Carol Allingham says:

Just bought one of these. Very helpful, Thanks!

nasser d says:

Worx are not to bad, i have owned a 20v drill and this saw. Its a great little saw, could do with an extra 1/2″ cutting deph and my fence broke on mine. The end piece is plastic and snapped ,(oh the wisdom of tool companies)

Jay Horsley says:

Did you have a mask when cutting the mdf

Kay Owe says:

I got a Titan version of this, cheap. Worx is good, I had a drill that the battery lasted a good few years. I didn’t need high-end for this tool. If it plunges smoothly and you can see wher the blade’s going and where it ends or you can work it out, it’s good enough.

Ziyad Goulamgookhan says:

Looking forward to buy one of these. It seems pretty nice. Thank you for this review.

Lit' AHSr. says:

SOLD! buddy

Mandy Watkins says:

Thank you as I’ve been looking for a suitable circular saw that I can control as being a woman i’ve found most on the market to be just too heavy! Your post has helped me make the decision to buy one of these tomorrow.

vince byrne says:

Thank you !!!!

hassan.atham Mizadeen says:

its verry verry nice i am looking for like this.
i love that.tools my favorit hobby

Jerry Crotty says:

Of all the good advice you did not mention the blade 10mm shaft mount bolt (you definitely don’t want to break this) it’s like all REVERSE thread to keep blade tight. RIGHT CW TO LOOSEN, LEFT CCW TO TIGHTEN. Good job.

Andres Sandoval says:

They come with thin weak blade with little kerf that bind easy. I switched them out with Diablo 4 3/8” blade. Huge difference.

plasticsman10 says:

Hey thanks for the review, nice video.

Dina Dimopoulos says:

Nice review, but it would have been helpful to us noobs to see how you got the blade on.

Zoë Battles says:

I bought this compact saw on Amazon and am watching your video first. I got it because it looks easy for a girl to handle! Your video helped me not be scared of it- thank you.


Awesome my brother i like it my wife but me one to, I will bee doing a videos soon i hope lol take care bro God Is Good 🙂

Bennie P says:

Nice review have one on order should have it by next weekend can’t wait

34stzoo says:

I have one, and I love it! It’s a great hand tool.

Kevin Robinson says:

Great video! Have you built a track or guide for it? What are your thoughts after a few weeks of use?

Yun ki says:

I got mine from worx on sale after seeing this video. I wish you had tried it on something rougher. It cuts like butter on smooth stuff, but binds alot on others. It took me almost 30 min to break down 1 pallet. Still a great buy though.

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