The Biggest Circular Saw Review: The Makita VS Skilsaw Beam Saws

When needing to cut large timber, a beam saw is the best way to go. In Todays Tool Review Tuesday, I talk about difference between the two major players in the game, the OG Makita Beam saw, and the new Skilsaw Super Sasquatch. Just the name of the Skil is awesome!

The Makita Beam saw has been around for a long time, and has been the industry standard go to when needing to cut large timber. Now that Skilsaw has come to the market with the Super Sasquatch, will Makita need to step up their game? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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911 Handyman says:

You can purchase a prazzi cutter for the dewalt cordless blade left rear handle

Red Roof Inc says:

Great review, love all of your videos but I can’t agree with promoting buying tools or anything from amazon. It’s not going to be long before all of are neighbors are without jobs if we don’t support our local shops. I understand it is income for you also but let’s look at the big picture, so many things bought online these days taking a sale out of our own community.

pbj417 says:

Great review. My go-to saw is a 35 year old wormdrive Skilsaw that I bought new. It’s hefty since it’s pre-magnesium base, but is like a handheld table saw in my opinion. I also have a Makita sidewinder that rarely gets used. The new guys start with that one. I would pick the large Skilsaw for two of the reasons you highlighted- cut line visibility and a way to safely retract the blade guard on the few occasions that are necessary.

Peter M says:

Good review, well balanced and you presented nothing but the facts!

Mark Palmer says:

Excellent review. Really informative and objective. Well done.

emaildavidlehman says:

Excellent review!

j smith says:

Having visited the Makita Factory in Japan I can tell you that they quality best in the world. Japanese quality is high quality and it will remain forever I have a saw I have been using since I was 10 years old I’m now 50

Daniel Monares says:

Hola. Gracias por el video comparativo. ¿podrías darnos tu opinión respecto al uso de algunas motosierras para este tipo de corte? De antemano gracias.

Jeff Grant says:

Just wondering… how do you stay current on the latest and greatest? I’m a Technical Architect for a living, which means that I run software development teams. Probably the hardest thing to do (aside from educate the client) is to stay current with the latest and greatest tech. Not just learning it, but learning it well enough so that I then know whether it’s worth adopting for the next project… use it, or just keep on using the tried-and-true stuff already in the toolbox that has a track record and is a known commodity.

How do you do that for your gig? Conferences? Magazines? Websites? Blogs? Ever tried something new that didn’t work out as expected?

On that note… in my world, knowing what not to do is almost more important than knowing what to do, so we spend a lot of time doing postmortems on failed projects… sharing with others the “we did this and woah did it screw us over and this is how” stories to help others in our field learn from our mistakes.

Ever had anything go really, really wrong on you? Real “well that’s not at all how I expected that to go” moments?

Care to share them sometime?

Again, thanks for doing what you’re doing… very interesting and engaging!

jeffery miller says:


Razor Works says:

Great review man. Being a welder/fabricator for the past 43 years and counting, I don’t have much need for a “beam” saw, but I am currently putting together a little post and beam building out of wood, and funny I could use one of these…LOL!
Your metal subscriber…

BrokkenFrepz says:

ToolTalk Tuesday?

Heberson Haase Pinheiro says:

Very nice vídeo! Best regards from Brazil!

Ryan Chaffee says:

Only thing I wish it had is a swing table like its cousin the bigfoot brand that retrofits on a bosch or skill worm drive. But it definitely looks a little easier to handle and a much stouter base plate. Great review

Hans Wieldraaier says:

Ever looked at the Mafell MKS 185 Ec?

Denny Skerb says:

Nicely Done.

Panhead49EL says:

2:05 I don’t see us having any battery technology in the near future that’s going to make one of these cordless. Milwaukee…”Hold my beer.”

Ham68 says:

The thing I like about the Makita is, they last forever. Bad thing about the Makita, as you pointed out, dust port on wrong side plus, direct drive vs the worm drive. Worm drive IS the only way to go when it comes to any circular saw. I do have 2 skilsaw wormdrives, love them, base should be better but, nothing beats them. Thanks for the review, cheers 🙂

Adam Lynch says:

Put them against a Mafell HKS185 if you ever get the chance I’d be interested to know what you think. Neither of the saws you tested are available in Europe so it looks like I will have to buy a Mafell at big money.

Seth Galitzer says:

Both of these are beasts. Thanks for the side-by-side comparison.

Eli Schultes says:

I believe skillsaw also makes 8” & 10” worm drives. I used the Mikita in 07’ on a project. We never bound up the blade but it was a little tough to correct to the line. Putting a 45° miter on a 6”x16” beam was fun. Table was a little off. So had to straighten the cut with a belt sander

Tony Watson says:

Like this first-hand review format – hands-on experience is far better than promo blurb!

Douglas Burke says:

Great review, these reviews are very important to me. Nice to have your honest non biased thoughts.

Omar Garcia says:

Okay guys , skilsaw or makita ??

J Plotkin says:

Excellent real world review. Your doing an awesome job with the channel! Keep up the good work brother!

Kevin says:

Wasn’t expecting the better one to be the cheaper option. It almost never is. But very good review and video!

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