Harbor Freight WARRIOR 18V Lithium Cordless Drill Review

Check out the all new WARRIOR Cordless from Harbor Freight!

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DE Nichols says:

Dude. I am loving your app to find Harbor Freight deals.

Dwayne Shippey says:

Monica needs to slap some sense into you, or just slap you repeatedly. Some kid, maybe an adult with a low IQ is going to do the same thing with the wrong battery charger like you just did. Let Monica slap you real hard

TheStruggleville says:

Find out how Harbor Freight ruined my day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpSulGT8JCo

John Scarpantonio says:

The USB voltage is 5V. I will not charge the battery

Robert Johnson says:

Oh, come on. That’s not an option at all. If you tried charging off that USB in your car on a job site, you would have to let it sit there for hours just to get enough juice to drive a couple of screws. I’m all for versatility, but other options need to at least be viable. You’re trying to run the space shuttle on gasoline. 🙂



hurkamur1 says:

does it chooch? is it skookum?

Joe Framer says:

Don’t buy Chinese tools

Mihai Stanciu says:

Is the Drill Master battery the same as the the one you just did the review?

Brian F says:

Can use the 25% coupon on July 4th

Idothings says:

Oh you should only use the original charger, and you shouldn’t screw around with these other things, and DUMBASS! 😉

Love2boat92 says:

Hope the battery is better this time around. It should be being that it’s lithium. I bought their old drill master drill and flash light set. The batteries wouldn’t last at all. Plus you couldn’t leave batteries for a week before they would discharge. I should have expected it. I like the part, pretend it’s charged. HAHAHAHA.

John Squires says:

My comment below was meant to warn people to not just randomly plug chargers in because the plug happens to fit. When I was young, I assumed that chargers with the same type of plug were interchangeable. Sometimes they are. And sometimes they aren’t the correct voltage but are within the limits of what the device can handle, so you get lucky. About a year ago, I was in the basement firing up some old desktop computers to see if I could locate a 15 year old email. There was a small LCD monitor and next to it was a converter with a plug that fit. I assumed the two went together as they were located next to each other, so I neglected to check to see if the two were compatible. I plugged it in, turned it on, heard a loud ‘pop’ and then watched the smoke come out the top of the monitor. It turned out that the converter wasn’t even a DC voltage converter. It was an AC power supply. Looked the same – had the same plug – but 12V devices don’t like AC current.

Another funny story. I was in a conference room in London – my team was auditing a data center. One of the team had brought a small portable radio from the US. He had plugged it into a socket adapter which simply converted an AC 115v plug type to a British 220v plug type. I checked the back of his radio to see if it was rated for 110 and 220 volts (some appliances will work on either one). His was rated 110 only. I told him he was running his radio on 220v and that he needed to use a voltage converter, not just an adapter. He pointed to the radio and said “its working fine”. Another auditor just scowled at me. Since I was the manager, I told him to switch it to a voltage converter, as I was the one who would get called on the carpet if it caught fire or blew a circuit breaker. He said he’d get one in a minute. Within that minute, smoke started billowing out of the radio and the circuit board caught on fire. We threw it into a metal waste basket and poured our drinks on it. Fortunately, the fire alarm did not go off and the smell actually wasn’t that noticeable, so nobody found out.

I like Harbor freight. I just about have one of everything they sell. Big tool case, wood block work bench, metal workstation, parts washer, many power tools and tons of hand tools. As a company, they have vastly improved their product line over the years. Some of their stuff is crap, but some of it is very high quality (like the big tool cases on casters). Some of their higher end tools are actually the same tools sold by major brand names at twice to three times the price.

For example, another YouTube channel named “AvE” reviewed the Earthquake Stubby Air Impact Wrench, item #63534 priced at $114.99 ($92 with 20% coupon). AvE dismantles tools and comments about how well they are/aren’t made. He was surprised at the high quality, did some research, and found the same tool being sold by a West German tool manufacturer for around $300 in Europe (now available on Amazon for $177). Harbor Freight is moving up in the world.

I thank TheStruggleville for keeping us current on the coupons and reviewing new products.

Shaun Reed says:

You cannot charge an 18v battery with a 5v usb… that’s not how it works..

Ryan McKee says:

We finally got the tool boxes in store that are available in red, black & blue. The color choices are available on every tool box and side cabinet except for the smaller 4-drawer style boxes and the 72” box….so far.

TheZigZiggy says:

Just because a charger uses that “barrel” connector doesn’t mean it will work on every item with the same connector. It’s based on the voltage and amperage ratings of the charger. Look at the fine print on those chargers and see what the output voltage and current ratings are.

mixwell1983 says:

Got excited when I heard the news about this but then after seeing specs and comparing to my bnd drill its not as good. I just need to save up and get a good combo kit although my bnd impact is awesome, the drill sucks.

Love2boat92 says:

Do you know if the battery fits the old batteries?

ohhhtravis says:

Lithium battery chemistry doesnt like being fully discharged and left that way for an amount of time. Keep them topped off and recharge after use for Max potential life. Knowing the price they couldn’t possibly afford top quality cells so batteries are gonna most likely be the thing that goes out first. I’ve gotten anywhere from 1 to around maybe 40 recharge cycles out of the cheap ultra fire type cells. Compared to 1000 or more recharge cycles of a better quality lithium cell, the type used in more expensive battery powered tools. As far as the charger with the barrel Jack, you could connect a barrel Jack to any cords for plug and play connection. You could also snip the propietary connector off any charger and solder in a barrel Jack connector. It just would work for the intended application anymore. Laptop chargers that are 19 volt might get some charge in them so they’re not dead, at least bring it up to 19v although I think the 24 v might be an overstatement of nominal voltage maybe because most lithium battery tools be it 18v or 20v are actually the same voltage output but some manufacturers are overstating there nominal voltage using instead the max voltage which the battery pack can safely tolerate without damage to the cells inside which are just 18650 3.7v nominal cells in series (and parallel for larger ah packs)

Jacob B. says:

I bought one Saturday. So far so good. Used 20% coupon. I don’t like that type of flashlight. Hopefully we get more tools for the battery

John Squires says:

The type of connector a tool uses has NOTHING to do with whether a charger with that type connector will charge the tool’s battery. You don’t have to use only the manufacturer’s charger, but you DO need to use a charger with the proper voltage and similar amp output. You said the drill has a 24 volt battery. A 5 volt charger (USB phone charger) isn’t going to charge a 24 volt battery. Likewise, if one of your followers finds a 48 volt charger with a 5.5 mm barrel plug, using that on this drill’s battery would probably short out the battery and possibly even start a fire. Arbitrarily using a charger on something because it has a connector that happens to fit is dangerous and you should not be advising your followers to do so. Tools will be damaged, tools could catch fire, batteries without over-current protection could explode, and people could even get burned from wires overheating. And if this happened because they listened to your advice, you could be held legally responsible. Stick to what you know. You really need to take this video down and redo it, without demonstrating all of the wrong ways a person can charge the battery.

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