18 Volt Combi Drills Review – Which is best in test?


For a handy chart which summarises some of the key performance features of the drills we tested see: skill-builder.uk/which-18v-drill-is-best

Roger performs an exhaustive test on a variety of different spec 18-volt cordless combination drills to find out how different seemingly similar 18-volt drills can be.

Under the spotlight are:

Bosch GSB18VLI

Dewalt DCD795M2

Makita BHP459RFE

Metabo SB18LTX

Milwaukee M18CPD-402C

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TheDeathRooster says:

And these are all Li-Io

Jeton Mehmeti says:

Dear mr Roger when you start to comparison 18v Combi Drills every video what you make you didn’t put in your comparison the best power tools on the world name “HILTI” Made by German I think you know very good German quality and you have to comparison HILTI power tool with every kind of tool what you want and I think HILTI will be the winner.

Edward Siger says:

What do you consider 5 stars?

Инженер Тимошкин says:

сказочный долбоеб,только услышал английский сразу понял что милуоки “типа”выиграл заочно.

thanks says:

“new brushless technology”

……. brushless motors have been around for for quite a while..

Ancient Chi says:

that is the compact Bosch 18v a great drill but it needed the 6.3 core battery for a more accrat test.

Von Walter says:

You also need to include Ridgid Drills into this competition. Ridgid is currently the only manufacture that offers a lifetime service agreement on their tools which also includes free batteries for the life of the tool when it is properly registered.

Anwarul Sathath says:

Which is high power & best Brand power drill in all the brands?

Reviewzone III says:

Metabo SB18LTX

user3251 says:

SB–I’m a property manager and do minor repairs with ocasional larger repairs. I need a whole new Compact system. What system would you recommend? I was thinking of going non-brushless to save money.

Home depot will have a lot of black friday deals so I want to go with a system and stick with it. I’m debating– Rigid, Milwaukee, and Makita. What are they known for and how do they rate– quality, durability, and cost?

If you had to start with a completely new 18v system what would you go with in my situ?

Anyone else’ opinion is also welcome

Rubel Miah says:

I wonder what does a drill have to do to get five stars?

Ghost Hack says:

I use Makita and Milwaukee cordless tools and they have both been excellent. I’ve had no issues with the Makita batteries. They really do last a long time.

luminlights says:


Gheorghita Timofte says:

you are testing the battery mate, at least have the same amp battery in

WerHatDieKokosnuss says:

Would also like to see some more quality brands available in Europe. Metabo, Kress, Hilti, Fein etc. 🙂

Bob March says:

are you drunk?

Volodymyr Yakovenko says:

For the Heavy duty : Obviously HILTI

TheSmokingjerry says:

I have a Bosch and was well happy with it.i now have a makita 4.0ah with battery gauge which doubles up for my 36v hammer action.its da bomb…..

Tony Shrader says:

What about Ryobi?

Von Walter says:

You were comparing apples and oranges. If you are going to compare these 18v drills, you need to make sure that all of them have the same amp hour batteries installed. A higher amp hour battery will provide a higher amount of juice for a longer period of time.

Gear OMatic says:

the makita drill feautured in the review isn’t the top of the 18v line, the on showed at 3:40 is. What’s up with that?

luminlights says:


Forester226 says:

What do you make of Ryobi One combi drills?

Kovács István says:

nice toys but… HILTI IS THE BEST! 🙂

chabka34 says:

no craftsman?

Grey Jay says:

No Porter-Cable?

sawdust 69 says:

Milwaukee all day baby!!!!;-)

Peter August says:

No Festool drill. That hurts..

tomstr21 says:

Get Narex 18V a try that out! 😀

tomato totato says:


Von Walter says:

If your test didnt compare the same size Amp/hr battery in each brand, you basically compared apples to oranges.

lem096 says:

um aeg?…….

zach wasil says:

why do you try all these different tests? If you do that your actually testing the driver head, the sharpness of a bit, the design of a screw…Just use one big drill bit brand new for each drill and run it till it quits…and your actually testing the battery not the drill, if you hook the drill up to a wall power source and run it till the gears and chuck and internal machinery fail…then you have tested it.

Paul Ricalde says:

Hi Roger,
Great information my friend, thanks for posting!

Joel LeRue says:

hey in the pic in before the video starts you have a m12 fuel lol I know it doesnt matter

sdq sdq says:

bloody hell the milwaukee m12 cost 400 bucks here , wtf

djvasforever says:

Very interesting. I had a brushed Makita 18V drill DDF456, not combidrilll. Battery also 3.0 Ah. Drilling a 40mm hole in wood was never a problem on one battery. And another time I had to drill about 30 or 40 24mm holes – one 3.0 Ah battery lasted for about 5-6 holes and while drilling the other battery would fully charge. One issue I had was that the chuck was somehow badly made – bits would not hold in there long no matter how strong I tightened it. And yes, it doesn’t have a battery gauge which is annoying sometimes.

J Reino says:

DeWalt DCD785P2 not DeWalt DCD785M2

Michelle Davis says:

the milwauke is also much more expensive than the others.

logan chamberlin says:

Should have used all same sized batteries would have made it fair

Dan Allured says:

subscribed, great vid, well presented, heavy duty non bias testing! superb.

Michael Bravo says:


Kelpo Gaming says:

So many great drills out there. Ive had nearly every brand at some point. I prefer Hitachi and Kobalt. Bosch is a close third.

Thinking Positive says:

reach here for top 10 versions in 2017

ShinShinoke says:

Most biased comparison I’ve seen.
How about comparing like for like?
That’s not even a general purpose Makita – it’s a light usage brushless, completely different category.

Sweet Shan says:

For the light duty : DeWalt DCD795M2 is the best choice
For the Heavy duty : Obviously Milwaukee

Redington Hallmark says:

I wish I could give you 10 likes or more !!! Thank you!!!

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