DeWALT 20V Max Premium Drill DCD980L2 and DCD780C2 Compact drill – Review

We take a look DeWALT 20V Max Premium Drill DCD980L2 and DCD780C2 Compact drill For more visit

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FromThe3PointLine says:

@pptgtool thanks, you guys are a great channel on youtube thumbs up to your channel!

! How to DIY with Sammy Bones says:

I love all of my DeWalt tools. Even down to a simple razor utility knife, the DeWalt tools rock!
#DeWalt   #tools   #diy

Tools In Action says:


nita scott says:

How do you get the bits in to the drill. Not a joke i’m a 60 year old girl with not a clue to my new drill.

Tools In Action says:

@KaziuLitwin Good point. Yeah a couple of people said the same thing. Not sure their plans, but we will keep you up to date.

Aztek says:

that hole saw seems to be dull….

FromThe3PointLine says:

do the rockwell 3rill, the commercial told me to buy it, pretty convincing

Lvduggo69 says:

Funny guys !

Ps. Push as hard as u can ! That’s what she said.

arnan540 says:

So milwaukee m18 fuel vs dewalt 20v max premium drill which one will take the win?

Tools In Action says:

They hammer drill is the DCD985, They have european chargers cheers!

mushygirlsiniran says:

i hope they work well like dans new girlfriend.

CamaroWarrior says:

i just ordered the DCD985L2 and DCF885 with two 3amp batteries and charger for $145 on amazon 🙂

Tools In Action says:

@KaziuLitwin Sure we will compare it to a DCD985L2, thats the hammer drill in the new 20V line. it will be a few weeks. Thanks for watching!

Matthew Baum says:

Is there a big difference between the pancake style batter than regular

sprescav says:

anyone tried t dcd 980 on a brick wall?

Omar Hameed says:

funny thing that i have 22v li-ion adrill brand power plus look the same like dewalt

The Immersion Level says:

how do you get subs? your sound always sucks and you guys are fuckin idiots…

mjr102395 says:

@fhantazm she does. Just not for you

joël maranhão says:

No hammer drill for DCD980L2?
Can the charger be used in Europe 220V?

Mikenopolis says:

made in China is not always a bad thing. Companies that copy, design and build in China is. It’s all about the company & management and how much they are willing to put in. Apple products are made in China, but they enforce quality control. If something is 100% made in the US, price can be really high since our minimum wage is government regulated. at minimum $8 per worker these drills could in a few hundred more!

sprescav says:

anyone tried t dcd 980 on a brick wall?

Patriot36 says:

Great job guys. Keep up the great work!

PimpYouriPhone5 says:

Actually the difference is that here in the UK they are called the 18volt XR in the states they are rebranded and called the 20volt max. I found this out just recently because i just got the DCD985 Comb-drill and the DCF895 brushless impact driver 🙂 Well happy. Thanks for the video guys 🙂

65elco1 says:

no wonder he cant find a girlfriend you tell everbody about her

Barnekkid says:

Yeah, made in china isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, I really like chinese food but when it comes to tools, they can keep their stuff. If its not made in the USA (or at least made on the American continent), I don’t buy it. If enough USAmericans did the same, the manufacturers would have to bring the jobs back home. Think about it.

doarmihai says:

your sound is so low….

Dar Ghi says:

When you are drilling with a hole saw use the hammer mode!
It’s mutch better, on any drill.

Carl Liggins says:

dewalt is good for putting picture frames up and thats it !

tontaiameriki says:

That new 20v Max compact drill rocks I picked up a 20v Max impact and compact in a combo with 3 batteries at home depot for $270 today on black Friday it was the last one on the shelf if u use drills everyday I recommend the 20v Max combo set model #dck280c2

Nirotix says:

It’s not “20v” at all.. it’s 18v ONLY. They only called it “20v” to separate their old outdated Ni-Cad 18v line from the new lithium line… and to fool customers into thinking they were better than the rest.

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