Drill vs. Impact Driver

There are lots of cordless tools in the marketplace. Few are as handy as impact drivers and drills. Here’s some great buying advice that’ll help you figure out which of these tools will serve you and your shop the best; impact driver, or drill?


Ronald Martens says:

Great presentation and thorough. I have been using impact drivers over the years but then went away from using impact drivers. I find impact drivers are very noisy. Working on jobs when you hear an impact driver working, they do make a noise. I now use drills and put a torque setting depending what I’m screwing in. For wood I always like pre drilling. I have drills interchangeable heads. So my work is more quiet. I once was pulling some formwork off and unscrewing bolts from the wall. Can you believe my 18 volt bosch impact driver could move this bolt to unscrew. I got my drill and put it on slow speed. It loosened the bolt. Although the reason the bolt went in so tight in a brick wall with plugs was perhaps the bolt didn’t quite line up with the plug. There is a reason this occurred on this particular job, it will take me too long to explain and the nature of the job.
I put up some polycarbonate sheets. I also used the drill and set the torque.
You will find festool don’t have any impact drivers in their range. They figure it is not needed. As they specialise in wood. So for running long bolts into timber depending on the material and types of screws or bolts will determine the torque setting. Another interesting matter, I own the metabo which has interchangeable end. If you risk damaging or breaking the screw or bolt, the metabo has impulse mode. This works quiet well. This will be for more heavy duty bolts etc. We all know the impact drill can break screws if we run them for too long. Regards Ronald.

Usman Ullah says:

is there a 3rd kind which provides hammer ? or it come with in one of these 2?

Nathan Stiles says:

Such an informative video. I almost feel stupid for not knowing this info, but you can’t know until you’ve been told or experienced. Excellent.

Salamel Visual says:

use Torx pls T.T

Mike Stott says:

i use an impact for everything when it comes to wood. you can even drill holes you just apply less pressure and keep it spinning flat out works a charm

D.E.B. B says:

Excellent instructional video, I show it to friends so they understand why you need both tools. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Drop One says:

all you need is an impactor for lighter applications go light on the trigger

TJ says:

Thanks a million. very useful

Karen H says:

Wow! Thanks so much! I have a Bosch impact ( that I love- for work) and a driver. I have never used the driver! I guess I’ll be trying it out now! Great explanations!

dllemm says:

One thing to mention is that Impact Drivers can be a LOT louder than drills. You might want ear protection. They make oil filled impact drivers that are quieter, but over 2x as expensive and 1/2 to 1/3rd the torque. Nice video btw.

Kai Bennet says:

Best explanation I was able to find on the internet. Thanks!

robviolin1 says:

very helpful, thanks.

Drop One says:

they sell converters for the round chuck on impactors now so hek with regular drills

ghostdog662 says:

Did he really just say dealio

454pakr says:


James _h says:

oh and 1:19

Skill Builder says:

Great explanation, you are a good presenter. Just out of curiosity you said an impact driver doesn’t have a clutch because it needs to be compact. I don’t see how you could incorporate a clutch on an impact driver. Like you say it is a different deal.

Crime Family says:

Just purchased my Craftsman 3 speed impact driver 19.2 volt 1,605 In Lbs of torque. For $140 at Sears, best investment I’ve made in drills/Drivers.

Andrew Kim says:

Great video. Except for the fact that I was trying to decide which one to buy, and now I feel like I need to get both, LOL!!!

Simon Inga says:

Also drills get really hot driving in screws all day.

Suraj Bhide says:

Nice explanation…thank you

J3AN P3T3R says:

the Brrrrrr thing ?

TragestyX says:

Thanks for the video. Very helpful.

FL1PN0S1S says:

anyone know if one is more advantageous over the other when it comes to the removal of screws and whatnot? better reverse torque pehaps?

Two Canoe Productions says:

Thanks for the simple and informative video.

Anthony Movida says:

can i use that impact driver on cement wall?

photovideo17 says:

design differences aside, functionally they both serve the same purpose, and an Impact Driver just has an extra feature and appears to be a later invention (?)
What’s not clear is why the impact driver cannot handle a delicate job that you say you need a drill for ?
Assuming I don’t have a collection of old bits, and cost is not an issue.
Thank you for the good video.

Doorkicker505 says:

I have an impact driver and I hardly ever use it. Im going to use it now. Thanks for the video.

HTenison says:

Great explanation. Thanks much for the useful advice!

MorrMedia1 says:

I’ve been having trouble getting longer screws in all the way, and now I’m wondering if it’s because I should be using an impact driver. You were at least able to get the first screw all the way in though. What would you think the reason for not being able to get a 2.5-3″ screw all the way in using a regular drill?

Alex Hernandez says:

Fair to say that difference is you don’t need to pilot hole if using an impact driver ?

Manuel L says:

i have a set of both a drill and an impact never used to never use the impact until one day I couldn’t find my drill and had to use the impact from that point forward I use the impact 90 percent of the time now haha I love it

Connie Harrison says:

Thank you! I finally found my answers to the difference between the two and when to use (and why)!

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