The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman

Watch the complete circular saw review by Mitchell Dillman to learn about how-to use a circular saw.

In this video Mitchell demonstrates the use of both common types of hand-held circular saws; Worm-Drive vs. Sidewinder.

Look over Mitchell’s shoulder as he makes a series of common cuts while outfitting his small trailer to transport his Rock*N Log Furniture.

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Mitchell Dillman says:

thank you for watching tilrock!

W Moli says:

Martin Short if he had been born in America.

Angel A.M. says:

posee el carisma y sonrisa de bon scott

Izaac Wopz says:

your enthusiasm makes me lose the fear of power tools and want to cut wood that doesn’t need to be cut

t williams says:

Actually called a skillsaw because skill marketed first, Same as sawzall became a universal name taken from Milwaukee’s reciprocating saw.

cobydrei says:

are you mad?

goosecouple says:

How do you like the yellow metal saw horse?

Mitchell Dillman says:

yep, after a lifetime with one of those saws in my hand you learn all sorts of handy tricks…Thanks for watching!

tinkletoesrus says:


Kenpachi abarai renji says:

Damn indeed good tips! Thanks…

Mitchell Dillman says:

thank You for watching!

EnduranceT says:

Mitchell, this is a great explanation of these saws! I didn’t even know there was a difference in circular saws! I notice you use Skil and Milwaukee. Is either one of these brands better in your opinion? I work for an electric contractor and we use Milwaukees.

Li Zhou says:

great vid

Jeff says:

Would you say side wonders vs worm drives is a regional preference? I’ve noticed worm drives are much more popular on the west coast

shelby story says:

great video the only thing you left out that should of been added is that if you are using your finger as a guide especially on cedar 2x’s your going to want to keep that finger taped or wear a glove on that hand. A 1″ 1/2 or 2″ wood splinter will feel real good drove off in that guide finger usually being the thumb

halfstep67 says:

I have a Milwaukee 6365 circular saw. I like the way the depth is adjusted a lot better that the newer ones. The 6365 has a dovetail track that lets the motor and blade slide up and down always staying square. It cuts as square as a table saw even on thick lumber. The secret in using a circular saw is to always use a good sharp blade. Those dull blades can burn up a saw and make using the saw a chore.

Jmichael Isbell says:

Thanks, very helpful. Your thoughts on Hypoid drive?

gsimpson507 says:

badass dude. your like the steady handed, craftsman version of gardening with cisco
do you prefer a sidewinder over worm drive? im partial to worm myself

Manjula Dias says:

That was very useful video

IronCobraDestroyer says:

Hi, I’m looking for a circular saw capable of cutting through a human sternum. Any recommendations? ;D

Mitchell Dillman says:

yep, thanks for watching!

Klendro M says:

Thank you for this great video.

Mark Le bois says:

This is an awesome video! I love this brand! I found some more info on this website:

Ron Nieves says:

awesome video, you rock man!!!

clos 21 says:

does this milwaukee saw have a light?

Nalu Rash says:

nice vid man. thank you

slimtim slim says:

thanks for posting video.

selz202 says:

haha does anyone know cisco outside of Seattle?

Tool Craze says:

Great video bro!

Darrell Cheng says:

this guy is awesome

grego805 says:

You are a fucking breath of fresh air sir full of piss and vinegar ! The kind of confident God fearing American that was once common place! Cool Video!

Mitchell Dillman says:

yeah, go cut some wood, you’ll see! 😀

MUZBOZ Games says:

Great video, awesome, and I love that you made a somewhat mundane building into a fun video making session for yourself! Very handy to see the features of a decent circular saw. Thanks! 🙂

Mitchell Dillman says:

Right On…Thank You for watching, happy you enjoyed the video!

Pagansdad says:

Nice finger gauge rip technique! Lol. I like to use my pencil in the same way. The new Kids always look at you like “how are you doing that without a fence!”

Thats why its called a SKILL saw 😉

Travis Vanwinkle says:

I love this guy’s attitude

hesham hamam says:

I like very Carpentry and Atakztk of albums teachers:D

James Munn says:

What’s your opinion on 8 1/4 vs. 7 1/4 worm drive saws?  Worth the investment for 1/2 inch deeper cut?

Sword Fish says:

excellent description of both the Sidewinder and Worm Drive circular saws. Is the primary reason the Sidewinder saws are right blade is so the user won’t rest the weight of the saw on the cut piece which may increase kickback? 

El_Ectric says:

Actually, ALL portable circular saws use gear reductions (one exception I have seen is on some Core Cut masonry saws which are truly direct drive), including the sidewinder.

Phương Bích says:

This is the great video, I like it. You can read the review here and also get big discount: Thanks for posting video.

Mitchell Dillman says:

Thank You for watching…hope this helps the next time you need a circular saw! =)

tilrock says:

Nice job on the video!

benjamin massie says:

got er dun

benjamin massie says:

flip er like a 2by 4 and get er dun

janet shaw says:

Thank you!

Mitchell Dillman says:

sounds like it may work Rob but it may take a lot of time to set up…but they do make ripping guides for sidewinders and worm-drives. Thanks for watching!

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