Compact 18V Drill Shootout – Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, Metabo & Panasonic

oztooltalk put 6 leading brand’s compact drill through their paces to see who will reign supreme! We’ll select a hammer drill winner and a drill driver winner. Models are as follows:

Bosch GSB 18 V-EC / DDS183 [Brushless]
Dewalt DCD796 [Brushless]
Makita DHP480 – XPH06 [Brushless]
Milwaukee M18BLPD / 2702 [Brushless]
Metabo BS 18 Quick
Panasonic EY74A1 14.4/18V IP56

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Spec Sheet here –
Hammer Drill Scorecard here –
Drill Driver Scorecard here –


Mustapha Mus says:

shut up makitta is the best ever

Joshua Sturt says:

i would have taken away Panasonic for hitachi

Fishing with wooly says:

Guys the Milwaukee has a 5 amp battery

Dr Ralph Kennedy says:

Fantastic review guys. Metabo are over-rated IMHO and impossible to get serviced or repaired. Dewalt always win on spec but end up in a skip a couple of years sooner than other brand – but they are usually well out-specced and dated by the newer models by that point anyway so its an excuse to upgrade. Makita or Milwaukee you cant go wrong.

Sgtqman19 says:

We run Makita and I can say this model of their drill is pure shit. We were installing Nova Brik on a house. We went through 3 drills on that house. Brand new drills. Clutches gone. Have had a total of 7 burn up.

Chris Piggott says:

Would be interested to see how the new Makita DHP484 stacks up against the DeWalt. Any chance you will be testing one any time soon?

John Smith says:

Great presentation fellas ,however I haven’t used a 2amp cordless since 2002 or thereabouts and am still using my Panasonic which dates back to 2004 its a 3.5 amp

World of RANDOM says:

i think you are a are aa bit unfare towards bosch and makita

Alex MCBRIDE says:

The Makita always had the disadvantage because of the smaller amp batteries

Mike E says:

When I’m metal roofing for my mate his Panasonic outlasts my makita all day

Gerard Bonus says:

IMO, the larger battery pack gives more power, not just a larger fuel tank. I have experienced this myself ~ it’s not acknowledged by the manufacturers, but there are a few vids on utube that support this contention.

After being unsuccessful in lug nit test on a Jeep with my DCF885 and it’s supplied 1.3AH battery, it was triumphant after I added a 5AH battery. Yes, not scientific, I could have loosened the nuts etc,etc. But my butt says there is more to the bigger battery than just ‘more fuel’ ~~~

conor finn says:

why no festool reviews???

Scott Kessler says:

Hi guy’s, as always informative and without bias. I’m a Metabo owner and have the top end hammer drill with the 6.2 batteries and personally wouldn’t go back to a compact due to lack of power but the Metabo is great for fine work with its clutch settings and I can punch a 30mm hole in brickwork. The weight does wear after a a couple of hours but the versatility is brilliant. Each to their own but I say go big with a drill that can do small jobs delicately.

donayre21 says:

You guys really need a new camera.

Alfredo Zambrano says:

hilti is the best.

Isaac Martinez says:

i got the 20v dewalt brushless hammer drill hands down best drill i ever seen on the field

Chris Lentz says:

the Milwaukee wasn’t a fuel model….

man9170 says:

Nice comparison, where did you buy the dewalt dcd796 from? I can’t find them anywhere.

Tgif Dad says:

is that the newest bosch drill

Built By Chris says:

Hey guys, I’m a Dewalt man. All my tools are Dewalt. Your review makes me happy to know that I have chosen a very good tool. Thank you. Keep the reviews coming.

Mach 26 says:

dewalt is te best power

TheTopMostDog says:

Man, I’m in the market for replacements for the old Makitas dad had 5+ years ago, and I think you might have just sold me on the Dewalt which was my 2nd choice up until this video. Hadn’t settled on which exact model Makita, but if they’re continually being outdone by the competition for similar prices, then I don’t know.. What’s the news with them these days, is that specific Dewalt still up to snuff? I can find it online in a bundle with an impact for an acceptable price.

Shaun Williams says:

My makita is fantastic, had it since 2007 (white US MODEL), however a lot of tradies I have come across have had numerous gear select and trigger issues with the Dewalt. Shame you didn’t have the Hitachi in your head to head.

jeffrey hollink says:

panasonic has ah 14volt impact driver whe got one that thing i great

Peter Owens says:

Surprisingly (NOT) the practical field reports of performance & longevity are not predictable using your evaluation scores. Must conclude that there is much more to this than is revealed in tests. However It’s plain one or two models were not up to it.
BTW I agree all test should be done with the smaller (generally 2 Ah) batteries, that’s what you use to keep weight down.

Our Build says:

Putting in the hard yards guys, hows the wrists after those hammer tests 🙂

Great work as always!!

Jojo Peacock says:

The reason why the Bosch performed so poor is probably an issue with the switch, which is demonstrate here. It’s in German but you can hear and see what the problem is:

Andrew Eldridge says:

first off, you should have used the makita xph12. compared to the other lines you used, it would have been far better and fairer. It’s obvious you guys have some kind of deal worked out with dewalt since you ride their jock so hard. literally every comp they win. wonder if it’s just a coincidence your logo and shirts are the same black and yellow. hmmmm? I’m a carpenter and have used every line of tool their is. dewalt, despite popular belief, are absolute garbage. bosch and metabo are also junk (except for bosch sds hammer drills and metabo angle grinders which are quite good) milwaukees are a close 2nd but makita is the best. nothing lasts as long, runs as smooth, and gets the job done like makita. literally used a dewalt the other day that my buddy got about 7 months ago. it was their top of the line 3 speed brushless impact driver. it felt like it was full of sand and struggled to keep up with my XDT01, an older model makita I’ve had for years. I don’t know how many 100000s of screws I’ve drove with it and it still runs as smooth as the day I got it. let alone the new xdt12 I just got that blows everything away period. you can do all these biased reviews all you want, but coming from a professional that’s actually using these tools daily on site and putting them through real everyday tasks and uses, you guys are full of it.

john briscoe, jr says:

so far I’ve seen 3 difference videos where you both are compare all the tools is the dewalt the same in every video? If not, what is the name of all 3?

Robert McGuire says:

I used to be a big Milwaukee fan boy but since a few years I haven’t had much durability luck same with dealt although defaults making strides to be better, hiliti is hiliti amazing but you’ll pay, Bosch I gave a chance extremely durable tool with the brute hammer drill/driver would out run the brush less in concrete can’t wait until they make the brute brush less not this drill shown here isn’t meant to be their strongest just a test run with brush less, I threw my Bosch off a 40ft building put it in water froze it ran over it with a truck still worked only thing was my impact got a little buggy and it was hell finding a service place

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