Tool review #3 (Powerplus – Mini circular saw)

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Green Genes says:

I can’t find any vendor that carries this saw or a price for it.

Houtje Boom - Be Creative says:

Great video… Can’t wait to see you making a project with it.

JD Taxpayer says:

good tool

The Belgian Woodworker says:

Thanks it a handy tool it good for cuting mdf and plywood

Ire Alma says:


Danny Cayetano says:

where to buy this tool and how much?

bhagya raju says:

tell me the price

m731s25 says:

Nice vid.

giacono castro casanova says:

how is it compared to the rotorazer?

정미경 says:

이거어디서 사나요?

ธันท์ อันวา says:


Jesus was a Carpenter says:

well done video

The Russian Woodworker says:

Great video and seems like an awesome tool. Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting a sponsorship!

Arturo Rojas says:

y en el peru hay haci como ese producto

Harry Gaul says:

I bought the Dremel Ultra saw. I should have bought the Rockwell because it only cuts 1/2 inch deep and you cannot do angle cuts with the Dremel.
Most of these types of saws have 3-1/2 inch blades which is only useful for 1/2 plywood or other materials than are less than that thickness.

Adrian Yeap says:

Good review, what’s the brand/model? does it come with all the accessories, or do you purchase them saperately?

Veronica says:

This tool seems awesome! Specially for a person like me who don’t have a shop full of tools, and who can’t afford a lot of expensive tools or maybe just don’t have the place for it. Great review! Looking forward to the project video =) Thanks for sharing =)

Robs Woodshop says:

Nice video, seems like a handy tool.

Jo Hill says:

Can you tell me the exact name and number of the saw you use? There are a couple different ones out there. And, nice video helps a lot.

Linc, New Zealand says:

great review mate, thanks

Martin Romero says:

eso es la mejor maquina que es usado

Epul supriatna says:

Very good at what price

cutflower says:

I like that it comes with the table like guide. What kind of plug was that.? Looks different

Carl Zorro says:

It’s a UK product and it cost 99 pounds = $131.52 can be bought through Amazon

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