Craftsman V20 Drill Driver (Teardown and Test)

CMCD700C1-10LW We hook it up to the test rig and then go full grizzly and tear this sucker apart. The question we all want answered is “Has Stanley brought Craftsman back into the Light”.

This is the CMCD700C1-10LW. On sale at Lowes for $69 plus a $10 off coupon.

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notdone123456 says:

Did he just have a 5th element reference in there about the light?

Rod Thibault says:

Hey thanks for taking time to do this video. It’s great to see. And the comments are great. Could you take apart craftsman brushless drill to compare to other manufacturers. Thanks

gonzosc1 says:

upgrading my very old school plug in tools and tried these craftsman. I got the combo pack of this drill and the impact driver. question,,,  on this drill what is the numbered ring around the chuck for???

Ray B. says:

Just watched a video and found out Craftsman’s brushless impact driver is actually a rebadged Dewalt.. Same made in USA and same part number as Dewalt .. <--- same as Dewalt brushless.. You can buy the brushed 2 tool kits with the drill and impact driver with 2 batteries and carry bag for $99.00 at Lowes and with my military 10% this would cost me $89.00.. VERY tempting! Thinking this should be OK for home use..

Evil One says:

Craftsman is just Chinese junk

James sickmore says:

2 Small strips of duct tape fix the dewalt battery wobble done it to all my dewalts.

W Hoggdoc says:

How sad to see a once well thought of brand name being hijacked by the Chinese. Personally I would sooner buy something at Harbor Freight than support this crap they are hanging the Craftsman name on now-a-days.

Gr8 M9ds says:

Stanley ownes and builds the Craftsman, Dewalt and well, Stanley. Those three need to to be the teardown comparison. I suspect the Craftsman is positioned between the others in their marketing lineup. If you remember, the last few years Stanley built the Craftsman Power tools for Sears. That arrangement was the beginning of the end for Sears

The Paws says:

BOSTITCH WALMART 160$ For both Impact and drill

Steve Chavez says:

Red Beard how do you compare it to the Bauer 20v drill driver?

Sundown798 says:

Home gamer tool will work fine off the job site. Plastic gear housing here but are the gears hard as a coffin nail? Hehe. Good vid dude!

Chris Oakley says:

To me it’s not a Craftsman if it’s not sold at sears

Dave Kirkeby says:

Why Craftsman? Did the world need another fake brand of power tools? Whose life is better because they can buy a somewhat cheaper, somewhat lower quality power tool instead of one of the myriad of other better or cheaper or cheaper and better power tools out there? If this was a legitimate new brand that might bring new ideas or improved competition, great. But this isn’t anything like that. ETA: I forgot one group of people with my comments above. There are people who want for red power tools and up to now they have been shut out of the red tool market because the existing red brands, Milwaukee and Hilti are on the expensive side. These people no longer need to suffer the insult of having to except Harbor freight light blue (ugh), Ryobi blue and DeWalt yellow. These people can now satisfy their red tool needs at reduced prices. Well done Stanley and Lowe’s.

Joe Smith says:

Hey Mr Bear! Me again. Some guys I know are trying to build a new food pantry for vets and families of current troops. Hope it’s ok to post link here for all the cubs to share or chip in a few bucks. Thanks for the videos. I told people shopping at Harbor freight about you today. I scored some deals there!

charredskeleton says:

I really don’t like the direction Stanley b&d is taking craftsman. I’m consistently seeing them priced just slightly below dewalt. For 20$ more I’ll buy Dewalt. Cheapo cordless I’d go Ryobi, that’s what C3 craftsmans were which is what I’m using now, I like them.

blueovalfan23 says:

I’ve got a cheap black and decker cordless. I’ve used it to run one of those pumps. Crazy stuff.. i know many companies outsource manufacturing and slap their name on it. Kind of surprised.

Michael Hodge says:

Craftsman tools carry a mabuchi motor.

SUBI 13 says:

Sorry but you ain’t Ave

Cave Troll says:

Got to luv the 5th element reference.

Lyquidskye says:

Paid $49 for this drill today!

Michael Hodge says:

Do a teardown video about the craftsman cordless nail gun.

chadwick hayes says:

It’s a home owner tool people calm down it’s just as good as a ryobi and that is its competition not a fuel Milwaukee give me a break

victor gonzalez says:

lol, take care of your self.

Stewart Harrison says:

For the aqua test, why not “prime” the pump with a shop vac?

OblivionDio says:

The lowend drill in this video does not demonstrate the quality aspect put into higher tier models such as the new CMCD720D2 which compares with the DeWalt DCD791.

Infact there are 6 new craftsman cordless drills. 4 drill/drivers and 2 hammer drills.

Dr Bee says:

I’m always amazed when consumers react to perceived (brand) quality and price. For less than one hundy I bought a nice Bosch set, 12v drill and impact. As a heavy use homegamer these will probably last a couple of decades and they are MUCH more compact

Justin Church says:

Are you calling yourself a bear for homosexual tendencies, or because you’re a big guy?

crunch9876 says:

My tool brand preference in order
1.kobalt 24v
2. De Walt 20v
3. Milwaukee 18v

But my question is why is the drill being slow important…. your suppose to drill slow… and driving screws a little slower isn’t a big deal and will probably result in less camming out. Maybe it just has a steeper fear reduction? But it’s probably just a lower grade motor.

Colin D says:

Dude it’s a cardboard tray. Just lay the box down flat and slide it out, instead of dropping it all over the table.

Brads Workbench says:

Anymore history lessons coming up?

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