18V Brushless Impact Driver Shootout – Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo

Six of the best impact drivers available, pitted against each other to find a winner. oztooltalk are putting these 18V impact drivers through the gauntlet.
DEWALT http://amzn.to/2upL3OZ
MAKITA http://amzn.to/2uq0Ddl
MILWAUKEE http://amzn.to/2tZFxle
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Models are as follows:
Bosch GDX 18 V-EC / IDH182 (wrench hybrid)
Dewalt DCF887
Hitachi WH18DDL (IP56)
Makita DTD148 / XDT09
Metabo SSD 18 LTX 200 (brushed)
Milwaukee M18FID / 2753


Zachary McCullough says:

I have the bosch and on site it eats the lunch of all other brands ..
the results I’m seeing on your vids don’t match reality .

piloto night riders team says:

for me makita is better

Baskm 777 says:

check this cordless drill tool gadget, this is a magnetic bit and secrew
holder wich you can attache to your machine! to keep thing with you!

onereactor says:

I watch way to many tool reviews! You guy do these videos right great test and presentation, I appreciate it

Tina Stewart says:

Looks like the Milwaukee was only on the 2nd setting. Looks like you put more force into the dewalt too

Ancient Chi says:

I really like the design of the Bosch. the hybrid paired with a 6.3 core battery and nothing will keep up

Stop Lying says:

Moral of the story… bosch sucks

Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

WooW Good Job 😉 Crack

Salvador Facio says:

team Makita culos lol

Javier Muñoz says:

Very good and honestly done review taking in account some details that might be more of a personal preference but nonetheless important. Thank you for your effort and time invested, and thanks to your sponsors. Liked and subscribed. Greetings from Venezuela.

Trevor Cassell says:

just wondering how the Makita scored high in the power cat because it couldn’t drive the lag bolt in. Impact drivers are designed to drive lag bolts not screw, this is why they have drills which are so much faster than an impact. So if I am building a deck do I need to bring a socket set to finish the lags if i use any other driver except for the Bosch or Dewalt?

Robert B. says:

I don’t know if I’m inept or you guys were communicating much too fast and over lapping with not words but emphasis that caused confusion. You should of made a category list to talk from just like you did when you had the speed tests. In the end, I wasn’t quite sure which was the best impact driver because who would want an impact that would strip sheet metal or 1/8″ aluminum? But then I got to thinking, I can use my drill gun with the perfect clutch for that. So now what?

calthmlikiseethm says:

One of the best comparison tests I’ve seen done, you guys are very very thorough and your decision and scoring is very clear thank you again.


Makita every day of the week!!

canh le says:

how much is it

R AD says:

The title says 18v BRUSHLESS Impact driver…but not all of them are so it’s biased. Also the batteries neither are equally powerful.

Lupe Rios says:

ill take the Bosch any day!!!

Roof RT says:

This should be updated, and included, Ryobi & Kobalt

richieboy09 says:

na its all about the Dewalt! the Makitas good & my mates tell me the Milwaukees good as well but for me its all about the Dewalt 😉

Jenpau026 says:

the AH makes them different performance

clydesdalefan says:

Hilti SID 18-A  .. blows them all away… XD

Eric McPherson says:

Thanks Gents! I appreciate the review and effort you put into this!!

Raoule Espinoza says:

I’m surprised hitachi did so well, it spanked the milwaukee on a couple of the tests. I prefer to buy makita for comfort and reliability besides just power, but dewalt has better pricing and they release more of their products in the US than makita does. Some of the cool stuff makita has is not available in the US or has to be special ordered since they are not carried at depot and lowes doesn’t carry makita anymore

Skunkdog Gro says:

Milwaukee gets extra points for having an optional 9ah battery that makes it into an absolute beast and lasts longer than nearly everything short of a corded or pneumatic.

Miguel Rodriguez says:

puro pinche dewalt cabrones

Nacho Duran says:

Why wasn’t Hilti included in this!!!!!

Michael Prince says:

I love hitachi products. Been using them for years. They make some really high quality stuff.

Dirt Nasty says:

I noticed only one tool out of the bunch carries with it a 5 year warranty lol. Good on Milwaukee for offering the longest warranty.

vwartione says:

Dewalt is truly outstanding

Qua Phan says:

damn…makita and hitachi….might have to buy them platforms too

hillton2180 says:


Jay B says:

Makita is all i ever bought never regretted it

Joz Otz says:


lionel rodriguez says:

i dont see ridgid

Tighe Matthew says:

hey guys i use the T setting on my 154 no problem……..

Qrp Kid says:

I am extremely pleased with both of my Hitachi impact drivers and drill. I figure since Hitachi also makes aircraft engines, they must know what they’re doing! My experience using their tools has been great and Very affordable! I also like that my tools don’t get mixed up with the other Carpenters’ at the job site, because I’m the only one with green power tools. I will continue to buy their Robust, reliable tools.

-A happy customer.

J. DIY 46 says:

Hilti ???

Eduardo C says:

is there any aditional safety concern when using a impact driver?

wgreen330 says:

where is ryobi?

badger0888 says:

Fantastic review.
Great coverage on all the practical points that matter for contractors and serious DIYs. Keep up the great work.

killboy 633 says:

F**k you must have carpen tunnel

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