Best 18 Volt Drill Under $100 – DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Ridgid, Ryobi, Hitachi

We tested ten 18 volt cordless drills in a head to head competition to find the best drill. Let the games begin! Use the links below to help support this site. Thanks!

The models tested include:
DeWalt DCD777C2
Milwaukee M18 2606-21L
Makita XPH102
Porter-Cable PCC608LB
Bosch DDB181-02
Ridgid R860052K
DeWalt DCD771C2
Hitachi DS18DGL
Ryobi P1811
Craftsman 5275.1
Black + Decker LDX120C
Drill Master

8th place Ryobi – I forgot to include the Ryobi in the video but I meant to say… In 8th place is the Ryobi. I used this drill when building my deck and I thought it was pretty good. It worked after sitting out in the rain. I dropped it a couple times and it kept chugging. But performance on all the timed tests was pretty slow. For example drilling the 1” hole at 7.1 seconds is towards bottom of the pack. It was also last at drilling the 2” hole at 78 seconds.


Scarry Polpetta says:

I think you just have had some bad luck with the makita
It’s my winner, makita is for pros, their products are designed to survive everything, they should not break like this

logan chamberlin says:

Why world you add a drill that isnt under $100?? And since u put in the dewalt brushless why didnt you put in the makita brushless?

Belzo Graphics says:


Marty Higgins says:

Wow, you put a lot of work into that, and made a terrible mess on that nice tile floor…..all in the name of info for your fellow man. Super job.

Jmichael Isbell says:

I keep waiting for a drill that is cordless, but also, wired. That way, you can keep working if the battery runs out, and you don’t have time to wait for it to re-charge. Yes, I know you can buy two batteries, but for me, the other reason is jobs where you really don’t need the convenience of battery power and the chord is really not in the way. In those cases, why run down the battery/batteries at all?

Peter Owens says:

Good review but it’s important to note:
A unit supplied with only 1 battery must have a fast charger.
In practice all drills need 2 speed options.
You did not mention the quality of the chucks which is very important.
Warranty is also important ( did you attempt to claim for your broken Makita?)
It’s generally not long before even a DIY user needs to drill into concrete, so hammer drill feature is highly desirable.
The less than USD50 drills are really “disposable” & a complete waste of money.

Cloyce Smith says:

Totally disagree about Porter Cable. I have had four in the last three years, and not one of them has had a chuck that would hold a bit. It is frustrating to be on a ladder and drop a bit.

fasx56 says:

What drill would you recommend for someone who only uses a cordless drill less than 10 times a year for simple jobs around the house, no construction or extended use.?

AWESOME Z #15 says:

I used to have that drill master before my ryobi and it was so weak

Shahbaz hk says:

my dear is malwumee m18 2606 model is also use as a hameer drill or hole in contrite

Trenton Reese says:

kobalt 24V best

Charles Berg says:

So in a sub 100$ category, the winner is a drill which costs 129? Why even have a cutoff of 129. Fuck it, make the cutoff 2 grand if you have no standards.

Silverback Wolf says:

You should have used the BIG Battery for the Ryobi drill. That battery makes a world of difference in speed and Power. Last a very long time , with a power gauge that is extremely helpful especially with the flashlight when you are in a attic. I absolutely love it for my job.


the xph07 is under 100 and shits on all of these!

Jaxson Hall says:

The dewalt was a 20 volt

Larry Huffman says:

So Milwaukee is the winner. I do NOT consider a drill that is at least 20 percent higher in cost to be in this category which is “UNDER $100.”

Капитан Очевидность says:


Review ZonIV says:

For long time running performance and Bosch Hammer Drill/Driver is bestone 🙂

Ed Va says:

I think Makita battery was the only with 10 cells in it, that’s why it performed so good. For heavy jobs use 10 cell batteries, it’s less current per cell.

Tyler Silcox says:

this is an awesome comparison video!!! keep up the good work!

Espada Hunter says:

so makita outperforms dewalt and milwaukee in the majority of the categories but comes in third. im a makita fan boy so a bit of bias of course but still…

matthew82ism says:

Very well done. I like the Price range review.

Big Daddy says:

Team ……WINNER bitches

Ryan R says:

Wow ryobi didn’t even get talked about, guess I should head back to Home Depot to return my set. For just starting out for me as an average diy I’d like to start being brand loyal to interchange the batteries with the different power tools I’ll be investing in. Which brand do you suggest I start with?

ChemicalChrisOttawa says:

Pretty honest for what I assume was donated product, ie, a shill job.
But, you did a good thorough job, no bullshit in sight, much appreciated.

Chevy513 says:

You talk about the Dewalt having the brushless motor for cheap well why didn’t you include the Ridgid 1/2″ brushless motor hammer drill that is $120 I mean not only is the motor brushless but it is also a hammer drill which is an added feature. Also Ridgid has a 1/2″ drill with a brushless motor that is only $79 I would say that is a very good price for a drill with a brushless motor and yes they both come with a battery and charger. I have a Ridgid 1/2″ brushless compact hammer drill and I caught it on sale in a kit with a charger a slim 2.0 amp battery and a high capacity 4.0amp battery for $75 I really haven’t seen any other brand selling power tools with the latest high end technology for less than that!

The Loobis says:

That’s very interesting. I wonder if Makita will have enough sense in taking a good look at this video if someone sends it to them.

Nathan Hamler says:

Wait, where was the ryobi? I mean, I’m a total Milwaukee fan-boy, but the Ryobi was pictured at the beginning but not talked about….

Luke AOD says:

I’m surprised. I would have bet anything the makita would have been the most reliable tool there. In my experience makita tools stick around far longer than anything else. Id assume the XPH102 comes from one of makitas Chinese manufacturing facilities to keep its cost low, compared to their normally very expensive lineup.

Conner O'Brien says:

Why don’t you try to warranty the makita and try it with the replacement. Multiple experiments will be the only way to be fully accurate in determining if you just got a part that was poorly made and somehow passed quality control.

Mohammad Ismail says:


Conor McDonagh says:

Makita should have won

Bullwinkle Moose says:

I thought that this was an excellent review. I do not know much about these and feel as if I learned something new. I don’t know if you were given these to try or if you purchased them yourself. Either way you may have influenced me to buy something different.

crazy Budgie hacker says:

which is the best for children under 15

Johnny Cage says:

you do understand that Brushless drills and brushed are 2 different types of drills …before you said the winner it was pretty easy to Kno the Brushless would win

Zsavage1 says:

great job thanks for taking the time and effort to make these tests..

Clinton Fisher says:

When you where testing the Makita did you use it in hammer mode? I can’t exactly tell but it looks like it might have been set to that mode when you where testing it and I’m wondering if that’s why it did so well.

Fish Pony1211 says:

Isnt the dcd 777 a 20 volt tool??

Gary Roberts says:

not hardly fair putting a brushless drill in there kinda useless yest

Jaxson Hall says:

They are 20 volt

R L says:

try using them for a living back in the day dewalt was the go to tool now they are just crap. lost count of how many dewalt clutches I have burned up

Jmichael Isbell says:

Thank you for taking the time and posting this video

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