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Vint says:

Nice but far to expensive for the average contractor. Nice drill though.

Blurrdd adf says:

Where’s the cocaine and blowjobs.. lol Last time I said that, the lady at the counter dropped to her knees.. then hit the alarm lol

Zedus 1982 says:

The Drill without accus and charger costs only 250$. 700$ is with two 22V 5.2Ah accus and charger, all in a box.

DSG says:

IT HAS TO FEEL GOOD IN YOUR HAND BECAUSE IS A 700$ drill.Eaven if it doesen’t feel good in your hand you have to say it feeals good.

Shipwreck Diving says:

My old dewalt/hammer drill lasted almost 11 yrs. of day to day abuse. Hilti does look great though.

V.Vega says:

The makita seemed better tbh

Tim Funck says:

battery mooch!

Cameron 98 says:


Shelly C says:

We had hilti drills for our fleet (millwright). And we’d beat the piss out these things drilling stainless steel, dropping’em getting them wicked hot till you need stick weld gloves to hold them and dirty as all hell.Might have burned one out in my years but she’d be smoking while drilling a 1-1/4″ hole through 3″ stainless plate and it just wouldn’t quit. wicked drill for sure.


“Hear that?”

1960fusion says:

My new favorite BoobTube Channel, thanks for the info,entertainment and time that you spend edumacating 🙂 us!

Tom Wisniewski says:

Shoulda just took pictures

Jason Vandervalk says:

No bubble wrap awesome! We need more people like You!

1badpete999 says:

Wy pay 8 times the price of a higher end dewalt ,just buy 4 consecutives dewalts and you’re set for life it might be 3X better but not 6X you can buy a decent Dewalt with a front gear metal casing , for me these german imports are like brand snobbing like look at me i’m a professional making tons of money a bit like Dyson Vacuum marketing hype ! For me there’s to much plastic on their drill casing the front end should be a metal casting for when you will drop them from a ladder !!

Jasiri says:

Makita= maxschitta

yardfullaparts says:

Wow, how does one learn so much about plastics?

Richard V Sassoon says:

after my most recent contribution to the insatiable thirst for stolen tools here in Seattle, I cautiously approached Hilti for replacement drills – Because mine were all stolen – if you didn’t decipher the encrypted message at the beginning.
The cost for the drill w/charger, 2 batterias, etc. was almost $300 – mine is the SF6H-A22, on account of I’m just a 150 lb, chimpanzee…BUT the helpful gal at Hilti said i could buy just the body for $149. Since I have about 5 chargers (ever since I stopped carrying the charger with me but each drill has a battery) didn’t need another one and the chargers work retroactively in many cases – that means they charge multi generations. So 3 drills gone in the blink of an eye and one is currently replacing all three for $149 and the extra battery that was inadvertently left at a job site.
My basic point is this – once you’re invested in a Brand, it is not that expensive to replace a component should it grow legs and run away.

Amos Mccleese says:

This guy is both hilarious and informative.

Kartboarder22G says:

You can request a tool schematic on there website. Basically no way I’d buy this drill.

WaldoUnited says:

i wonder if a drill like this rated for sub zero use has epoxy covering the circuit boards to mitigate tin whisker formation. if you don’t know about tin whiskers then google it, it’s a serious problem.

plad plad says:

In their demo they showed that charger charging 2 batteries simultaneously by placing one on each ends. (1 0 0 1) config.

Hans Landa says:

Just doesn’t look like seven-hundred Canadian Imperial Credits worth of machinery, to me….

2009mechanic says:

LOL where’s the cocaine and blowjob ,Ha,Ha

J Potter says:

Makita? ‘MaKillya, obviously

peter blokhuis says:

Some Zebra labels will stand up to nearly any chemical (Z-Extreme 5000T) while other Zebra part numbers give up their lettering at the first touch of sweaty hands.

virgil kane says:

I bet it is made in the exact same factory the Harbor Freight Hercules cordless drills are made in . I bet it is the exact same quality .

Duc Nguyen says:

The metal piece left over was from the front of the battery connector, toward the drill bit.

Foxirus says:

Let us hope those samsung batteries don’t go the route of the Samsung Note 7 Batteries. I would say you would have a house sized bomb in that case.

wooden tool boy says:

the older 2009 drill and drivers had the shop lifter thing in them in the same spot

Bob Best says:

It a great tool I used Hilti all the time

Scott Mc Logic says:

Looks like a cheap drill from Aldi but looks can be deceiving I guess.

junior B says:

There is no doubt that you know what you’re talking about but if you tell me that Hilti is better then Milwaukee or DeWalt you are out of your fucking mind

David Boyle says:

Your an idiot

scoobtoober29 says:

You can now buy this drill on the street and I mean “HD” for 420 freedom bucks. Two batteries to boot

Vallhund says:

Buy a Tesla and take it apart.

CDP135Z says:

So you’re leaning to Makita for the recommendation, right?

orion khan says:

You’re definitely right about taking pictures not working… when I was working in electronics repair (when that was still a thing) we got an early Philips plasma TV to fix. We were sent a replacement “light engine” in a travel case 10x bigger than necessary with no instructions, so my boss made the “take pictures” comment. This was a $10000 TV at the time and was so over (or under) engineered they even went so far as to use 4 different types of screws !!! When I was done, parts swapped out and the set working, I had 78 screws leftover and damned if any pictures could have told me where they went…

gaelfrenchy says:

hilti makes a big difference in tool never use anything else on concrete

Sallah Salah says:

fk u

Jan Hendrik Franke says:

Why would you fuck your warranty on such a tool?

Chuckin Trucker says:

Looks cheap, you got ripped off

Adam Woody says:

Love your videos keep it up!!!

Daniel says:

You should test each motor for raw torque.

R.J. Mx says:


David Antony Reid says:

My old man bought his first of many Hilti’s back in 1990. I served my time with it as a kid working for him, and when he died 2 years ago, the TE72 he bought back then was, and still is, as solid as ever; it works perfectly every time and I have absolutely no doubt it’ll still be going strong in another 30 years. It really has done the most incredible amount of work in its life time, too – it’s an absolute MACHINE! I contacted Hilti when I inherited a lot of his kit, mainly because I broke another drill being stupid, and they happily transferred them all over to me, and have agreed to honour all of their servicing and repairs in my name! They will not charge me anymore that £70 UK for “any” repair. The are not only the muts nuts for the tools they make, but they’re absolutely incredible for customer service too!

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