Cordless Drill Upgrade – Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit Unboxing

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We recently purchased a Black & Decker cordless drill for use on our off grid homestead and our multiple construction projects. The charger on this drill broke immediately rendering the drill useless, so we returned it and decided to instead invest in tools of quality that would last a much longer time. We decided to try out the Makita XT248M 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit!!

This combo kit consists of a brushless hammer-driver drill, an impact driver, (2) 4Ah batteries, and a battery charger.

A full review will follow once we have some time under our belt with these tools, but so far we’ve been using the Makita combo set for three days and are loving it! The 4Ah batteries charge in just 40 minutes (we timed it), we are loving the impact driver drill, and one of the drills sustained a 12′ fall from a ladder with no damage!

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Rodrigo Botta says:

I love your the content, I have one of this charges and i don’t use it anymore since I lost the drill at a job site, if you still need a extra charger give me your address so I can send it over to you.
thank you for all the info.

Jack Epley says:

The more I watch you both use this tool the more impressed I am with it’s power. What do you like about it and what do you wish was better? Thank you! – Jack

tenminutetokyo says:


Tomas Av. says:

Makita is china made. plastic chuck. very little bl motor, so it will overheat quickly and will turn off by controller. look youtube metabo vs makita russian video, Metabo have almost twice the size of bl motor. Makita just ripping off people.

Myles Nicholas says:

My el cheapo Ozito drill with two 18 Volt batteries was under $30, if it fails after 5 years so be it.

Jimjim Skimmer says:

I bought this last week. Simply the best drill out there. AWESOME!

Bikerpumba Jh says:

killed my battery before the makitta, always loved it since i got the first one at work.

thelasthallow says:

i just watched a video where one of these drills failed and started smoking, i wouldn’t buy this brand.

Tomas Av. says:

makita is china crap. wanna real tool Metabo. same price.

rockymountainman7 says:

Bosch DeWalt Milwaukee Makita make great tools and i got all four brands in my shop. I too made the mistake trying to save money buying a cheap brand. That’s how i learned to go out and buy proper tools the first time.

Jay says:

Tension on the chuck ratchet lol…

moses500xmc says:

I like Makita tools but for drills, I have to say Dewalt all day. We purchased 2 back in 2002. They are still up and runnin and we purchased another one 5 months ago. Thanks for the video. Thumbs up for sure.

JayMicks OzarkOffGridHomestead says:

Hey, that’s the Mikita set I bought. I love mine! I bought it to replace my old Mikita that I could no longer get batteries for. I had that Mikita for 15 years before the batteries finally died forever. I made my living off that drill for 10 years. Mikita makes some awesome products.

Random Seventy Two says:

Watching your videos in order. While I was watching the black and decker unboxing video, I didn’t want to be rude and say what I was thinking – ”that’s a piece of junk”. I guess you found that out the hard way. Glad you got yourself a quality drill set. The 4 batteries is nice, never an excuse to take a break. 😉

Mihai Rotaru says:

I have a Makita DHP481 brusheless.After 2 years of light use imediat after end the guarantee the electrical part is kaput.Makita brusheless motor is garbage.

HappyQuailsFarm says:

I think it helps to hold it perpendicularly and guides are sold for ensuring this plus you are less likely to strip your heads.

Musikjunx says:

What kind of bit holder and bits can you recommend for the impact driver?

Andrew E. says:

Black n decker is junk.  It’s what i have, but I’m not building a house w/ it. Just putting in a screw here and there….

Ju Rehman says:

Its a nice review, but I noticed something also, is there any difference b/w Black & Decker;;;; and Black+decker… I have seen many products in Walmat with name Black+decker,,,,,,, while I had a juicer with sign ‘&’.

DoItWithMatt says:

Is the house addone thingy just sitting on bricks? its not concreted or dug into the ground?

defpixel says:

I find b&d to be pretty reliable actually, only been buying them in the past year or so though. My only gripe is that they were a little more powerful. But get what you pay for I guess. Also on my cordless drill the chuck often loosens when I use it for unscrewing bolts.

Hypatiakitten says:

Welcome to the world of professional tools. Just discovered your channel and I’m loving catching up.I run my own property maintenance business here in the UK and when I started up made the mistake of killing several drills before realising why contractors pay the money they do for tools. There is just a world of difference between doing an occasional weekend DIY project and what you guys are embarking on. I now use Makita almost exclusively though DeWalt is very popular right now with many UK contractors. Interestingly, I guess because of the internet, Milwaukee and Festool are starting to enter the market; not regular brands in Europe.Look forward to seeing you guys progress. Best of luck.

John Puccetti says:

Makita was the gold  standard years ago. But now Dewalt is best buy 70% made in USA. If you want to spend a little more Milwaukee is the new gold standard.

andrea H says:

bought this for hubby not to long ago. when he went to charge it as few months later. it wouldn’t charge. is there a way to see if we were sold dud batteries or the drill is broken please.

abas al qashami says:


HogeN1337 says:

i see the give away are 3.0ah thinking they want them out of stock 🙂

DJ Loco says:

Umm.. that ring with numbers neither “sets the tension on the ratchet” nor “adjusts the depth that you want the chuck to stop at”. It’s the adjusting ring for the fastening torque, 1 being the minimum and 16 the maximum. It works in conjunction with the action ring (the ring behind it, the one with symbols) set at “screwdriving operation”.

Here’s the link to Makita USA page for the combo kit that you bought (XT248M, visible 2:12 – 2:20):

Click on the link to the hammer-drill page and download the manual.


I needed a drill a few years ago. I wasn’t sure what to get. Menard’s had some cheap off brand on sale. My husband said it would work fine. I needed to drill some small holes in some wood for my bunny. The drill dragged just doing that. Never will I buy cheap again. In the long run it’s NOT cheap. I have a Bosch hand held sander which I used to sand a whole floor with. It’s still going strong.

Majmua Tul Kalaam says:

is this video made for insulting black and decker??
dont take it serious just reply yes or no

Machiel Kruizenga says:

Black and decker tools are pretty shitty

Machiel Kruizenga says:

Makita tools rule!

mateollios 67 says:

So don’t buy DEWALT because there owned by black n shit

John Kohler says:

Come on everyone hit that like Button there’s 73,000 views and only 500 likes it helps these guys out a lot if you take a 1/2 a second to hit the like button for them and their channel they deserve it they have a great channel.

sparky24 says:

The batteries on the makitas have a design flaw they have a chip inside them that senses for battery damage if you get the batteries cold and run them dead it can set it off and render the battery useless because you cannot reset the chip. It happened to me twice and I found out that there is a class action lawsuit against makita because of it. Pretty discouraging considering i thought i had finally bought a tool that was high quality only to have the expensive batteries fail when they are working perfectly fine because of a pointless design flaw. I really dont run my stuff hard either just for around the house stuff i run air tools in the shop.

Basically if you dont want them to fail dont run em completely dead and dont run em dead in the cold for sure.

Kerrie Grant says:

i bought a makita set, and though i’m in my late 70’s, being now a widow, it has proved a godsend, fantastic make and saw off the other my husband had, so i gave them to my neighbours, good product

rolando garcia says:

you smart bory you have great tools

Showemright YTchannel says:

Top of the line Makita nice , and congrats on your upgrade..and Rigid brushless 18 volt not bad too…I have neither ..i work with the Porter Cable 18 volt lithium …..but my next purchase will be the Makita brushless or the Rigid.

Rocky guzman says:

how much you pay???

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