Difference between Drill Drivers & Impact Drivers

In today’s video I will be explaining the difference between Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers!

Several months ago one of my subscribers asked me what the difference was between drill drivers and impact drivers, and it was this question that inspired me to make this video.

If you’re watching this video, the chances are you have a drill driver – the most popular power tool ever because it’s just so versatile. The keyless chuck accepts round drill bits, hex shank drill bits for drilling, but by slipping the tool into the slower speed, you can also use it for driving in screws – putting a hex shank screw bit into the drill.

But if you’ve graduated in your DIY to the stage that you don’t want to keep chopping and changing between drill bits and driver bits on one tool, and you want a tool that’s dedicated to driving in screws (eg you’re putting some decking down), or screwing plasterboard to studwork) then you may be ready to upgrade to an impact driver, and so this video is for YOU!

An impact driver is dedicated to doing one job – driving in screws. It has a collet rather than a keyless chuck, which only accepts hex shank screw driver bits/ attachments. It uses bit rotation AND concussive blows to drive home the screws, and it is the concussive blows that give the drill driver its raw power – and which crucially transfer all that force into the screw and away from your arms and hands, making it a lot easier to use than a drill driver.

So in this video I pit my Ryobi drill driver and impact driver against each other in a couple of tasks – to see which works best and to help decide which tool would work best for YOU!

And finally – I point out just how important it is to use POWERFUL BATTERIES with your Drill Driver or Impact Driver.

Featured tools:
– RYOBI impact driver (bare)* https://goo.gl/1rdRnu £69/ $91.80
– RYOBI drill driver https://goo.gl/WLLmCq £74/ $98.46
other tools mentioned
– De Walt brushless impact driver (bare)* https://goo.gl/5YLnxS £109.99/ $146.34
– Makita brushless impact driver (bare)* https://goo.gl/GsxKWZ £122.99/$172.95
– Bosch impact driver (bare)* https://goo.gl/5G5mW3 £99.99/ $133.04

* bare means no battery included in price

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eric brufatto says:

I use an old trick, I keep a bar of soap in my tool box. Just one quick rub of the screw, across the soap, enables me to drive any length screw with my drill-driver. However, I only use ‘Robertson’ screws (square head), because there’s much less likely to slip than other types of screws.

Gary Johnson says:

would the drill driver perform better if it was put into hammer action?

The last Engineer says:

If you don’t know the difference between the two, you should not try chewing gum and walking at the same time.

maf98m says:

Great video!

Junda says:

Close your eyes, Gordon Ramsay is speaking.

sideskraft says:

I like that impact driva!!

Colin Robson says:

Working inside cabinets the impact driver is unbearably noisy. I would say dangerous to your hearing, OK you can wear things inside your ears but the folks in your vicinity are not so lucky. In my shop, every tool has to be versatile and perform multiple jobs. For speed, you can use quick change bits for your drill and save yourself space, time, and money as well as the clutter of extra tools.

liam fowell says:

What a great video! I’m not exactly new to casual DIY, but I’ve not long owned my first home and I’m looking to get in to some DIY home improvements starting with a walk-in wardrobe in my bedroom! I’ve learned so much from this video and you’ve got me seriously considering Ryobi gear for their battery convenience!

Lucas W says:

Not only did you answer all of my questions. You showed me the difference between batteries I was not aware of. I thought the aH meant how long the battery will last fully charged and not the amount of power that comes out. You deserve far more subs than 74 K. Thank you for the effort!

John Colvin says:

Cracker video thanks! The sad facts of life (for many of us at least)… my father would have been in his element with computers, but they arrived on the scene just when he reached the age that all they did was confuse him. :o( The relevance of this? I have four fully functioning drill drivers. Would I be better off with a mix of drill and impact drivers? HELL YEAH, I’d love that! Reality is I am now retired, and the need doesn’t exist. Add in a signs of coming arthritis, and, like my old man, I was just born too early! Just thought I would throw this in so you youngsters have something to look forward to!

Kailash says:

thanks. would the drill driver be enough for loft beams

sly tyme says:

You had a flat head on an impact. I wasn’t going to comment my original
“That shit dont work”

That Klrguy says:

Why do I feel like this guy needs to be a golf announcer?

Peter le Grand says:

Very nice. I have a wired impact and a wireless drill. Works so far as well. Just a question, do you have a video on your bit experience?

Anurag Pandey says:

Impact driver is good to use for cars for opening inside like dashboard part ?

Cynthia Gustafson says:

Thanks for this. Very helpful

metallic rock says:

@ 10:06..thats BS…i can drive 12×3 inch screws before battery (1.3ah) gives up..you sure them batteries were fully charged ?

RadespotosR says:

And what is the difference between impact and compact?

Stuart Nagle says:

Nope…never used an impact driver, and never had a need for one…and be honest, who wants their bits ruined and broken by incorrectly using the impact driver…probably because your lazy and can’t be bothered to drill holes to seat screws, and would just rather plough a screw into wood and chew up the finished surface…! Had you pre drilled that bit of oak, neither tool would have problems with the small battery, which goes to show, it’s not what you got, it’s how you use it… buying an ‘impact’ driver is for the most part in carpentry, totally unnecessary, and just a waste of money…for most, two battery powered drills would be a better bet…and if one goes down, you still have a tool that performs both functions…your not possibly only left with a tool that can’t do what a drill does…

Tyler Anderson says:

If anything this is a reason not to buy ryobi.

mojo shahbazi says:

many thanks ,it was useful for me so that I can decide what to look in the market for a set of drills

heretolevitateme says:

Mate, you’re clearly not an electrician, but your explanation of the title of the video and your experience with why someone would use an impact driver really helps. Thank you. Editing is coherent and audio quality is great–not found in a lot of tool videos. Thanks for making this video.

Victor Victor says:

You would get laughed at walking onto site with a Ryobi!

Doug Shaw says:

pretty lame explanation of what torque is and why it works so well on the impact driver they are designed to twist and work the same way an air impact driver works on your lug nuts.

Jay Tee says:

I am sorry to burst your bubble but I am almost 100 percent certain the Amp Hours has nothing to do with power. There must be a different issue with the batteries. Amp Hours explains a capacity not a current flow.

metallic rock says:

btw..i just bought a new 9ah batt….great but heavy and bulky.

nesrules 8bit says:

Way too much talking

Rustic David says:

Hi Charlie Great video i have been woodworking for my living for the past 25 years and have some Ryobi routers one of which is 20 years old and works just great its a 3HP model no thrills ive changed bearings two or three times othe brands of router have come and gone its still going strong Im not a one brand man but if its anything to go by i recommend Ryobi for longevity all the best David

Jeremy Wheeler says:

Try the ryobi 9ah battery. I just bought one during a sale because there was only $20 difference between it and the 6ah battery. It’s a beast of ungodly power.

Litre-a -cola says:

Ryobi are Fisher Price for weekend fence builders.

MondoTV says:

The problem with 1.3 Ah batts is it’s just 5 cells in series. They still use excellent 10-15C cells so they can still deliver 20 amps for very short periods of time. Compare that to a 4Ah cell which would use the same cells but 15 cells so three in parallel will deliver 3x as much current. So 60amps peak and probably 20 amps continuous. Ryobi uses high quality cells in all their batteries. I know – I’ve pulled one of the small ones apart and from memory theu were Sansung high current cells.

Sikander Ali says:

Excellent video, first I’ve seen of yours as I’ve only discovered your channel, subscribed ☺️

Matthew Livingston says:

When Jaime lannister had his hand.

hfhfj djdj says:

Where to buy this impact deiller same to same you have

1kparmar says:

So just get a bigger battery and you are done 🙂 The casual person doesn’t appear to need those impact drivers.

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