Dewalt vs Ridgid vs Milwaukee vs Makita Best Impact Driver Kit


Cordelia Blakeslee says:

Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already 🙂

Jim Ott says:

Reliability and longevity go with Dewalt over 20,000 holes drilled and finally used up the brushes in the motor Race car team proven

berzerkerx king says:

ive been hearing good things about porter cable but would like to see a test with impacts vs wood

jeffscomp says:

I got the dewalt kit with the drill impact and work light with two batteries and a charger brand new for $120 off eBay with a coupon code. It was this weekend only. It was hard to pass up for that cheap.

sal christy says:

The problem with makita and ridgid is their batteries fail more often than the dewalt. The makita and ridgid both have this complicated circuit board inside the battery packs instead of inside the charger and if one thing on the circuit board goes out, the whole battery dies!! Dewalt has the most basic battery pack with a VERY small circuit board! I have dewalt, and some of the guys I work with own makita, and have had to replace the batteries a few times after not that long of use (im not gonna say it happens to everyone) but it made me curious so I looked up that problem and found a video on YouTube about those makita and ridgid batts and it explained a lot!! My dewalt batts have had plenty of use for 3 years straight and NOT ONE batt has gone kapoooot

m medrano says:

good video. I’m in the market for a impact and this helped. I own an Milwaukee m12 set and I think I’ll stick with them.

Digitalbumpin says:

Nice video but in real life real work situations dewalt is the only choice frankly.

botheone40 says:

I agree with you on the de walt I have one its not very strong. I have an 18 volt hilti that’s seems to have more ass than the 20v de walt.

poofy nunya says:

I think so too. it’s tuff to make a decision sometimes. I really get hung up on warranties. I have a five year old ridgid set and actually used the warranty once. They stayed true to it by giving me a new charger and two new batteries. Maybe I will wait for a sale of some kind. Thanks for responding and great videos.

Jesse Lazerman says:

definitely appreciate the comparison never realized rigid with such good value for the money seeing as how they’re almost half the price of DeWalt

Antonio Gonzalez says:

u know it’s 2 type of Dewalt impact? The one u got here it’s not the one. Why didn’t u used Dewalt Xr?

Nate Rowe says:

For what it’s worth, I just got my Ridgid Gen5X Impact Driver and I didn’t have a lot of hope for high torque applications but I did try it on the lug nuts on my farm truck which are 100ft lbs and it removed it but with hesitation. Fact is, if I wanted a large impact gun, I would have gotten a 1/2″ cordless. But I have my Ingersoll Rand 1/2″ pneumatic for that and exhaust bolts. Unless you live in an area with road salt, I’d image just about any of these name brand impact drivers would work fine for other car work. Wish I would have had it before I did the transmission and differential maintenance.

Beckem45 says:

where are you at with those prices

Warren Chrastil says:

the Milwaukee is garbage it breaks and strips too many screws poor trigger control Dewalt is the best of the bunch

Derek Macdonald says:

just got the rigid and love it. it has power i used it a lot already in last 2 days and i wish i got it sooner. after reading reviews on home depot and rigid site and dewalt site it seems to me that nothing new any more is good. i get love this drill or i am returning this drill. so i just got the rigid since i own that brand already

Lukasz Lukasz says:

One problem with dewalt is,body and battery dosnt fix properly together,ther is annoying gap,over time it becomes biger :/

Jack A. Lope says:

I use my tools professionally so they get used, a lot.

When it comes to cordless I have always bought Makita. They have been making cordless tools a lot longer then the rest. They where the innovators of the cordless impact driver as a matter of fact. Until recently the only company giving Makita a run for the money was Dewalt. Dewalt offered bigger voltage drivers but lacked the finesse of a Makita. So for many years I have been a loyal owner of Makita cordless tools.

But….I am sick of getting bent over buying batteries.

I have 2 Makita drivers right now that have batteries that are quickly approaching the end of their useful life’s. So I am going to be buying a new driver soon, because I’m not getting bent over buying batteries again. This time I will be buying the Ridged for it’s lifetime warranty. It covers the batteries as well as the tool. Hoo Raa! Ridgid may decide to change that some time in the future so I think I should probably get in now before they do.

I have had the opportunity to use the Ridgid drivers and drills and know people that own them and recommend them. I also own various other tools made by Ridgid and in my opinion they are professional grade tools. A little bit heavier then the rest of the field but that seems to be a standard characteristic of Ridgid tools in general. Sometimes that’s a good thing sometimes not. In this regard it won’t play into my choice to buy one brand over the other. The extra weight won’t matter to me until I accidentally drop it onto concrete, and then only if it breaks. Of course I don’t plan on dropping it:)

What would be nice is for a tool manufacturer to make a battery case that is designed to be opened so you can easily replace the actual batteries themselves. I have done this once before with the older style battery packs but it is a pain in the ass. The batteries are pretty much all the same across brands. They can be had for just a few dollars off of Amazon or e-bay and that’s what pisses me off. It costs less then five dollars to make the battery packs that they sell for $80.00. It’s almost as painful as buying ink cartridges for my Canon printer. They must think we are made of money.

Brooks Pearce says:

I got my Dewalt kit for $99 last Christmas , It came with two batteries the impact driver and a drill and some bits and a carry bag ,

gerry mcadams says:

Hey great video I just bought the Makita on Labor Day sale $99.00 and I signed up for a Home Depot Credit Card for a $25.00 discount and the nice lady who helped me fill out the forms for Credit gave me a extra $15.00 store discount. My total out the door was $63.87  I was real happy until I found out about the Ridgid  free Batteries for life now I am thinking about taking it back for Ridgid   What do you think?? thanks for all your videos I like them

Jose Medina says:

makitas suck milwakee and dewalt are way stronger its been prover at my work screwing threw lightweight concrete makita couldnt do it

Molly Hunter says:

I love using a bostich impact!! it definitely out beats all 4 of these impacts! my bostich puts that ridgid to shame, I only know this cause I have both!

Luke AOD says:

Dewalt vs TTI vs TTI vs Makita lol.

HW2800 says:

I purchased a Makita brushless impact driver and drill combo! I love it! Best value, performance, durability and design!

Slim1 Dune says:

Is Ryobi that bad that you did not include it?

EZ01 Zara says:

dewalt # 1

Poisoned Apple says:

Makita seems to be like the “Ford” of power tools. Haters gonna hate but there the king, and have been for a long time

noel p says:

Bought a rigid for 59 today I think it’s worth it for that price

poofy nunya says:

I was thinking about buying the brushless ridgid combo drill set. I like the lifetime warranty on batteries. what do you think?

MrCwhitt75 says:

Believe me…I use a impact everyday of my life! Makita is your best buy

Anibal Perez says:

Ridgid life warranty

Erick Almazo says:

You confirmed what I already knew. lol Milwaukee the best! Especially when you have the bigger battery’s. Already.

TheMidnightNarwhal says:

This is odd. My understanding watching AvE video was that Dewalt was the cheapest brand (price tag) and was of poor quality. Milwaukee was the expensive and good and ridgid was between dewalt and milwaukee in terms of quality,.

I’m no pro but I’m looking at tools for home and I like it when it all matches (same brand) so I think I will be going with RIDGID as it’s not to expensive.

What do you recomend? I’m a total newb no experience.

jakedodsonjake says:

Awesome Video, Love Ridgid, They warranty it and stand behind it, never had a problem with the brand. Totally true, the drills aren’t the strongest of the elite drills, but still a fan of the price.

anymanusa says:

my 12v brushless milwaukee impact driver will remove 110ft lb torqued nuts.

Wayne Kinneman Jr. says:


EZ01 Zara says:

dewalt is the best not cheap, I been using my dewalt for the las 6 years and still faster than others …

Carl Sagan says:

The Dewalt power tools at Home Depot are shit. The contractor versions are much more powerful.

r4ym1n13 says:

thanks for the video. i have a milwaukee M12. i need something with more power & longer lasting battery. i read on another article ranking the makita #1 also but everyone at my work has a makita or dewalt. guess i will be getting my milwaukee M18 this weekend lol

Mike Kovitch says:

Thks for the review. In reality, it’s your money and I have no problem with whatever you are brand loyal to. As a senior member/maintainer of the Benton MacKaye Trail association I have used all of these brands over the years with varying success. We frequently, install treated pine 6×6 timber steps along dangerous sections of the trail to help make the ascent/descent safer and in doing so anchor them with 2′ sections of rebar. To avoid splitting the timbers, we always predrill 1/2 in pilot holes. On the trail recently, the BMT owned Dewalt ate batteries and would bog down, not able to complete the task. Knowing this, I brought along my personal Milwaukee Fuel brushless 1/2 in drill. It had no problem repeatedly drilling hole after hole all day on timber after timber as the XC batteries had plenty of torque, with only one battery change late in the day. We also used a Milwaukee M28 volt sawzall to cut off the rebar tops when obstructed by solid rock when driving in the rebar.  The Milwaukee tools just work. Couple that with a Milwaukee five yr factory warranty and I have become a Milwaukee believer. It’s kind of like the old Chevy-Ford-Dodge argument, with staunch defenders and good arguments for all. Whatever you use, your brand is only as good as your repeated experience(s) with it. That being said, isn’t it wonderful to have all these brand choices? Never a better time for the consumer.

Raul Lopez says:

What about snap on?

usksonic says:

Love Makita but the darn head bumper rings keeps popping out. A bit late with the battery indicator
The Dewalt Lights are awesome.

Vaughan says:

Rigid? Seriously? That’s the tool your girlfriend would buy to hang pictures with.

Dan G says:

what is a sign of reliability

Chico SC-LA says:

I have owned 3 of that list Milwaukee ,makita and dewalt and in my experience I can tell you that I would never again buy a Milwaukee when you use them for long period of time it overheats so bad that it cuts off it gets so hot you can’t work worth it , makita doesn’t have the guts or speed for what I do witch is heavy gauge metal frame that’s with the small batteries never bother on buying them bigger ones since I was highly disappointed, and finally dewalt what can I say , I still own one till this day doesn’t overheat haves the power and speeds that I need , yes speeds the new ones have different speeds now and are brushless and this is my own personal experience with this items and I can honestly tell you I really abuse this tolls not just in a little house project witch is why 90% of the people I work with use dewalt hope this info helps some of yall

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