Dewalt or Milwaukee Power Tools?

Does Dewalt or Milwaukee make a better power tool- find out! ( at least my opinion). For years I used only Dewalt Power tools except for my Milwaukee sawzall. Find out what happens when I grab a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless hammer drill. SHAZAM! Fists of Power x2 and

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bhepp344 says:

Hey bud, do you notice a big difference in power between the 5.0 and the 9.0 batteries in your sawzall?

peter yeung says:

Can’t go wrong with either.
If you’re using it daily, go for top of the line (latest technology).

RealestRealist says:

Milwaukee sawzalls and jigsaws are great. . I always liked the old makita drills for drywall but then dewalt got really good. I had no idea that milwaykee was over there making drills. I’ll be damned.

D.E.B. B says:

I”ve been using my Makita 9.6V tools for almost 30 years, they’re still working. BUT….the new Milwaukee Fuel 12V line is pretty impressive. The 12V, 1/2″ impact wrench twists off lugnuts with ease (but not available in U.S. for some bizarre reason so I got one off ebay europe). Starting to collect the rest of the 12V fuel line, maybe finally time to start retiring the Makita 9.6V collection.

Allen Jackson says:

If you like the Milwaukee drill you should get the impact driver. Hands down top of the line tools

Johnny O'Neill says:

Mikita if it matters if not cheapest in the shop

Matthew Clark says:

Hilti, just to much $$$ but on the average consumer budget Milwaukee all the way. DeWalt=Black and Decker

Lucas Danz says:

I have always stuck with 3 tool brands Dewalt Milwaukee and Makita and I’m a farmer and we need tools that give us good power and battery life
so if somethings breaks i can always rely on these tool brands to help me get back to the field or any other job I maybe doing

BigJoe Kasulis™ says:

Like you I’ve always used Dewalt for the most part. I’ve tried others but always steered back to Dewalt. But I’m always up for a better tool with the same if not better feel. Thanks for sharing.

pointedspider says:

ive had the Milwaukee V28, yes V28 28 volt cordless combo set, the first in the industry with Li-ion batteries, since it came out in 2005. I still use these tools today. even the batteries are still standing up. the fuel gauge is nothing new. the power is unmatched by anythingbive ever touched. the only other drill that has come close to matching the power of Milwaukee is Panasonic. They make very nice power tools and are not usually found in retail.

kitty rao says:


Bruce Wayne says:

Are you fucking kidding me? Those are some old low entry Dewalt drills your comparing to the brand new Milwaukee fuel. When your not comparing apple to apple, your definitely a Milwaukee dude, you can stop trying to embarrass yourself that you been using Dewalt. We don’t care if Milwaukee is paying you or giving you free tools, your not fooling us. Even Black & Decker is better than those hug ugly Dewalt drill there. It’s funny how Milwaukee only compare it to Dewalt, Bosch, and Ridged, and not Makita. Milwaukee knows they can’t beat Makita. 90% of tools test between Makita and Milwaukee, Makita win.

Chase Olson says:

Milwaukee all the way

paul gudmestad says:

You still use a drill to drive screws? Try an impact driver! I prefer the dewalt 20volt max , well balanced and a ton of power.

Jay Chris says:

how can someone compare some beat ass dewalts to a brand new tool. . try the dcd996 and tell me how it compares to the Milwaukee..

jawojnicki says:

The onekey feature probably IS gimmicky when doing construction work, BUT for me, doing nearly 100% automotive, it is just PHENOMS! Imagine doing a brake job. You pull out your onekey app, set “1” to the torque for your lug nuts, “2” to the torque for caliper bolts, and “3” for torque for your bracket bolts. NO torque wrenches, no twisting their handles, NO elbow grease! That’s what I’m talking about! Still don’t own the onekey combo kit but I can’t wait. It’s going to revolutionize my DIY auto work. Only question is: will it REALLY be accurate on the torque settings. I’ll get back to you when I get them.

Joshua Lovelace says:

To be fair you are comparing a brand new cutting edge tool to one that is 6+ years old. The only way this would truly be a dewalt vs milwaukee drill comparison is if you did the dewalt brushless xr vs the milwaukee fuel. I have a whole set of newer dewalt tools and they are top of the heap in my opinion.

Kelpo Gaming says:

I’ve always been a Makita, Hitachi, or Bosch fanboy. Never liked Dewalt or Milwaukee much.

Nathan McIntosh says:


Power tool battery FHY says:

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William Winder says:

0:55 When Black & Decker made their first drill, which kicked Edison’s into the dirt and beat it, they used a actual gun handle.
Also Black & Decker owns DeWalt

gregall7 says:

Milwaukee drills are great until you try Makita.

Martin Davis says:

Dewalt 20 volt

Oly6t1 says:


P.G. K says:

Surprised you didn’t trust DeWalt enough to try their new brushless models first. The DCD791 and DCD991 (I own this one) and their hammer drill counterparts DCD796 and DCD996 are absolute beasts. They have many of the same features, no phone crap and the new models constantly win in power and endurance tests against Milwaukee. The DCD991 and DCD996 are also made right here in the good ol’ USA. Can’t beat that. Besides, sounds like DeWalt hasn’t done you wrong all these years, why switch now?
P.S. I definitely agree about the sawzall. Milwaukee is tops in that category. I plan on getting one myself.

Abigail Sockeye says:

The One Key is gay but useful for lights like the Milwaukee Radius. Mount that thing on a ceiling and the phone control is useful.

phillip Willis says:

used the new dewalt drills

Frank Evans says:

The best tools are made by multiple companies. To be loyal to one brand is weakening your brand.

Maryland Lawncare & Reviews says:

haha get one of the dewaults that has 5x the battery live 20v those are very powerful

victor feliciano says:

dewalt is a nice tool for some, BUT milwaukee is my pick i never had any ISSUE with there drill never….

zzz Z says:

Complete idiot ….another Milwaukee salesman . Sad that you have to try to sell the Milwaukee brand by comparing completely different tools…what a d bag

Eric Butholen says:

Try the Milwaukee impact that will blow you away

Travis Huberts says:

You can’t compare old to new

LasVegasSal 93 says:

Bro that’s like comparing a Ferrari to a dinosaur fossil!

Wilfredo Hurtado says:

Nice review, now you should try the newest DeWALT FlexVolt Cordless power tools, they are a way better than the previous ones, im 100% sure they are even better than Milwaukee Fuel because the change of power according your needs

electricalron says:

You want the BIG GUNS! Hell yes brother!

Gary says:

Great Video always appreciated as such a huge market of players in relation to power tools which are not a cheap investment for anyone.

Hemi power says:

Seems strange that an experienced guy like you would even record such a biased comparison using old DeWalt vs new Milwaukee have to wonder if Milwaukee was a sponsor of this vid?

Thomas dj kid solo Carroll says:

dewalt did that Bluetooth batteries I’m not falling for that I can see the practicality of the application as a good GPS locator if someone steals one of your tools but they constantly checking on your stuff I was said to heck with it that’s what a fuel gauge in a batteries for Milwaukee has some powerful drills and jig saws & sawzails

Cliff Adams says:

I bet it is amazing compared to those 18v Dewalts. your coming from 1990s to 2015 Lol. Milwaukee fule and Dewalt 20v brushless are essentially the same tools just different colors. I’m a makita man my self there not as gimmicky as the other 2, and the quality of tool is much better in my opinion. Dem japs know quality.

Larry Bui says:

Try Dewalt 20 Volt XR series with 5.0 Amp battery pack.

aodhanof90 says:

I use the fuel gauge all the time, anytime I’m heading out for a longer trip I always check the battery levels for my impacts before hitting the road.

I’m always stopping and assisting broken down motorists, and it’s usually on really unsafe sections of interest where I can’t afford to be slowed down by a dead battery.

Nathan Logan says:


Big Daddy says:

Dewalt beats out pretty much every tool Milwaukee has head to head and are much more durable milwaukees don’t hold up always breaking down and also your comparing a old Dewalt to a new milwaukee yeah real fair and by the way where is your old milwaukee drill probably broken

Brett Kowalewski says:

I have been with Milwaukee now for a few years, and have no regrets. What sucked me in was the 12v line of plumbing tools, the no questions asked 5 year warranty, and their continuous development of both the 12v and 18v lineups. No one else in the industry has a more well rounded group of tools for the remodeling contractor. I recently purchased the 10″ fuel miter saw and full set of cordless nailers, and all I can say is it just keeps getting better and better.

tyau1234 says:

You are comparing Milwauke’s M18 fuel lithium ion tools to Dewalt’s ancient 18v NiCd tools. You cannot compare.

sawdust 69 says:

milwaukee all day twice on mondays;-)

Shawn P says:

OK so old vs new….. now put a 4 inch hole saw bit on both of them… then do a comparison

Jeremy Cordingley says:

Makita for me

J Zoolander says:

I work in the plumbing supply industry, we have switched power tool suppliers a few times. First Makita, then de Walt, now Milwaukee. We haven’t changed for more than 6 years. Plumbers love Milwaukee tools. Out of the hundreds of plumbers I know only one uses hatachi, one uses Dewalt and another uses Hilti. They abuse the hell out of the Milwaukee gear and it keeps on going. Not as tough as before they became Chinese but still the best for durability imo.

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