Testing New Table Saw Technology

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor look at new type of table saw with smartphone technology.

Watch the whole episode: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/watch/ask-toh-laundry-table-saw

Table saw

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Table saw

1. Tom explains the table saw has smartphone technology. It has a feature allowing owners to program who can and who can’t use the saw. The saw can sense if the phone nearby has user clearance.
2. Tom shows the table saw can sense moisture and drop the blade. This technology has been around, but this model uses a two-time use cartridge that pops the saw out of the way if a body part should get near it.
3. Tom is able to reset the saw by flipping the two-time use cartridge and bringing the saw blade back to the top of the table saw.


libraiis says:

Nothing takes the place of safe practice. Been at trade over 30 years and never an issue , thats the result of good training. Butr lots of the vids on here make me cringe… Not many out there like Tommy Silva..

ben_r_ says:

Didnt Bosch lose the lawsuit SawStop brought on them and now the Reaxx cant be sold in the US?

barf245 says:

They should have Beavis and Butthead test this stuff out.

Semper fi says:

does this work with all angles?

Alberto Galvis says:

muy buenos vídeos excelentes herramientas pero una falla que sean EN INGLES

Kevin Klika says:

none of this is even close to new…

john imburgia says:

I wonder how that would work with a banana instead of a hot dog?

ncooty says:

Going to have to find a new way to slice my hotdogs.

Craig Campbell says:


Warren Wells says:

If you take the blade lock/drop out of each of these which is the better saw?
Sure it would be great to have that back up safety but common sense and good safety practice should be enough.

Jeff Bingaman says:

Two levels of protection would mean that there are two stages of protection. If one failed there would be a backup to counteract the failure. Just misworded I guess.

acmeopinion factory says:

I want to see Tommy using this ridiculously contrived piece of ‘safety gear’ day in, day out, as his only table saw. Then, I might consider it.

ptick16 says:

Hey guy’s, I just need some clarification please. I thought that the safety mechanism was set off by the difference of current going through the blade being touched by skin, and not by moisture on the skin. I can understand how the safety system could detect a difference in current, but how could it detect moisture?

Keep up the good work. I can’t get enough of your videos, and I enjoy learning from them as well.

AndyThompsonMT says:

It looks like this particular saw doesn’t detect the hot dog as quickly as sawstop does. Just what I see anyway.

S mon Rora says:

I think we all have to consider the fact that saw-stop was the first saw that started this system which is why this is more advanced it is because they had a model to go off of and improve upon it. That being said I do agree that this system is better but I still use the respect for saw-stop for starting this system

Michael Sacerdote says:

As a physician who sees table saw amputations about once a month, I sincerely hope that everyone with a table saw spends the extra money for the best available safety features. Your thumb is worth much more than $1500.

Tell the truth. says:

Can I test it with my little sausage.

Tom D says:

What if you don’t have hot dogs for fingers?

Brian DeMille says:

I had a shop teacher who would not let anyone use the table saw, for liability/ safety reasons, but one day while he was using the saw a kid dropped a rack of lumber and startled my teacher and he ended up losing 2 fingers. It’s not always the operator of the saw that has full control of everything. I use ridiculous safety gear because I never know what can happen, I would use this if I could afford it.

William Castleberry says:

When I was working I would not have had one of these saws. Try to cut a 2×4 that has been rained on

Annie Lariviere says:

Wow now that sucks how many times are you planning to cut your hand of if you need that dont use a table saw go make cookies

Kristian Dawe says:

What model Bosch table saw, i want one.

Simon Chadwick says:

I would never wear long sleeves while using a table saw. Why increase the chance of clothing caught in the saw blade?

oldtwins says:

Why not test with a real finger if so confident this works?

David Mm says:

Sawstop better take real notice of this. A set up where like this, where the exact same thing happens (but doesn’t destroy the blade) is a much better idea.

kaid wakim says:

Very cool
I did not expect that

Alex Hayden says:

they should use an air piston or electronic solenoid instead of the cartridge. that would be continuous use instead of continuous cost.

Mike West says:

Why are you guys advertising a saw that cannot be bought? They should have demoed a saw stop, you know the saw you can buy.

Herooftimex says:

good luck using all that on a 45 degree mitre

Suicidaljello says:

What is shelflife of these cartridges?

Deric Kettel says:

Whatever happened to Sawstop? Were they the ones that came up with the idea a few years ago?

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