Best 12 Volt Cordless Drills – 2016 DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Hitachi

We tested ten 12 volt cordless drills in a head to head competition. Let the games begin!

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The models tested include:
Bosch PS31-2A
Ridgid R82005K
Milwaukee 2407-22
DeWalt DCD710S2
Hitachi DS10DFL2
Chicago Electric 69360
Craftsman 17586
Black & Decker LDX112C
Porter-Cable PCL120DDC-2
Makita FD02W

Check out the write up here including links to all drills reviewed.


stefano valente says:

I am a super in industrial construction and over the past few years these “pocket drills” have become very popular, mainly with sparkys and hvac guys, and more often than not they have the little Bosch pistolinos. I would imagine the cost to performance ratio on that particular tool would be the best if all of the tradesmen are carrying them around.

Excellent review much appreciated, I think I am going to grab the Bosch drill and impact set when I see it on sale.

Allen Jackson says:

This is the first test I have seen, and I have watched a bunch, that Bosch didn’t finish last. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

Carravagio16 says:

really enjoyed your review, well done

Reese Me says:

is black & decker that bad??

Bullitt H says:

Dude where’s the fuel M12

Refuge Inc. says:

Why no Ryobi? I would have liked to see how it compared, even though I’m sure it wouldn’t come close to the top performers. Great review regardless!

Jay Rowberry says:

Loved this video! Very good way to see the real world capabilities of such a wide range of drills.

Robert Brunston says:


T Cheung says:

u said ridgid has the highest torque but why the milwaukee sunk the lag bolt deeper?

Anthony v says:

Why didn’t you use the Milwaukee 12V Fuel drill instead?

John Calmerin says:

is it just me or the Milwaukee is the best all around drill based on the performance stats.

Kelpo Gaming says:

That model Makita is a literal disgrace to the company. I love Makita tools but that is a piece of junk.

Dalton Herriman says:

Well, I’m a Ridgid fanboy so I was sitting with my fingers crossed hoping for it to win, but seeing as it didn’t, i’m at least glad it was near the top on all the challenges! Thanks for the unbiased review. 🙂

Peter H says:

That was a great review.
Thanks alot!

Yusuf Zakaria says:

i’m from malaysia..nice review

Rohan Bhamra says:

Milwaukee sucks and Black & Decker also

Braaten Safe says:

Not a suprise Bosch won when you picked out their professional, i would like a recap with Milwaukee’s M12 Fuel Then to be fair

Highstranger951 says:

The Milwaukee was the only drill in the top three of all of your shown lists so…
just saying

fisharmor says:

See, THIS is the way to do a review. No fluffing, no BS, just metrics and an objective analysis based on those numbers. My hat’s off to you, sir.

Sam says:

This is a copy of the miluakee….. I don’t understand why he went with the cheap drills….. the M12 fuel is far superior. none of these brands offer pro model exept miluakee

Devjit Paul says:

wayyy toooo expensive, do you consider the BOSCH GSR 120-li to be good (i just purchased that one), its the only good affordable cordless drill available in India. the PS31-2A is not available at offline markets and it’s only available from importers which costs double the price.

Sotero Cortez says:

why is chicago electric in there and not ryobi

best minecraftz says:

gay fagot

TheCrash2769 says:

bosh suck. did bosh pay you for this video? plus bosh drills never last and fail all the time. bosh makes great jig saws but as far as drills they suck.

ri mar says:

surprised on the Makita. this usually has a lot of high praise, of course being 12v it is regulated to light duty. even though the others seemed to outperform it, if you are going to be doing the type of work in the video you have to get past 12v for overall performance.

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