Drilling Face-Off: DeWalt vs. Hitachi | Consumer Reports

How well your cordless drill performs can make or break some home improvement projects.
Consumer Reports pits two big names against each other in a drilling face-off. Click here to buy the faceoff winning drill: http://amzn.to/2y17lIv

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Vallecaucanisimo says:

I can’t see the comments

Piyath Alawatte says:


Dmitri Lvov says:

Do you know what are you doing? It is sabotaging. Top line for DeWalt vs entry level for HITACHI. What are you trying to prove? That HITACHI can compete with entry level product with top line of DeWalt? Please answer ( to yourself)

Niclacoste says:

My Hitachi performs pretty good this is bs

Jeff K says:

Nope, you have to use them everyday for 6 months and then tell us what you think.

Torrey B says:

Where’s the milwaupnee

HW2800 says:

I switch from deWalt to Makita tools and they are a step above.

print513 says:

Ha, this in not a fair review. wrong model selected from Hitachi.

Joseph Guzman says:

That is DuWalt brushless drill The hatachi is their lowest end drill And not brushless that was no competition You know yellow was gonna win

Elder Breed says:

Unfair comparison, not only did you put a 20v versus an 18v, you didn’t even compare brushless from each brand. I looked up model numbers for each you supplied in video the Dewalt is a 20v brushless model and the hitachi used in the “comparison” isn’t even Thier 18v brushless model is a standard. Of course the Dewalt “won” this side by side comparison, next time try comparing at least similar models before making a crap video to boast Dewalt and trash the awesome products from Hitachi. Sorry love my 12v li-ion set have had for 8 years and NEVER had to replace a single battery and cannot stand someone bashing the hitachi brand to promote Dewalt.

Neil Ogaard says:

Hold on, did you seriously just compare a top end brushless DeWalt against the entry level brushed Hitachi?! Stupid much? All this video shows is how inept CR has become at doing what they’re supposed to be known for.

Next week, CR compares the Camaro SS and Ford Tempo!

Qrp Kid says:

What a heaping load of fecal matter! If you’re not going to do fair comparisons, Consumer Reports, then fuck off. Stop spreading misinformation.

Josh Bjelan says:

Lowes just bought out Craftsman. Lowe’s is fazing out their Hitachi tools all tools 40%off right now

Lord baal says:

When it comes to tools, CR is the last place I would do to. There are a lot better tool reviewers out there.

Big Daddy says:

Dewalt make the best tools by far, Makita is second and Milwaukee are garbage

qL8Yv03vlT Ddh42hnG62hKv27934Hrs says:

but i think she was the best host

G Mereb says:

$200 VS $120, Brushless motor VS Brush Motor ! Nice DeWalt AD !

Rusty Shackelford says:

Well a brushless new model DeWalt with 2.0 ah Batts vs.
At least few year old model brushed Hitachi with 1.3 ah Batts
That’s a fair review

NikoReid says:

For home use the hitachi will do jus find but for construction use gotta go with the big dog Dewalt

Kul4 Kall3 says:

What a load of bullshit, I love dewalt, but I also love Hitachi, that model is an entry lever drill compared to dewalt. Compare models with equal pricepoints and you will get different results.

abemore says:

Disappointed. No one got their face drilled off.

Lee Izaak says:

Hitachi last longer!facts!

Don Whitehead says:

Duh….20V vs 18V……find better/more appropriate camparos.

Ivan Vojt says:

Skip to 1:17

myyube81 says:

Must be joking…get Milwaukee you idiots

Gearz says:

Compare a HITACHI with same price and voltage as your DeWalt. Then it will be which is clearly better.

John Mccabe says:

So cr does ads for dewalt. Ok

gidderman says:

Terrible review, ahem sorry ‘Ad’ i mean…

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