Top 3 Best Circular Saws On The Market!

Top 3 Best Circular Saws On The Market!

Have you always wondered which circular saw is the best on the market? Are you looking for a new circular saw to cut stuff with? Or do you want to know how the circular saw you already own is ranked? Well today we give you our top 3 best circular saws on the market!

Skilsaw 7-1/4 In. Lightweight Magnesium Worm Drive Saw with Diablo Blade:

DEWALT FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX* 7-1/4” Worm Drive Style Saw (9.0Ah Battery):

MILWAUKEE M18™ FUEL™ 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw Kit 2732-21HD:


The Vloger says:

I problem would choose the same things the marital is nice

CANADA says:

I agree with your choices

Dirt Roads says:

We use the skillsaw workdrive. The thing is badass

Aaron Repper says:

Do a proper head to head to head with them once you get your hands on the Milwaukee and do a review , either way you can’t go wrong with any of them.

French Canadian Carpenters says:

I ahve this skilsaw worm drive, and i’m agree with you, it’s the best circular saw on the market.

Tool Review Zone says:

Yeah, I’ll agree with all of these picks

Billy Stone says:

I have the first generation 71/4″ fuel and I love it! I’m sure this new one is going to kill!

joey gamer says:

You should do a to 5 or 3 impact driver or sawzall or nail guns

Renaissance Man says:

CUZ-D!!!! #1. It has CUZ in the NAME, CUZ!!!!!

MJ C says:

Thanks for the info & the links!

Electrodewelder2002 says:

I agree with your choices dude and the dewalt, skil are the best on the market as far as power tools are concerned. great choices vince!

TexasCarpenter says:

Vince! You convinced me! I pick up my first Dewalt Tool! EVER! I bought the FLEXVOLT 2.5 gallon Battery powered Air Compressor! Just got it yesterday so I haven’t put it to the test but I love the look and build on it!

KONAMAN Studio says:

What was your criteria a picking these three cuz Milwaukee is not out yet

T.J. Allcot says:

As hard as I find it to believe that there are any circular saws out there that beat out my DeWalt DWS535 worm drive corded, it’s a relief to see a Milwaukee M18 in the top three as I recently switched to the M18 battery platform.

CANADA says:

vice what time is the tool fight


Hi Vince how is your day I hope your day is going very good keep up the good work thanks for the good videos

C.J. M says:

Can wait to get my hands on the new Milwaukee saw I use to using aright hand saw thanks for the on the day of release of the saw Vince

joey gamer says:

I agree the list is great

Cousin Justin says:

*Skil is at 11*

johnnybarbar says:

Skill and Delta has dropped the ball in quality after moving production to China. I’ve gone to Makita Hypoid Magnesium at $136 shipped to my door.

John R. Hargis says:

Agree completely Vince you are truly a statesman and scholar of your trade .

MFiskeaux says:

Wrong. Cordless is the future. Period. The mag 77 and dewalt wormdrive style saw are very close in weight and 99% of carpenters would give up the cord for slightly more weight if any. In three years or less watch skill try and combat the market with their own battery framing saw.

prf says:

sidewinder can’t be top 3 man. i’d put the makita 36v instead

Nick Deters says:

Worm drives are the beast!

chipshot442 says:

Great video Vince, you are becoming a real pro………. I have the Milwaukee saw and the corded Bosch worm drive saw that I love. I don’t have the skil, but it looks great and a lot of carpenters love them. Try the Bosch out one day, you won’t be disappointed. Love the VCG Gang!!!!!

John Mcdougald says:

SAWSQUATCH!!!!!!! Cuts everything, whether it needs cutting or not.

No, I have no need, will never need, anything with a 16 5/16 circular blade. But? MERICA!

Lou Cifer says:

The Milwaukee isn’t out yet, and in my Home Depots probably another year or more, my list would be Dewalt cordless wormdrive, Makita cordless wormdrive and Milwaukee blade left 61/2 cordless saw I like alk my saws cordless and blade left

IRQVET says:

Can’t go wrong with Skillsaw, they’re a legend in a crowded field. . .

ChrisKonkleVlogs says:

Ahh on pre-order, that’s why I haven’t seen it yet, looks bad bro! I haven’t tried the Milwakee cordless, I have been sticking with the corded skilsaw (your #1) until something with power comes out. I 100% agree with everything you said in this video. Looks like I’m out of touch, haven’t even seen the cordless Dewalt 60V worm drive. I need one! ✅

Dan Soderholm says:

I really is hard to be the Skill brand. My grandfather’s (God rest his soul) is still in service to this day
I have a Craftsman brand one (that i believe was made by Skill) for 15 years. Still going strong

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