Dewalt -VS- Makita -VS- Harbor Freight (Hercules) / DCD780 -VS- XFD10 -VS- HC91K1

By popular demand! Dewalt -VS- Makita -VS- Harbor Freight (Hercules) 1/2″ Compact Drills!

Recently Harbor Freight released a new lineup of power tools (20v Hercules) & in their advertising they are comparing it head-to-head against a Dewalt drill. Rather than run one against the Dewalt only, we bought 3 drills for this video (Dewalt, Makita, & Hercules) and put them up against each other to see which one is the best.

Check out the 3 drills below (*Amazon links are affiliate links = we get a small commission if you buy ANYTHING & your price stays 100% the same! *Harbor Freight links are NOT affiliate links, but are added for your convenience!)

Dewalt DCD780C2 Combo Kit @ Amazon —

Makita XFD10R Combo Kit @ Amazon —

Hercules HC91K1 Combo Kit @ Harbor Freight —

Which drill do you recommend? Leave a comment below & let everyone know about it — your comment might really help them out!


Josh mcmurtrie says:


Pegasi Incorporated says:


George R says:

I don’t know how good any of the others are but I have Makita 3.0 amp hour Batteries and those things have been kicking ass for damn near 6 years and still going pretty freaking strong

Dually 3500 says:

although i only buy dewalt and have for 15 years i dont believe the test was equal , the dewalt you used looks to be a down grade version or a what we call in the trades a home owner drill, the makita and the hf drill look to be more on the heavier duty industrial side, which dewalt makes several different variety’s of drills with half inch chucks. i was impressed with the hf though.

Alex Salazaw says:

hercules chaina garbage

kenneth johnson says:

I don’t think I know it will be the Mikita hands down you cannot out run a Makita

Mark R. says:

i went with Makita because back in the day thats all i used and it worked out good for me

Oilsmoke Jones says:

Great practical test..I’d like to see something similar with 1/2″ impact wrenches…they’re making some pretty hairy claims (like 1200 ft/lbs) and the $$$ spread is even greater than the drills..

jon kirkham says:


Rob Niosi says:

I’m guessing the Makita will be the victor.

Monsta 215 says:

DEWALT got this one cuz


Dewalt will win

Chris Hagood says:

I’m gonna say makita


I was wrong and shock

Joel Santiago Valentin says:


Mike Dunne says:


tracy wraley says:

The Mikita will be the best then dewalt

kawika1kalina says:

How many Hercules drills will you have to buy to do the same amount of work that one Makita or Dewalt will do? My choice for cordless tools is Makita. I learned a long time ago that the cheap tools will cost you at least twice as much to do the same job.

dimondback downhiller says:


STAGING & LIGHTING SensatioN says:

Whaaaaaaatttttt. Dewalt faild me.

Simon Sanchez says:

Hitachi all the way

John Sulsenti says:

I’ve had 3 Mikita drills – 9.6v, 12v, 18v. The 9.6 is gone because finding batteries is not possible. The 12v is still going strong after 30+ years (new batteries). The 18v was a n up grade. Have used other brands, but Mikita has proven itself to me.

Robert Andrews says:

I am rooting for the Dewalt just because I have to choose

tracy wraley says:

I would buy the Makita but I have had both Dewalt and Makita and had warranty issues with the Dewalt but my brand I have now is Milwaukee which has out last them all

Stefanò Debussy says:


Dave Guiher says:

makita hands down

Dawn beyersdorff says:


vortex0621 says:


yahoo gamer says:

Dewalt the best I have every took that make and there 60 volt battery works with the 20 volt and that last forever 9000m I have at least 10 60 volt batterys and thay all still work great and I work on a job site and we use the drills every day and all the old drills still work the 18 volt ones at least 6 years old that look like crap but that still work we abuse and drop the drills all the time thay still work I dropped one yesterday from 20 feet not joking I was on a roof and it did not land softly *sment* and nothing broke still works and that was the newest drill dewalt makes there tools are tuff and there batteries last just as long as the drill dous. DEWALT IS THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK

Joeak74 says:

You can also add the extended warranty up to 90 days after the initial purchase. It doesn’t have to be added at the time of purchase.

Armando Gonzalez says:

I think the harbor freight will be the best

Just kidding

Devin Bauer says:

Hercules doesn’t compare to any of the major brands. Build quality is crap with poor physical build, and crap heatsinking on battery PCB Mosfets, medicore drill chuck, plus seriously overrated battery which only really measures in the 1.5-1.7Ah range. Makita build quality is fantastic as are the electronic component design, though they are a bit gunshy about burning your house down, so overload protection is conservative. Dewalt and Milwaukee are also very well built

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