BOLTR: Dirty Secrets of Harbor Freight HERCULES | Better than DeWALT?

We cut the BS surrounding the lithium Hercules drill from Harbor Freight. The marketing claims it’s better than DeWalt. It isn’t. I’ll show you harbor freights dirty little secrets.🔥Safety Squint T-Shirt!
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Ted Garrett says:

The 72 virgins are all male.

Tim Turner says:

I Fuggin LOVE this video! haha Your lexicon cracks me up. I leave a youtube comment once every 8 years… But this one inspired me. Perfect mix of knowledge and every day familiarity! What part of the country are you from just out of curiosity.

Larry Hutcherson Sr says:

I was quite surprised to watch you pour the water onto the table and soak your phone and meter. Thanks for that.

bangkokgal says:

2 things: I purchased a B and D rechargeable drill in late 80’s, and it sucked. Batteries not removable. Second, I am most impressed by the fact you did not remove your wedding ring, but chose to insulate with tape. Tell your wife she is lucky woman to have a brilliant man like you. On the plus side, using due diligence, I have purchased Harbour Freight tools with great satisfacion. Caveat Emptor.

Samsonian Pitydafool says:

A question for the big man behind the vids; do you subscribe to or watch the videos put out by the Post Apocalyptic Inventor? You are both very skilled with the electronics and know what designs are better. I also love that he takes on funky projects with tossed pieces of electronics and electric motors and such.

Rebel1280 says:

If there is one thing i learned is that need to get the best chooch for my chach when i spend my hard earned doll hairs.


This…this is the good stuff right here. What Canadian hole do you live in? Keep up the videos!!!!

Fred Howell says:

I love Harbor Freight. For the typical do it yourself’er, you can fill up a whole shop full with tools for 1/10th the cost of the more expensive brands. There are always bigger more expensive options, but that doesn’t mean their tools don’t fill a need for their target consumer. Not everybody needs to spend $1000 on a drill, or need a $10,000, 100% duty heavy wire, welding set up. For the home shop, their stuff is great.

CJ Leach says:

After only 3 videos, Sub’d. Extremely knowledgeable with colorful explanations!

Ted Garrett says:

They’re using actually American petroleum in Plastics that we mr. Clinton signed back in his day until almost forever. but I like your show it’s pretty nice you’re down and gritty you rock man!

Not Sure says:

looks like the black & decker 20 volt

Bill23799 says:


What frightened it?

Bobby Bowers says:

Its a cheap drill bro for home use it will work just fine around the house

duck poop says:

33:48 you will still get 50wh from the hercules battery pack, the cells inside the pack are new better quality li ion cells. I made this comment before you looked at the cells number btw. Your sweet 5 amp hour dewalt battery gets 100wh and its still just 10 cells like that old milwaukee pack you fancy.

John Drake says:

Howdy, junk is junk. If you make a living with your tools, expect to pay for quality. If not, they are disposable.

Michael Jay says:

Look! Something good can come out of Canada. Good job.

Enginerd says:

Old vidjeo I know… but any ideas why tool companies use lithium ion cells exclusively and not lithium polymer? Seems to me the energy density, durability, long term storage stability of polymer batteries would make them the obvious choice for power tools yet every battery you take apart has ion cells in it. They are cheaper but can that really be the only reason? I have also never seen a polymer battery with a management board on the furgin battery itself, they are just cells wrapped and soldered together and the charger/drill manages any battery connected. What the hell am I missing here?

Paul Bartlett says:

A little work with a dremel and they are interchangeable

Mutey says:

the way you talk is the best.

scot spiess says:

You get what you pay for at HF. But most of HF’s tools are made over seas by Black & Decker witch all so makes Dewalt.

cortedemico says:

38:00 no fncks given… love it.

Tim Maguire says:

I bought this same drill and came home frome work one day and it was screwing my wife! This drill is not to be trusted

Joe De Jesus says:

Great Review on the Hercules portable drill thanks!!! I’ll be sure not to buy one.

Deft Motion says:


Charlie Rothwill says:

He can’t pronounce anything

McLarty Woodworks says:

Hercules is made in the same Chinese foundry as the Dwalt tools. It’s common practice in tool manufacturing.

Robert Parzych says:

Are you trying to be John Wayne of Harbor Freight?

ARMD CO. says:

I thought I was listening to John Tesh if he was a Canadian redneck if there even is such a thing. Anyway I watched the whole video just to hear his strange language

Me TU says:

My husband calls you my boyfriend..l guess he maybe a bit jealous I will listen to you and not him…jk

Anywho, I have a question, you are a speaker of skookum… If it isn’t skookum, you explain why.

Battery chargers- Can you pulla apart a charger?

Notlaw47 says:

Having “found” H.F. some decades, I have many of their products. Most (if you compare the so call “American made”) would allow replacement with new items several times. The main problems I do have fail, and have experienced are the rubber parts and some black plastics. The “odor” as mentioned in the video is very strong in tires, handles, and rubber like grips, etc.
Some of the hard, black plastics break and crumble (as in rolling canvas cases) whether kept in doors or out. These almost all fail at about the same time (the old “planned obsolescence). Still with all said, exellent return policy and comparison wise to “name brands” it beats paying $80 for a name rechargeable battery to a H.F. at $30 (buy new near 3 vs 1).

BOB Mar says:

Your the deadpool of tool reviews lol.

Ascended696 says:

I have to look up a video on my Makita 18v impact driver… I’ve used that thing daily for close to 3 years on job sites, it’s traveled thousands of km’s in the back of a work van, fell of 10ft ladders onto concrete multiple times. Been used to take motors apart and it just keeps on tickin.

sam mason says:

i tried harbor freight its good for what its for one or two time use,then throw it shit for poor boys.

Igotnogod says:

this is very jargony

Robert Harrington says:

It’s not kinda stealing, it is stealing not that corporate america isn’t also stealing

bfjb70 says:

42:55 Every group of friends has a Donnie. If you look around at your friends and can’t spot the Donnie, it’s you.

Sebastian Ramadan says:

Neodidlium, you don’t want your magnets to be smaller in width than your copper coils; if you imagine the magnet as a sliding window for voltage flow across the copper, when there is no magnet, you get no voltage. I suppose you could try doubling the number of magnets, and halving their sizes… but can you imagine what that will do to your AC sine wave?

Don Juan El Californio says:

he’ll never get that thing back together.. never..

Robert Sand says:

Where’s the video of you putting it back together?

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