortment of color brands to not name them all but give harbor freight a break not bad for starters been just as good in my opinion, they have yet to build a reputation with time so that their line of products grow as well.

Wanda Myers says:

Im sorry im around tools all day long drills, slide saws, multi tools, people go a head an spend the money on your makitas bosch milwaukee in the long run you will be happy. By the time you have bought another dewalt you will have bought that shit tool from harbour freight 4 x. STICK WITH THE NAME BRAND TOOLS

15blackfox says:

Is that Dale Doback?

Holy Grail says:

AVE has shown that the Hercules brand is Garbage. Keep your dick in a vice.

PK LittleBear says:

Would like to see a battery run time (i.e. number of screws) vs charge time, and replacement/extra batter price comparison for the Hercules vs Dewalt driver video’s.

Michael Wilder says:

Dewalt is now making a 6 amp flex volt kit if you are in construction that is the kit for you i grab one the other day after drilling 12 4 and a half inch hole in 20 mins the guy I worked with had the set

Big Fat Paulie says:

i only need the impact driver so its slightly cheaper for me to get the hf one but if you need drill and impact not worth it

845835ab says:

Right now (September 11) Home Depot Online Deal of the Day is a Dewalt brushless impact driver and brushless drill with 2 batteries for $149.00 with free shipping. Who is crazy enough to buy this line when a brushless Dewalt set is being sold for a lot less!!!

xJOKERx15 says:

I’m only be ones in harbor freight
and I was very disappointed about all the bad quality of tools what harbor freight offers to the people in general
” just bad quality of tools ” cheap but no bueno

Tyler Brooks says:

I work at harbor freight myself and the drills are good buys especially with our coupons. our quality is moving up

Jacob Livingston says:

You got the shittiest versions of the DeWalt stuff and it’s on clearance

Rick Bean says:

Are the battery interchangeable

Showemright YTchannel says:

My 7 year old 18 volt Porter Cable Lithium Impact Driver….drove in over 10 lbs of 3 inch star
type screws for fastening my front stairs and my 10×12 ft lean shed build…My next cordless set..maybe Makita, Dewalt, or Milwaukee…Im upset with Porter Cable..for discontinuing selling 18 volt lithium batteries..They since moved on to 20 volt lithium tools, but it doesnt help me any…great presentation.

Southern Tv says:

Most other drills are made by dewalt like stanly craftsman

SilentOneCorajuda13 says:

Stop slamming your tools!!!! Value them!!!! SMH

Seth Mazzella says:

Those holiday specials from Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc are not the same quality as the day to day tools/packages sold at HD and Lowes. My cousin bought one but had a problem and needed an exchange, they had to special order…diff model numbers and the staff gave him the inside info.

Rons beers says:

Very good comparison video. I went to Lowes 2 weeks ago and got a good deal on a Porter Cable impact drill. cheers !i

eagle clan says:

It bothers me how he bangs and slides his tools on the table.

Danny Tsuji says:

Nice video, I needed a cheapo drill i was looking into the hercules but i just saw that lowes has blackfriday deals already and they have the 20Vdrill for 99$ 50$ off ATM so its actually 10$ cheaper than HF. So youd have to be a dummy to buy that hercules shit when dewalt is cheaper and just a dewalt battery is 40$ and up so its worth it

thechosendude says:

You’re dead right…pricing is a joke. Only someone who doesn’t do research would buy the Hercules, thinking they’re getting a good deal. I was at Harbor Freight and Lowe’s today looking for a new impact driver. The brushed DeWalt is only $10 more than the Hercules for tool and battery. Harbor Freight is out of their mind on the Hercules pricing. The pricing of the red Bauer tools Harbor Freight carries are what I would expect to pay for Hercules. Harbor Freight screwed themselves by carrying both tool lines…because they can’t lower Hercules to Bauer pricing when it’s supposed to be more premium.

Tommy Sands says:

dewalt is mexican/chinese junk

Tommy Merritt says:

using dewalt since 1996. 12v-18v-20v-flex. best bang for your buck. like the usa stamp instead of Mexico though. I can burn’em and tell what dewalt is in my hands. great review.

preston121068 says:

It amazes me to see people bashing tools simply because they are sold at Harbor Freight like, “oh, it’s just Chinese junk.” Harbor Freight of old, I agree for the most part. But HF has become very legit in the tools they sell now days, yet, you bash them lol. You think those DeWalts are made in the USA or something? lol.

I have owned plenty of DeWalt cordless tools over the years and as an industrial electrician they get used often and put to the test. I’d put Hercules cordless tools against any comparable DeWalt. (IE not brushed vs brushless) I used hole saws up to 4 inch, uni-bits up to 1 1/2″ mostly on Stainless steel cabinets. Longest brushed DeWalt I ever owned before letting the smoke out of it is about 7-8 months. I’ve had the 20v Hercules drill now for just over a year and no signs of it giving up anytime soon. I’d say it isn’t quit Milwaukee grade, but closer to it than DeWalt ever has been.

Also, I bought the Hercules 20v drill and impact both for $180.00 on sale, so price wise vs quality, I’d pay the extra $20.00 any day over DeWalt.

hahasimpsons says:

your biased review seems biased
HF wins the first test (tie?) HF loses the second test (lose) wtf

bdd1469 says:

Do a real world test and you will see the winner. Drop each tool from your work bench to a concrete floor 5 times…..Dewalt lasts in commercial construction use. It is likely still the most used brand in the industry for a reason.

Erick Fernandez says:

Id get the ryobi bundle with 5 tools for 200 bucks….

Felix Su says:

I’m shocked that DeWalt is cheaper than Harbor Freight. HF needs to get their act together or no one will buy their drills. I’d get a DeWalt right now if the prices stay where they’re at.

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