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Wondering what my favorite cordless circular saws are…This is not a “review” on these saws…more like a top 5 list about the current circular saws we use on site. 4 out of the 5 saws could be used for probably every task on site…but as I grow as a business, I continually look for specific tools that are the best for specific tasks. In my opinion, this is how I continually become better and more efficient. Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them. Do you have a friend that is looking for a new saw…share the video, and maybe it will help them out.

Below I will post affiliate links to Amazon if you are interested in checking one of these saws out.

Milwaukee 6 1/2″ Fuel blade left:
Dewalt Flexvolt Rear Handle:
Makita 7 1/4″ blade right 36 volt:
Makita sub compact 18v:
Milwaukee 5 3/8″ Metal Saw:

Please watch: “Building a Mancave 8: Porch roof and trim details”


Stephen Merritt says:

Flexvolt is the way to go. Everything flexvolt has the power of corded. I have the rear handle saw and it ploughs through everything.
As a matter of fact, I just sold my skilsaw mag77 because I haven’t used it all year.


i have the black saw in a blade left but its not black its makita green

Aaron Widder says:

Did you guys get hit with any of the tornados that where in Illinois? Or was that not anywhere in your area?

shin888 says:

What brand of tools have lasted the longest for you? I’m guessing most of your long term experience is with Milwaukee.

Dan Dockery says:

What is the best blades?

Peter M says:

Good review of the saws, fair and informative!

Micke says:

damn. the sub compact makita isnt available in SWE

creolelady182 says:


Worlds Okayest Farmer says:

Hey Kyle I have the Milwaukee 6 1/2 left cut also can I just put the steel blade on it like you have to cut steel or are you using another saw made for steel? I want to do that! Also do you travel often to build? I want you to build my dream shop in Pittsburgh! Later man great vids #WorldsOkayestFarmer

Tool Craze says:

That’s my problem with the sub compact saw I need that right side

Chris Jamz says:

Hey, I’ve got a bunch of Milwaukee V18 junk I’d love to get rid of. That was a huge bust for Milwaukee. I hope the M18 is better. I’ve been working with Makita ever since the V18 took a massive dump.

Dave D says:

Super saw comparison much appreciated, I agree about using a tool just because of the battery’s.I am currently doing Ryobi everything. I’d love to make the Milwaukee switch but can’t justify the expensive switch. By the way all my Ryobi tools are excellent performers, never ever failed. Love all your videos.

Ben Borsa says:

Ever done Metabohtp (hitachi) saws?

Joe Eickson says:

Sorry didn’t watch. You cannot have a top 5 saw without festool

Alvin Norris says:

Coming from a right handed guy I love left handed saws for sight alos. Your dewalt looks like a worm drive type. But for the dewalt 60v, I love the power and both feel but the battery sould last longer in such a heavy weighted tool. I’ve found nothing to stop it other than battery(6amph)

creolelady182 says:


Daniel Saenz says:

Thanks Kyle. I have been waiting for this video. You honestly gave great detail on the features and application of the tools in a way I can use for my job site. Tools can get very expensive and having someone explain a real world application in video helps in making the decisions. I wanted to add that I bought the Hitachi framing nailer not just because you said you loved it in one of your videos, but because you pointed out a few features that I absolutely had to have for a cordless framing nailer. Please keep these videos coming, it is really encouraging and makes me want to continue in the construction field.

leizer posner says:

Hi Kyle which would you recommend as the best all around saw for the DIY’r that’s only gonna buy one

imjustaman says:

m18 fuel 7 1/4 and makita rear handle come out almost everyday on our site!

Adam Lynch says:

My uncle has the same Milwaukee saw as the first one. I picked it up the other day on a job it felt weird as I’m used to blade right saws. It’s a good saw though. Except his guard is knackered.

Alexandr Yurich says:

ПРИВЕТ ИЗ РОССИИ! Смотрю твое видео, было бы отлично, если бы видео было еще и на русском языке. Многим было интересно!

Axes and alcohol says:

I would buy one if it was blade left. Consider that a Pre order!

Andre Bassick says:

Thanks, this was very helpful for me.  I really enjoy your videos.

Jared Mccutcheon says:

I’ve been drooling over that DeWalt Flexvolt saw since it came out to replace my Skill 77, but since I don’t work in the field anymore I haven’t really needed it for anything I can’t use the Skill for so I haven’t pulled the trigger. It came out right as I finished my barn, lol. I’d have bought it if it had come out a year earlier, haha.

Justin Phillips says:

I am just a hobby DIY’er but love my Makita cordless saw. Trouble is the base plate has a bit of wobble in it (from new) so have to remember to put a bit of right hand pressure when cutting to get a straight 90° cut.

jeff carpenter says:

Very useful information,Thanks.

Milwaukee Mikee says:

The Milwaukee 7 1/4 version is even better. I see no reason to ever use a corded saw Again just as good!

Frollic says:

You should try the Makita DHS680 (not sure What it is called in the states)

Its an amazing machine. 🙂

Judah Chadwick says:

I’m a leftie, and I love my blade right Flexvolt saws. That said, I do like a blade left for processing lumber, so the rear handle Flexvolt is on my wish list.

Lou Cifer says:

I like dewalts metal cutting saw blade left all the other brands have blade right and aluminum is way more durable than magnesium, drop a magnesium saw and it will crack or break not aluminum it might bend a little thats it

lacrouge1 says:

Every time you talk to Milwaukee make sure to ask when the rear handle 7 1/4 left blade m18 framing saw is coming out!

davis2022 says:

Great video – just the kind of info one needs before buying. I have a question about the Makita brushless 6-1/2 which is blade left. How would that one fit in the mix? A little bit heavier that the sub-compact and probably a little less powerful than the M18 6-1/2.

Cheng Liu says:

I have the Makita rear handle circular saw and I love it, especially considering the price. I got it last year for around $250 and it came with (4) 5 aH batteries a 2 battery charger and a bag.

Rum Have says:

I’ve had that same 6-1/2 Milwaukee fuel blade left since they came out. Still going strong 5yrs later. You aren’t kidding. Every time I put a fresh battery and blade on it, it makes me smile.

Joe Framer says:

First your a Milwaukee guy, that explains everything else. use a 6 1/2 ” blade as your no.1 saw, that explains what you do all day…
…. Remember his list is for home owners,light use…Framers ,Builders use the DEWALT 577 worm style saw, nothing comes close. The second saw to use the 575 dewalt,as a everyday saw,more power then all others.
…..he was given ,Free, the other saws which he rarely uses, thus no experience with them… because he is a Milwaukee fan as he says.
… he said he burns out Milwaukee saws for a reason, they are not Powerful saws…. Makita is better then Milwaukee but Dewalt is the best choice for Building…

Oby-1 says:

Yup Milwaukee for me.

Elizabeth McHeffey says:

I don’t feel you said much negative about any of these tool as a carpenter there are lots of things I dislike about most of these tools you seem to not want to poo poo the makers and do you really run all those different makes of cordless tools on your jobs? It’s so counter productive to have multiple types of batteries and charges , I find this hard to believe it’s obvious you’ve invested in a particular brand of cordless tool if not my mind would be blown

Cal L says:

I have both of the Milwaukee saws, they get lots of use. The 6 1/2 is light and efficient while the metal saw is a beast (it’s actually a bit difficult to believe what it’s cutting through at times) I use a M12 5 3/8 as well, that is more than enough for 2 by x work if cutting is not the main activity. Lighter is better as long as it’s sufficient for the job.

paulinator216 says:

just my guess on the difference in motor smoothness of the Makita motors vs the Dewalts. It would come down to the level of refinement on the output of the inverting and PWM circuit they use for the brushless motors. Since it has to invert the DC battery voltage into a small form 3-phase induction motor. So the closer to a true sign wave form on the output the smoother the motor operation will feel.

Scott O says:

Great video on your saws. How about a video on the blades you use for them??

Devin Haisma says:

I only use the Festool track saws

Kirk Dunn says:

Dont understand cordless fir anything other than pickup it punch list work………I am corded for just about everything

junior salas says:

Awesome content! Surprised not to see the fuels big brother on the list. That’s my fave!

FTLAUD 911 says:

Grew up using blade right. Got into the m12 line so bought the 5 3/8 saw. What a great lightweight saw. I loved it so much that I bought the m18 6 1/2 fuel. With the proper Diablo blade they cut like butter. Love both, but use my 6 1/2 now for everything. My corded blade right 7 1/4 never gets used. Once you go blade left it’s hard to go back to using/buying a blade right. Great review!!

mister z says:

U must have batteries and chargers everywhere like the rest of us, we still need a Milwaukee 12 inch chain saw, they promised me a smaller one, hope it’s out soon.

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