18v Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

A great tool.


bbq10 says:

Yes more doing jerk less talking

Nehal Ali says:

The battery life is longer

bloodynikka1 says:

i got this just before father’s day and I loved it but the motor seems to get too warm (it could just be me)

Best Seller Reviews says:

great tool

BOSTON says:

I just order one from amazon for 89 dollars,a hundred off,dewalt is the best…

sigzor302620 says:

On the body of this drill there a little black slot as you stated, did a phillips/fathead bit come with this set? Thanks for your review.

Harold Fortune says:

thank you for the info

JD says:

Man you talk way too much! More action less talking please!

treeman2121 says:

yeah that’s good but I’ve always been Hitachi man better warranty better fit and finish but everybody has their opinion it has about the same amount of power for half the price

Flying&Fords says:

The chucks are crap on the 18V’s produced in China. DeWalt stuck their head in the sand and doesn’t respond to service requests. It’s fine for chucking up a wire brush, but forget accurate drilling and lots of stripped screw heads from the wobbly chuck.

jesus noriega says:

Got the impact and the drill combo for 150 really nice

The Suburban Hippie Experimentalist says:

I’d say this was a very in depth review. it was tailored more towards people who have never used a cordless drill, than those who have. For example, the in depth review of the clutch. I personally would have liked to know more about how long the battery lasts(which you did breifly mention). How heavy the charger is, how well the clutch works, etc. For example, I bought a 99 Porter cable, and the clutch in one setting slips too easy, and in the next notch, doesn’t work. Thanks though

Arlene Baker says:

Thank you so much I just recieved the same drill today from Amazon. I have always wanted a good one so I am sure I will be pleased with this one. I am a woman at a young 71 years old, so time I got one. Thank you so much for that review and showing me how it works.

1thess523 says:

I just got one un yesterday not sure it’s the sam model but it was $99

Paul Richardson says:

Hi, I just bought the same exact same drill, but used at a flea market for $50.00 It works good, but on the top there is a switch with 1 and 2 but when I put it in the 2 mode, it works good, but when it stops it makes a click or lock noise, You did not show that in your video, is there anyway you can do a video with this drill you have and put in into the 2 position, and run the drill and then stop it so I can hear yours if it does that also. Just need to know if that is normal or this is messed up. Please let me know. Thank you. I have the Dewalt DC970 Drill.

jacinto perez mendez says:

que modelos son las herramientas

Matthew Coleman says:

I ordered DEWALT DC970K-2, which is this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002RLR0EY/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B002RLR0EY&linkCode=as2&tag=sweafigh-20&linkId=HS5ZOFAFKELMBXGZ

This is an “old school” drill that in fact has been discontinued by Dewalt. It has a power rating of 380 which is somewhat less than the average drill (480). Battery size is 1.7AH while most Dewalt drills now have at least 2.4AH.
This drill does not have a LED work light which is standard on all drills made in the past few years. Weight is about average at 5.2 Lbs. with battery. All-in-all for 89 bucks this is still a good deal especially for the home owner market. If you think about it, the batteries alone are worth $89…so in a sense, you’re getting the drill, charger and case for free.

Paul Bartlett says:

This is old & useless please delete.

Duke Sunset says:

Man I got mine this past week just to have the 2 extra compact batteries for my 4 piece 18v kit. The drill is nice and I have large hands and prefer it to the 18v compact that came with my kit. It feels solid and I can’t wait to punish it with some projects.

1thess523 says:

I got one from home Depot for $99 but it came with a bag not a hard case but after i charged the battery and tried it out it didn’t seem yo have the power or speed and i tried both speeds. It just doesn’t sound like what i have tried at the stores. I just got it in yesterday so i will actually try it when i get home and hopefully it was just me. I did read the warranty and it’s a 1yr battery (black top) 90 day money back, and 3 yrs defect. After my Ryobi went out and i looked at battery prices the battery warranty seems ind of important now.

zujostix says:

Nice review. Doesn’t matter if you make knife reviews normally, this is useful. And if some can do chocolate reviews and not get crap for it then why couldn’t you do tool reviews and home project vids?

Ibrahim K says:

Can you unscrew a car tyre with the 18v?

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